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Inventory of the world's city sculpture

Outstanding foreign city sculpture is what it looks like?
Summary: Did "The Little Mermaid", we will think of Copenhagen, the mention of "pee boy" at even, we will think of Brussels, instituted the "pioneers", which is a sculpture with a city complement each other. Famous sculpture, city, urban, sculpture and sublimation. View outstanding foreign urban sculpture.
Statue as a cultural landscape has been referred to as an indispensable part of urban public environment around the world, many of the success of the statue design consistent with the local human and natural environment, with high artistic appreciation value and contains deep background story and intension deeply loved by the people, more as if called inside the city's landmarks, and even the national symbol.
Brussels the small urine youngster in even

Aidu Fu "blocks near the central square in the Belgian capital Brussels, a copper statue of a compelling" Manneken Pis "(Manneken Pis). The child fluffy hair, upturned nose, naked, smiling, standing at a height of about 2 meters of marble carved pedestal, in pee Pangruowuren. His "urine" like a trickle, many years endless cast in the pool below, his day really lively attitude, lifelike, vivid, very realistic, likable! This is applauded as the people of Belgium Brussels public sculpture less than even (Juliaant).
Small urine youngster in Brussels even less than in the Flemish even affectionately called "small urine youngster, and bronze figure sculpture has a variety of legends about the origin of the statuette, which is the most widely circulated story: 14th century Brussels siege by a foreign enemy, the enemy face of stubborn resistance to an attempt to use explosives to blow up the walls of the city soldiers and civilians, brave the general public aware of the enemy's attempt to even inadvertently, quick-witted, urine extinguished the fuse has been lit, so The residents of the city turned the corner.
In recent years, small urine youngster "urine" there is some new tricks - When holidays or important occasions, Julien should wear costumes to greet the arrival of the guests. So far, it has received six hundred units of donated clothes, including China, these clothes are placed in the the downtown Square urine youngster Museum. In peacetime, he was the naked the original ecological small urine youngster.

Thirteenth China Changchun International carving sculpture Invitational Exhibition opening

Thirteenth China Changchun International carving sculpture (net monthly district) Invitational Exhibition, opening Sept. 16, for the cultural development of the Changchun carving sculpture increase indelible mark.
Current International stone egg sculpture Invitational Exhibition, enrolling a total of more than 400 to 102 from the United States, Britain, France and other countries and regions submitted 1560 works by the sculptor. Before the opening of the exhibition, more than 40 sculptors from around the world, concentrated in the Central Park of the net monthly created full 40 days, they stone, bronze and other materials, exquisite works of different ethnic and cultural style, the common interpretation of the the exhibition's theme - "sports, health, life". It is understood that these works of art will be permanently located in the Central Park of the net monthly financial part of the city culture of Changchun.
Since 1997, the Changchun Municipal government has organized the 12th International granite buddha sculpture Invitational Exhibition, 3rd International Sculpture Conference (World), nearly 600 sculptors from 216 countries and regions, and for the creation of Changchun City accumulated 640 I (Group) sculpture.

Bronze figure sculpture facilities

The first to meet the functional needs of bronze figure sculpture facilities, bronze figure sculpture sculpture art on the basis of bronze figure sculpture functions satisfy the development of an bronze figure sculpture soul. bronze figure sculpture sculpture is the art of public communication, sculptor and materials exchange works, sculptures, and the integration of the environment rich landscape, bronze figure sculpture sculpture exchanges with the majority of the audience and character cultivation.
The achievements of the construction of a city, of course, depends first and foremost on its economic construction, but a mental outlook, and cultural conditions of the city not only reflect the achievements in economic construction, and at the same time be able to give the huge impact of the economic construction. The City Sculpture is an important part of the culture of the city, is also a symbol of the cultural level, its bronze figure sculpture landscape beautification can play a role in the finishing touch with unique features difficult to replace other forms of culture and art. Master Liu Kaiqu discusses bronze figure sculpture, said: "sculpture in the round or relief of hard standing in the streets, squares, gardens, buildings materials regardless of the season, regardless of day and night, always silent Radiation art Guanghua either praise the results of the revolution, to commemorate the historical figures, and disseminate national culture to reflect the spirit of the times, they can be decorated environment, beautify and enrich people's spirit lives, imperceptibly to the masses carried beauty education and political ideological education, not only can the feelings of the revolution encouraged the masses and and can the beautiful image cultivate people's minds sentiment. good bronze figure sculpture sculpture often become a country, the generation of culture, a symbol of the city; It is a contemporary service footprint, left for the next era of history should not be forgotten. "
How to cast bronze figure sculpture?

