Monday, October 8, 2012

Foreign sculptors re-interpretation of the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors

The interpretation of most China's terracotta warriors and horses through the foreign sculptors is what one looks like? Today, the "dialogue Terracotta Warriors --- Members of the public can be held at the new Museum of the City Art Museum exhibition of sculptor works nominated for the European Union and China" to see a different answer. The exhibition features 30 stone sculpture, 27 of them in each country of the EU's 27 member states a creation made famous sculptor seen the Terracotta Warriors. These works is shipped from the EU countries to China, and has exhibited in Xi'an, Harbin, the third leg came to Suzhou, called the City Art Museum opened the first world-class sculpture exhibition. It is understood that the exhibition is to end on May 30.
Yesterday after the exhibit completed, the reporter in advance came on the scene to watch, discovered the works of diverse materials, bronze sculpture, iron and steel, glass. Some works, looks very weird, some beautiful. Burst of inspiration from the European Master Sculptor is rather abstract, only to see the work itself seems to be hard with the terracotta warriors and horses, and the staff explained that the European artists with different artistic language performance they are different from the art of ancient China "Terracotta Warriors" understanding and feelings, and thus rise to new creation. "You could say that the works in this exhibition have a common name is" Untitled ", because these artists do not think that there is a need to default, you can communicate directly with the audience through the work itself."
In these masters, the two claim to be the Suzhou "regular customers", the famous Belgian master sculptor Felix Foothill, 2009 in Subotica through personal exhibition of bronze figure sculpture and architecture, caused a sensation. This works similar kneeling figurines he brought a unique welding technology. Greek sculptor George Costis, and was recently carried out in the museum, his work "Untitled" is a red and black combination of terracotta warriors and horses, he said the black represents the calm appearance of terracotta warriors and horses, but they have a passion red soul ; the Spanish sculptor Guerrero works created by the "home" is the image of a body covered with patches soldiers, only half of the war veterans returning shield sunset expression, but in order to defend the country, to go home, he still insisted ... ...
The sculpture is not only the artist can appreciate general audience is equally able to interpret these works. Art Museum official said, "The biggest feature of the contemporary art viewers to think, to feel." Interested citizens, and give it a look.


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