Monday, September 24, 2012

Modern art sculpture popular in recent decades

Modern art sculpture popular in recent decades, the world of public art, landscape sculpture "," environmental sculpture "concept, with different emphases but the same meaning. It mainly consists of sculptures set up in the outdoor, urban public environment. It can be divided into commemorative theme, decorating and entertaining four categories.
Modern art sculpture as an environmental art related to architecture, landscape, roads, squares and other factors. A good Chengdiao only placed in the right environment to display its beauty, played point King, lining King's role.
As a large component of the culture, urban art on behalf of the city, the region's cultural standards and mental outlook. The the excellent Chengdiao works in some cities to permanent visual image of each into the environment in which people are immersed in a strong culture, to feel the pulse of urban art and urban. The modern art sculpture play a regulating urban color the regulation crowd mentality and the perception of the role of it as the city's eyes, the pulse of the times, has increasingly become an indispensable part of people's lives.
Decades since the 1980s, the construction of modern art sculpture always enhance the modern art sculpture as a priority Chengdiao the vast majority are placed in important public space of the main attractions and pedestrian flow distribution center out of the habit of the establishment of the sculpture in the park misunderstanding and other semi-closed environment. Some modern art sculptures, as they reflect the characteristics of certain aspects of the city or region (history, geography, politics, legends, customs ......), art more successful, which is recognized as the region's flag. This phenomenon is unprecedented in the plastic arts. For example, Beijing Xidan Cultural Square and Wangfujing street sculpture is by virtue of its unique artist artwork characteristics to become a sign of Beijing's most prosperous regions.


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