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Artist artwork accompanying social development

Needless to say, the artist artwork behavior of various materials in the commercial behavior to bring more business opportunities, both in the community is indivisible brotherhood. Back in the fifties and sixties, environmental art is purely a thorough Monument mode, the degree of substitution between the material extremely indifferent. Society, the relationship between the two is not only subtle and indivisible, art and commerce blur, successful artists are often also the intake of the commercial best interests of the beneficiaries. At this time, from the Business Conduct, Art attachment for people to look at the business to build more U.S. art galleries artistic behavior, there is no cut and support of business, many creative will not be realized. Thus, the twin brother plays in modern and contemporary society echoed each errenzhuan role, between the two indivisible, no one who has left incomplete. If it is a purely commercial intervention, all the interests of the business for the ultimate purpose of these arts will sometimes deviate from the track, free out, and this in turn is bound to arouse the part of the artist's concern and worry, cry and bring order out of chaos by these artists they also wake of the government's interference in the matter, because of government involvement, artistic behavior they regain revitalization. So thousands of like "99 southerly ancient stove burning" would thus come to the fore. Fortunately, however, the burning of the Millennium is not like the night sky across the meteor instant disappeared without a trace, on the contrary, which bring out the artistic behavior around the springing gradually get the care and nurturing. Thousands of burning behavior if touched flashpoint continuation of this behavior, not as good as that in the stragglers, fragmented state assembled a group of artists conscience collective creative activities, and the result of this creative move outdoor, and finally as the attractions be retained to protect. Ceramic sculpture media can be widely and to national circumstances and national reputation as a cultural phenomenon, the ancestors of creating attention devoted to travel across the ocean in his country, away from home, depending on the the splendid culture created by the Chinese ancestors proud of, the party of God soil pay homage to, precisely because of this self-confidence and rise to catch up with the overall collapse of the Chinese culture, the completion of their historical mission. To the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the degree of emphasis on ceramics and art form completed by this material to our surprise. However, leave the ceramic table, moved their spiritual and revolutionary in the public environment is very thorough.

The city the sculpture should become national memory

Not long ago, there are users in Zhengzhou, a "filial pig" art sculpture resembles a the rogue pig "was popular in the market, the ugly sculpture not only was the public ridicule, also the media named the" 2012 Top Ten ugly sculpture " first place.
The creation of "filial piety pig" I do not know who sculptor, dubbed the "Mother and Child Wife", its incomprehensible and irresponsible to the point of outrageous dare directly copied erotic toys have been raided. In fact, like so bad sculpture, is not uncommon in China's cities. The low level of urban sculpture, "complement each other" with the level of the city's construction, is already an accepted fact.
From the ancient Chinese, the lack of built a tradition of city sculpture, sculpture worshiped mainly Buddhist and Taoist temples, caves, a few fairy organizations led by the Jade Emperor, Lord Lao Zi and the Buddha, the characters of the world must After deification, sanctify to the treatment of the sculpture, such as customs. Other historical figures of discussion, because under the monarchy, the people can only worship the emperor, no freedom to worship other idols.
In recent years, large-scale urbanization, city sculpture as a novelty, along with urban regeneration and the wave of real estate development everywhere, and become part of the urban landscape. However, a lot of sculpture and the rapid expansion of the city, although costly, but rough, poor, or luxury, extravagance in common is the lack of artistic standards, reveals a wealth insolent, and the arrogance of power. The beginning of last year, the Chang'an Avenue side of a bronze sculpture of Confucius, he stood in front of the National Museum (microblogging), Tiananmen Square, on one side, and the Monument to the People's Heroes neighbors, overlooking the Forbidden City (microblogging) and Zhongnanhai. This sculpture was immediately aroused many speculations, in the eyes of critics, Confucius became a symbol of cultural unification of the national ambassador. After one hundred days, like Confucius suddenly disappeared. Similarly, construction all over the country like Confucius become fashionable, like construction of Emperors Yan and Huang.
These city sculpture, has become an appendage of wealth and political, to be labeled a variety of labels, and the true expression of the social value of public philosophy of city sculpture but few, these urban sculpture, along with a variety of art sculptures become kinds of "stuff", and it should bear the social role far apart. Of course, there are some to go abstract line, a lot of work even more incomprehensible.
    Urban sculpture in the UK is very common, in London, for the commemoration of the outstanding figures in British history and the victims of war, the two main themes of urban sculpture. In Parliament Square, stands the Lionheart Richard Cromwell, Churchill, sculpture, the killed soldiers memorial wall in Wellington Arc de Triomphe, both of Wellington, General sculptures. Park and street, everywhere a seat placed below the flowers presented by the public sculpture to commemorate the victims of the wars.
    In the Scottish capital Edinburgh, almost every square, the streets are decorated with sculptures of historical figures in Scotland like novelist Secretary Scott, William Wallace, the "Soul of Scotland" Needless to say, Scott is sitting in the Edinburgh's most beautiful under a tower, some not great in my opinion, the Scots they cast bronze statue. To hang around in the sculpture of these figures, you are interested in the history of Scotland, of the Scots suffering and brilliant, and they adhere to the ideals, there is a profound and figurative experience.
This is an important function of urban sculpture, eroded mottled body of sculpture, engraved in the memory of a country, those memories include war, disaster, heroes, sages, the memory of these countries and dynasties changes unrelated with government ideology has nothing to do, the people of this country should never forget something.
The other hand, the sculpture of the city, the lack of it is the memory of the history, respect the historical figures, the warmth of traditional Chinese culture. And, more importantly, the lack of respect for a free life.
Short in the body of those sculptures, each generation are able to find their own, that things settle down thousands of years of history, which bears a country, a community memories, tragic, deep, good memories. Then before we can say we have a real urban sculpture.

