Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Carving stone lion production process

Choice of materials in the generation of stone carving artists continue to accumulate and grounding, a complete set of authoring tools, authoring program and carving techniques through development to maturity, and are inherited. Because the stone of different purposes, different materials, different scale, so the production process is not the same.
Second and third kinds of carving method is very simple, not in detail, a single first engraving method.
Sculpture theme we select the most traditional Chinese stone lions as an example, to show the Quyang stone carving craft skills.
The carving procedure mainly includes the choice of materials, the outline, reducing waste, finishing molding, carved and polished and so.
Material selection according to stone role, the position and the subject, selecting materials is the first step of stone carving works. Stone material there are many, including white, green and white stone, granite, sandstone, nephrite etc.
White marble white marble white crystal, stone texture soft, delicate, easy to carve, used for building decoration carving. For example, the Imperial Palace in Beijing's large screen wall, stone lion, stone railings are carved with white marble. These carvings both solemn and elegant, but also have an imposing appearance, it is the royal style, this article from the Inner Mongolia European sculpture.
Black-and-white flycatchers Bai Shi colors and patterns differ considerably, species rich, delicate texture, not easy to be weathered, used for the palace and a carved stone.
Granite has hard texture not easily weathered features, but because the grain rough, not easy to carve, only to do platform, step stone, ground.
Active and passive finish finish finish two. The active material is decided according to the subject matter is stone, stone size, shape, hard and soft, color and grain weight, because of the trend, decide what subject is carved; passive choice theme decided to stone, is according to the subject requires the selection of stone.
Active materials are relatively easy to stone waste, smaller; passive choice of materials is very difficult, this article from the Inner Mongolia European sculpture, prohibit theft. Because regardless of length, width, thickness, much needs to be removed, not only waste stone and a waste of time; a little less cannot use.
In addition there are cracks can not be used, variegated too much can not be used, is too loose can not use ... .... In order to choose a suitable stone, especially the large stone, often need a few days, months, or even years.
Now we take the initiative choice method, selecting a block of white marble stone, used mainly to sculpture carving techniques to carved lions. The next step is to outline.


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