Friday, September 28, 2012

Inventory of the world's city sculpture

Outstanding foreign city sculpture is what it looks like?
Summary: Did "The Little Mermaid", we will think of Copenhagen, the mention of "pee boy" at even, we will think of Brussels, instituted the "pioneers", which is a sculpture with a city complement each other. Famous sculpture, city, urban, sculpture and sublimation. View outstanding foreign urban sculpture.
Statue as a cultural landscape has been referred to as an indispensable part of urban public environment around the world, many of the success of the statue design consistent with the local human and natural environment, with high artistic appreciation value and contains deep background story and intension deeply loved by the people, more as if called inside the city's landmarks, and even the national symbol.
Brussels the small urine youngster in even

Aidu Fu "blocks near the central square in the Belgian capital Brussels, a copper statue of a compelling" Manneken Pis "(Manneken Pis). The child fluffy hair, upturned nose, naked, smiling, standing at a height of about 2 meters of marble carved pedestal, in pee Pangruowuren. His "urine" like a trickle, many years endless cast in the pool below, his day really lively attitude, lifelike, vivid, very realistic, likable! This is applauded as the people of Belgium Brussels public sculpture less than even (Juliaant).
Small urine youngster in Brussels even less than in the Flemish even affectionately called "small urine youngster, and bronze figure sculpture has a variety of legends about the origin of the statuette, which is the most widely circulated story: 14th century Brussels siege by a foreign enemy, the enemy face of stubborn resistance to an attempt to use explosives to blow up the walls of the city soldiers and civilians, brave the general public aware of the enemy's attempt to even inadvertently, quick-witted, urine extinguished the fuse has been lit, so The residents of the city turned the corner.
In recent years, small urine youngster "urine" there is some new tricks - When holidays or important occasions, Julien should wear costumes to greet the arrival of the guests. So far, it has received six hundred units of donated clothes, including China, these clothes are placed in the the downtown Square urine youngster Museum. In peacetime, he was the naked the original ecological small urine youngster.


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