The public sculpture environments ceramic material

The emergence of ceramic materials in the public sculpture environment is to establish in the public consciousness in the form of an extension of the increasingly diverse material and the material itself .
Ceramic sculpture into the modern art galleries and quietly become an integral part of the form there, it shambling gait. Ceramics is one of the few art forms there is no discontinuity in the development of cultural phenomena, it uninterrupted mainly to itself carries too deep cultural connotation of historical mission. China five thousand years, since there are human beings began his historic mission will naturally prominent presentation of every age, in every period of history and it is inextricably blood associated, it recorded a flash point in the history recorded history's most humiliating face, burdened with the replacement of dynasties, bear the ancient cultural change brought the regeneration and transformation, and for different cultural context as one era to make the brilliant plays heavy foundation and contribution.
In ancient China, the emergence of various materials is first established in the religious sense, it establish monarch the Emperor seek stupefying for purpose, corresponding derived as religion increasingly powerful art sculpture form, it has a strong religious color, this strong colors the night of maintaining their dominance of the imperial power, no matter when their religious and political interests from the public consciousness in the form of public art is passed to each person, and this public art form happens to be political thinking of extending rights, religious thought, because of the political and religious ideology is metaphysical art form is just stupefying 'exercise of physical tools, ritual, monuments like these art forms like thunder chu in the heavens and the earth, then, in fact, this understanding is not quite sure that it is inherited ritual political, monuments, like a garden-style, Western classical diversion Evolution after gradually mature. The increasingly independent grow, has evolved to become an independent discipline to study far.
The development of the ceramic, has been formed in the long history of its simplicity, the breadth of the art form, prepared a cultural phenomenon, are more familiar with the art form of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Han figurines, Nine Dragon Wall, the emergence of these forms of entry is not linked to ritual, political, monuments and garden-style function. Done earlier than modern people in this ancient people, little is likely that they can forget things or not, their style is almost close to the desirable simplicity; modern artists, they can see was forced to go to uncover the fashion of the times before the reality of things, in order to cover this veil of reality. Same fetters and shackles being contaminated own instinct is the crowded communities scum edge artists to survive in the city found those people, they inspire the creation of the artist to their original savage vitality.
Environmental art compared to other categories of art, it has a very comprehensive, from civil mechanics, architecture is based on comprehensive aesthetic principles, and work together to build the environment. From an aesthetic aspect, it expanded the spatial relationships of art, and extensometer art space meaning, to get rid of the shelves for the art indoor dull sense of art form to make a positive application; large sculpture, sculptor expand more more vast space to prove the value of many sculptors, more sculptor sculpture mindset and answer, and established many art forms to jointly build a bridge. Is not difficult to see, public environmental art walk today is a very comprehensive three-dimensional form of artistic expression, of which the most prominent is the beauty of the material to highlight the growing out, and now the people's perception of the material and its desire to develop the material, as well as The identity of the people of the various materials are inspired artistic creations are in the public environment. Environmental art materials and mainly from stone, copper, stainless steel, iron, pottery and other readymade material are doing all development and utilization. Especially now that people awareness of pottery, not just confined to the daily function and bring environmental awareness has a further understanding of the people to live together with the pottery of this material plasticizers angle of view, no doubt open a sculptor explore materials space wider world.

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Four important characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture objects is a copper-tin alloy, the strong of hardness, unlike Vatan brick, turbinates ceramic and calligraphy rubbings easily broken, but to facilitate the permanent collection. Furthermore bronze vessels morphology different simple and elegant, accessible lines, other antiques that can not match the.

First, the large number of Chinese bronze sculpture, and variety. What the Chinese have a number of pieces of bronze objects, this is the number who can not statistics. Some statistics, only in terms of inscriptions on bronze objects from the Han Dynasty to the present day, unearthed amounted to more than ten thousand. With no inscriptions on casting bronze sculpture, their number can be imagined. Because of the large number of, extremely rich varieties of Chinese bronze sculpture, not only the wine vessels, water, food, weapons, ritual vessels, as well as traveling, farm implements, tools and all kinds of life and other appliances one should be artifacts. Bronze utensils dynamic, vivid, colorful, dizzying. The large number of varieties Fan the Chinese bronze sculpture undoubtedly increase the difficulty of identification, which is one of the characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture.

Second, the geographical distribution of Chinese bronze sculpture wide and high quality. The Chinese bronze sculpture unearthed more concentrated areas of the Central Plains, but its distribution far beyond the scope of the Central Plains region, northeast, northwest, Sichuan, Lingnan even Tibet and the East China Sea fishing on the island are found bronze sculpture. These bronze sculpture is dynamic, vivid, beautifully different styles, showing a different art style. China's Zhou Dynasty bronze, producing exquisite Rose exclusive shape pattern free, rich and beautiful and elegant boutique too numerous to mention, such as Simuwu Fangding the Tiger cannibalism wine container double sheep statue, large Ke Ding, Maogong Ding Lin Crane The side pot, Hutch sword, Gou Jian long letter lanterns inlay turquoise lying deer class bronze chariots, casting delicate Shocking artistic appeal, of course, by domestic and foreign collectors favorite. Other types of bronze objects, casting depending on the hardness requirements, accurate proportion of the copper-tin, so that vessels of good quality foreign bronze sculpture cast products unmatched.

Third artifacts inscriptions can be said is the biggest feature of Chinese bronze sculpture. Around the world vast majority of ancient bronze inscriptions, only a small amount of India unearthed bronze sculpture cast a short inscription. Chinese ancient bronze sculpture the inscriptions unearthed only a million pieces, and a lot of the Clerical lengthy masterwork Maogong Ding inscription of up to 497 words. These inscriptions font, or rough put up or vigorous and effective, have high high calligraphy appreciate the value. These inscriptions are also the most difficult to grasp in the identification of a ring.

Fourth, container-based Chinese bronze figure sculpture also unique in the world bronze culture. Worldwide, from the Indus Valley to the Balkans, from Minoan to the Mycenaean civilization, the bronze masterpiece most weapons, such as Ge, spears, knives, arrows, swords, halberds, arrowheads, and China is the main casting difficult, complex ornamentation container. These containers, You Qiding is for the national heavy. Its meaning deep, rich content, together with political entanglement mystique always connoisseur and collector are interested. In addition, the European bronze culture representatives weapons Chinese bronze figure sculpture culture container, which is not a former aggressive, while the latter is content with the conservative unknown, if interested, Iden can study.

The four characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture, is the Iden should understand the basic common sense.

Modern art sculpture popular in recent decades

Modern art sculpture popular in recent decades, the world of public art, landscape sculpture "," environmental sculpture "concept, with different emphases but the same meaning. It mainly consists of sculptures set up in the outdoor, urban public environment. It can be divided into commemorative theme, decorating and entertaining four categories.
Modern art sculpture as an environmental art related to architecture, landscape, roads, squares and other factors. A good Chengdiao only placed in the right environment to display its beauty, played point King, lining King's role.
As a large component of the culture, urban art on behalf of the city, the region's cultural standards and mental outlook. The the excellent Chengdiao works in some cities to permanent visual image of each into the environment in which people are immersed in a strong culture, to feel the pulse of urban art and urban. The modern art sculpture play a regulating urban color the regulation crowd mentality and the perception of the role of it as the city's eyes, the pulse of the times, has increasingly become an indispensable part of people's lives.
Decades since the 1980s, the construction of modern art sculpture always enhance the modern art sculpture as a priority Chengdiao the vast majority are placed in important public space of the main attractions and pedestrian flow distribution center out of the habit of the establishment of the sculpture in the park misunderstanding and other semi-closed environment. Some modern art sculptures, as they reflect the characteristics of certain aspects of the city or region (history, geography, politics, legends, customs ......), art more successful, which is recognized as the region's flag. This phenomenon is unprecedented in the plastic arts. For example, Beijing Xidan Cultural Square and Wangfujing street sculpture is by virtue of its unique artist artwork characteristics to become a sign of Beijing's most prosperous regions.

Established tourist theme sculpture

The sculpture has long existed in the tourism development process. Domestic Qin Terracotta Warriors and bronze Horses, Ming Tombs Shinto, Dunhuang Grottoes has been attracting a large number of visitors at home and abroad, a number of cities in recent years, the construction of Beijing Shijingshan International bronze sculpture Park, Miyun Legal park, Changchun Sculpture Park, OCT Sculpture Park theme park in attracting tourists from all aspects.
The foreign theme garden sculpture Vigeland garden sculpture, Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park, Korean sex Sculpture Park also attracts many tourists to visit.
Here in tourism development in the use of a better theme garden sculpture and sculpture class tourist area classification, looking for one of the commonalities and differences, and to provide a reference for the tourism development in the sculpture applications.
A. The grottoes carved stone represented the legacy sculpture
Chinese ancient sculpture, cave temples and LITHOGLYPHS, and statues, to be considered part of the most prominent, and its large volume, rich in content, is the reach of some of the palaces, temples, monasteries and. Thus many of them have been declared as a national key cultural relics protection units, Dunhuang, Yungang and Longmen three caves and Dazu Rock Carvings, has been included in the World Heritage List, in other scenic areas are included in the World Heritage lot as Tarzan, Wuyishan have important rock carvings and statues.
Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, the rise and fall with the rise and fall of the Silk Road.
Yungang Grottoes in Datong, Shanxi Province. Now ready to bid for a "World Cultural Heritage".
Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang City, Henan Province.
Mogao Grottoes murals and clay-based, the Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes, mainly in carved stone.
Apart from the three caves, of our famous art sculpture grotto and stone:
Maijishan Grottoes in Tianshui City, Gansu Province.
Dazu Rock Carvings, in Dazu, there are more than fifty thousand of the late Tang from Cliff.
Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, located in Xinjiang of Baicheng Kezier town, about to open built in the third century AD, to 74 Cave surviving exquisite murals known for, "Gobi Pearl," said.
Leshan Giant Buddha in Leshan City, Sichuan is a Tang Dynasty hewn by rock Maitreya Seated, through 70.7 meters high, is the largest stone Buddha in the world. Big Buddha on a toe cover both standing nine people.
Sumeru Grottoes, located 50 kilometers north-west of the Ningxia Guyuan county, one of China's top ten grotto.
II. Enhance the landscape attractive contrast of environmental stone sculpture.
The Yuzi park is located in southern China, the picturesque Guilin Yan mountain big Buxiang dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art, artists and art lovers from around the world gathered exchanges passion creation of heaven. Since 1997, Yuzi Paradise were held the 11th International Sculpture Symposium activities involved in nearly 47 countries and regions, more than 140 outstanding sculptor created nearly two hundred large-scale outdoor works, for visitors to visit other tasting. Art Prize, the ad hoc creation of "fool's Cup, in the park creation, commissioned works and exhibitions to promote arts summer camp, IART art classes, rich and diverse arts and cultural activities and international exchanges, achievements Yuzi Paradise distinctive core characteristics. Writing Workshop, set in stone sculpture, bronze, prints, pottery, wood carvings, glazed six studio with professional equipment, skilled assistant unique experience trainer to meet different levels of creativity and learning needs.
Sitting on 80 acres of landscape wonders, artistic creation, exhibition, exchanges, conferences, training, leisure, to become the world's top creative base resort with its beautiful natural scenery and rich unique artistic atmosphere. 2003, Yuzi Paradise was named national AAAA scenic areas; 2004, the central Ministry of Culture awarded the title of "National Cultural Industry Model Base".
III. Reproduce the image of the sculpture, to reproduce historical event, forming attractive.
Noah's Art Sculpture Park for children, Noah with a floating boat rescue struggling under the flood creatures of myth is indeed very attractive.
This theme park in Jerusalem catered to the tastes of children. Standing on the point of view of the children in the construction of this park, the sculptor, to create a dynamic fantasy world of color, children can play chase here.
sculpture design on its head, the entire park is designed to reproduce the form of animation, cartoon sculpture scene of Noah's Ark, the park is lively, the atmosphere of freedom in the use of sculpture, landscape design, enhanced. It can be said that Noah's Ark sculpture design makes use of an extraordinary vigor area full of cultural connotations, it is precisely because the sculpture, landscape design, that makes here have a unique appeal.
IV. Synthesis of sculpture for the art of attraction
In the city of Oslo, Norway, called the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Sculptor Gustav? Vigeland 20 years, created 192 sculptures.
The park covers an area of ​​480 acres, is open to visitors free of charge. 192 carvings in the park, all called Gustav? The Vigeland sculptor independently.
The most attractive parks reflect a common human emotion statue who can be seen everywhere: just given birth babies, hand in hand, the young men and women, between husband and wife express their love and quarrel ... bundle of sculptures of human life is to show people the all aspects, we even sees his own shadow.
Vigeland Sculpture Park, is a sculpture design successfully integrated arts as a symbol of sexual attraction. Brings together the works become the unique quality of the park here. Thus able to form a sculpture as the main tourism environment.

2012 Beijing urban public sculpture work points

2012, to accelerate the full implementation of the Beijing "12th Five-Year Plan" force year, the Beijing municipal public sculpture environmental art and urban public sculpture work should be based on the actual actively implement the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the cultural development and prosperity of For the spirit of the instructions of the spiritual and city leaders on strengthening the meticulous management of the city, closely around the planning work of the Centre, to seize the opportunity for reform of the institutions, according to Beijing "12th five urban public environment development of Art (city sculpture) Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), to strengthen research, improve the planning, promote the building of the standardized management focus, enhance the work of forward-looking, scientific and creative, actively promote the fusion expanding urban sculpture to the public environmental art. After careful research, and now make the following seven categories, 30 main points:
Advanced research, laying a solid foundation, the formation of reserves.
Beijing, the actual focus on the needs of the times and functions to expand, to carry out the art planning and management system of the urban public sculpture environment, urban sculpture industry management system and other infrastructure, the forward-looking research, clear the basic concept of the urban public environmental art, to explore urban bronze sculpture and urban management models and mechanisms for the integration of public environmental art, the urban sculptures industry management tools and measures, more integrated, more comprehensive urban public environmental art work to lay the foundation to provide reserves and technical support.
Second, to deepen the comprehensive planning system, effectively advancing the planning and implementation.
To promote innovative preparation of the Beijing center city urban bronze sculpture planning based on demand and conditional counties, the preparation of key functional areas of urban public sculpture environmental art (urban sculpture) special planning, study and explore the planning and implementation mechanisms to ensure that urban public environment art and urban space layout combination, orderly, high-quality, distinctive planning and construction.
Third, to promote the construction of public environmental art of the key projects, important functional areas to improve the artistic quality of the public environment.
Continue to cooperate with the rail transportation and other key projects to promote public art design and construction. Combination of affordable housing, the renovation of the old district livelihood security projects, research and pilot performance and the embodiment of the people, near of the Nationality public environment art. Actively cooperate with the planning and construction of the future of science and technology city, Tongzhou Canal core area of ​​the CBD, FBD, Financial Street and other important functional areas, and early intervention to carry out public environmental art design, production and artistic producer work to ensure a high level, high-standard construction . With the Shijingshan District government, to build the bronze sculpture exhibition hall, and continue to promote the development of the Beijing International Sculpture Park.
Around putting the "spirit", to carry out a series of urban stone sculpture program solicitation and exhibitions, and other large-scale events.
The surrounding publicity putting the "spirit", the development of urban sculpture actual, planned and organized the the iconic stone sculptures program solicitation, practice the spirit of Beijing, sculptures humanities "City Sculpture Design Exhibition in Beijing, the capital of the nineteenth urban planning construction design report to show urban sculpture thematic exhibitions, the Seventh Cultural and Creative Industry Expo urban sculpture exhibition of large-scale activities, with the relevant units of organization urban sculpture thematic exhibitions. In accordance with the sculpture of the mature one make a principle of promoting the building of a number to reflect the spirit of Beijing city.
Fifth, strengthen the work of the day-to-day management of urban sculpture.
Research development of urban stone sculpture project approval procedures, the procedures for bidding, and standardize management procedures and systems. Maintenance to update the Beijing urban sculpture query service system, build the Beijing sculptures file repository, urban sculpture industry database to find out the sculpture industry resources in Beijing, and the strengthening of industry training and exchange, explore sculptures industry filing management. The good urban sculpture routine maintenance, repair, and key areas of urban sculpture emergency response work.
Of the current sculpture Management file to sort out, to carry out preliminary studies of urban sculpture and urban public environmental art legislation. Actively promote the reform of institutions, to promote and strengthen urban public environmental art administrative functions, improve the internal management system.
Seven, step up publicity efforts to increase public sculpture participation.
Urban public environmental art and urban sculpture publicity, the use of the network, the media and other ways to interpret the status quo urban sculpture through advocacy, sculpture program publicity, appraisals, etc., to raise public awareness and participation of public art. Promote the community public popularization of environmental art work, organization sculptures into the community, organizing lectures, photography, text game, and other forms of interaction.

Beijing Olympic City Sculpture Construction

City sculpture is the city's business cards, a unique artistic language, conveying to the world the city's cultural connotation, tells of the rings the development of the city, expressed the city's cultural taste, to some extent, reflect the city's development philosophy. The Olympic Games is both athletic event, city sculpture-cum-public art event. The city sculpture embodies the most visually appealing and impact of the Olympic three concepts carrier and manifestations, rich in spiritual content, they conferred fully demonstrated the spirit of the Olympic Games, to rendering the Olympic atmosphere.
The Beijing government sought through the planning and construction of city sculpture, creating the urban landscape, the casting of sculpture urban civilization, build cultural heritage, shaping the Olympic spirit.
To implement the guiding spirit of the Beijing Municipal Government, to meet the 2008 29th Summer Olympic Games, fully embodies the three concepts of "Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics", creating the cultural landscape of Beijing City, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning since 2005 vigorously carry out the Beijing Olympic City sculpture planning and construction work. Collecting from the program to the academic study, from the preparation of planning to the organization and implementation of construction, after nearly three years, the final completion of the 150 group of nearly 300 of the city's construction work of sculpture. Which ethnic Avenue landscape art works three groups of 59, 78 of the central area of the Olympic Park, 15 permanent venues, 13 Chaoyang Park, Olympic Forest Park 15, more than 20 blocks of other urban public space.
Built Olympic Landscape Sculpture, 46 foreign sculptors, a domestic sculptor works of more than 100 seats. In addition, Taiwan's gift "sleeves" sculpture, donated by the Gansu provincial government Olympics St. Ding sculpture, donated by the government of Belgium "Athlete of the road" sculpture, the gift "Spring and Autumn Kam bronzes by the Anhui provincial government as well as the United States Houston sculptor Jon • Haier donated the sculpture "Lucky 8", the Japanese potters Tanabe Tetsuhiko donated ceramic mural was among them. These sculptures represent the highest level of Chinese contemporary sculpture, and express the Olympic philosophy and cultural connotations, landscaping works to maximize the function and role they built for the Olympic Games environment!

Expo garden bronze sculpture

1878 Paris Expo, an unprecedented garden bronze sculpture-like head caused the visitors' attention, it is not yet completed at the time the world-famous garden bronze sculpture - the Statue of Liberty. According to statistics, every day, thousands of people into the Statue of Liberty's Avatar internal tour. In fact, in 1876, Philadelphia American independent for centuries Expo, the arm part of this large-scale garden bronze sculpture has been exhibited garden bronze sculpture holding his right arm, handheld symbol of independent torch. In 1886, all of the bronze figure sculpture in New York formally settle down.
Many garden bronze figure sculpture genius masterpiece by the World Expo, the world understanding, knowledge and spread. Many of them handed down masterpiece. The world-renowned masterpieces of Rodin's garden bronze sculpture "The Thinker". Its audience for the first time, also the Expo. 1900 World Expo in Paris, opened Rodin garden bronze sculpture museum professionals, a King in Alma Square tent Rodin, 60-year-old, his first exhibited his 168 masterpiece, which have handed down masterpiece "The Kiss" "Burghers of Calais" and "The Thinker."
2010 Shanghai, garden bronze figure sculpture once again a par with the World Expo, a series of garden bronze sculptures unite the creativity and imagination of the artists will be unveiled at the Expo site. Unlike traditional concept of garden bronze sculpture in the Expo area not only play the role of decorative embellishment. Precisely, the World Expo and art, including garden bronze sculptures, including fact a closely related complementary relationship: With the World Expo platform, garden bronze sculpture exhibition and exchange; garden bronze sculpture, because the interpretation of the theme of the Expo becomes more The inductive and image.

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The garden sculpture inspections thinking

Changchun Sculpture Park the theme sculpture series - "Asia", "Europe", "Africa", "Oceania", "America." Wang Keqing Cao sChunsheng, Ye Yushan Pan He Cheng Yunxian for garden sculpture in China has existed for centuries. At the end of this time, the sculpture colonial mark Europe offenders upright in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and today, a century later, the sculpture has become a souvenir monument documented the extraordinary renaissance of the Chinese culture. Sculpture, art to the most effective way to record city history and culture, the degree of garden sculpture indirectly chose the character of the city, the moral character of the city and the city's future. The kingdom of Xing city Hing city Hing Chengdiao the Hing, which is the main line of garden sculpture. After documenting cultural recorded history, China's garden sculpture century derivatives and prosperity, mapping the modern urbanization in China from senior to the course of the evolution of the shape Chen scope of the September 21, Changchun City Sculpture Office is busy moving, "moved to the sculpture park, easy the task. "sculptures Office Director Liu Tianfu said. The just-concluded Third World Sculpture Conference has come to an end, was ferrying the order of months artists retreat. The the Sculpture Conference theme is "friendship · war · spring - the sculpture to make the city better. Changchun World Sculpture Conference as the World Sculpture sector range, the highest level, affecting the most far-reaching comprehensive event, known as the sculptor, the Olympic. Eleventh domestic Sculpture Invitational Exhibition of works and the third World Sculpture Conference held in Changchun Since 1997, a total of more than 400 sculptors from 212 countries and regions and their nearly 500 works, witnessed a century of garden sculpture in China Since the actual thinking, marked with Chinese contemporary culture is withering, accommodating posture to face the world. The sculpture is the crystallization of human civilization, art, symbol of the period of the flesh, is the main carrier of the urban culture. The Brussels "pee little boy is a small inconspicuous bromn sculpture, tourists entering the city even with the guided guidance the ability to find, but this did not hinder it became the symbol of the city of Brussels. Egyptian pharaohs, regenerative Festival Island Shiren, African wood carvings, and European classical sculpture, bearing in mind all these ethnic customs, habits and legendary history and culture. The terracotta figure sculpture magnificent battle, Han engraved special trend Tang plastic majestic appearance, the performance of the Chinese nation's smart appearance, tolerance flesh. The art of beginning, sculpture first. "This is more than 80 years ago, Liang Sicheng said a word when Southwest University professor of Chinese sculpture history courses. He visited during the study abroad in the United States, Europe, hang around in the major museums, a long time ago in the Oriental powers looted from our small sculpture anxious, can not bear to leave Hanhen "This is the most ancient and the most important of the arts to more people negligence. "He did not expect that today, with a century sculpture history of China's garden sculpture has become urban renewal, the city had been built, the city plans to major public space art situation.

Buddhist statue: China sculpture

Statues not neglect the local traditional Chinese art sculpture, the concentrated expression of the beauty of Chinese sculpture, metal, bamboo, jade, materials and diverse category fruitful, not only to pass the Chinese civilization, the ultimate fascinated towards America, more passing Shenzhou people safe, peaceful flesh seeking. Buddha is undoubtedly the Traditional Sculpture essence of the essence, because of the believer in the air force to obtain a unique love from the masses, the literati and royal nobles. Guanyin believe in is one of the most widespread one. The Bodhisattva "peril, the Merciful, the image of women, not only in China, but also the Northwest Asian Asian countries caused by the fierce consensus. In September, a century security Guanyin stone statue Bay now let's immediate masterpiece, called the Forbidden City (microblogging) collections in recent years, high imitation goods. According to reports, the former as the possession of a relics from the Palace Museum in Beijing late Ming monks Stone Sou paragraph copper GUANYIN original 70. 4cm, pure copper to create worship for the Qing Dynasty emperors Qianlong emperor and the maintenance of the Hall of Mental Cultivation regarded as Buddha treasure, the Department of the art treasures of China's Ming Dynasty Buddhist statues. Replica of the statue to take copper gilt build, clear height of 23. 8cm, the Kaki Block 27cm, limited edition 2008. Guanyin wearing a hood, forward shawls, breast with Ying Luo, dress barefoot, his hands folded on his chest, the clue drooping, looking solemn and serene, without losing charity docile. Guardian Online relating to the assumption and indicate "high imitation" in recent years has become an increasingly received concept art consumption areas. "Originals as long as one, and no one knew was retained in the deep intrauterine hospital, but that does not hint that the masses would be no ornamental and licensed can especially stone Minds for like works of Guanyin statues such a blessing Security, arrived art and embraced the double height that its so now people deliberately 'refurbished' whom, it is better to take the high imitation of the situation, so that more people can get this best wishes. "According to industry sources, the general public, about the" high imitation " word surviving in the concept of affirmative misunderstanding. "A lot of people an 'imitation' word that the quality will certainly poor, but that is not the case, you really want to do in terms of technology areas, high-end, material, technological, aesthetic, very harsh request no less difficult originality, or even about some of the famous collection of cultural relics, chasing Mount charm than the original difficulty even higher this century security Guanyin statue by the Buddhist Association of China, the Beijing Palace Museum combines Producer launch budget process details, from copper to the conversion of copper gilt sufficient discretion material characteristics, overall artistically humble and tactful. The particularly rare artistic beauty of traditional Chinese statues space shuttle today in the 21st century is still guarding the vast land, and praying for the people of the world. "I do not think severely difference between traditional and refurbishment statues on the issue, there is a process line of the elderly thought," Goddess of Mercy, for example, you can find the Chinese people in her whole fantasy concept about women: elegant, humble, graceful, peaceful, dignified, more important is to share the world of charity and pity she crossed any one period, any kind of religion, she is a bodhisattva, she is around we women, we the minds successful women. perhaps you can see from the Virgin Mary, and perhaps to see my mother. "After thousands of years the Avalokitesvara still is one of the themes of the contemporary arts and crafts field most farewell from olivary carved palm to several-meter-high bronze sculpture, also has been to use a variety of materials, various means, demeanor to the performance of the minds of the Bodhisattva. "This is the flesh of the air force, regardless of your environment, how, regardless of your property, the human heart will be scared of 'impermanence' fear, will there is a security, the joy of hope. While about Chinese people, historical tradition has always been not the death of the Goddess of Mercy live in the moment, Stone Sou Guanyin accordance with the aesthetic of the 21st century, still do not 'backward', she is still beautiful, and still bring people spiritual consolation. "says Guardian Online relating to the assumption .

Processing stainless steel sculpture of common sense

Introduction to stainless steel sculpture materials
Stainless steel sculpture scientific name of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is based on glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing material,
The synthetic resin as a matrix material of a composite material. The concept of the composite material means a material can not meet the requirements, the need by the two or more materials are combined together, form another material, i.e., a composite material can meet the requirements of people. For example, a single kind of glass fibers, although the strength is high, but between the fibers are loose, can only withstand tension, can not be subjected to bending, shear and compressive stress, but also difficult made ​​of a fixed geometrical shape, is soft body. If a synthetic resin to bond them together, can be made into a variety of hard products having a fixed shape, both the tensile stress, but also subjected to bending, compression and shear stresses. This composition of the glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials. Equivalent to steel because of its strength, and containing a glass component, and also having a glass such as color, shape, resistance to corrosion, electrical insulation, heat insulation properties, as glass, formed in the history accessibly name "Fiberglass" , the term is the former the International hair comrades of the State Building Materials Industry Minister Lai in 1958, extended to the country by building materials systems, are also commonly used.
Thus, the meaning of the hammered stainless steel sculpture glass fiber reinforced materials, synthetic resin binder reinforced plastic and abroad, said glass fiber reinforced plastic.
With the development of the cause of China's fiberglass, plastic-reinforced materials, from glass fiber expanded to carbon fibers, boron fibers, aramid fibers, alumina fibers, silicon carbide fibers, no doubt, these new fibers reinforced plastics some high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials, to and then fiberglass commonly known, can not be summed up.
Taking into account the history of the origin and development, usually using stainless steel sculpture composite materials, such a name on the more comprehensive

Bronze sculpture of practicality

In this fast-paced society, anything people can not look to arouse our interest, but an industry has a deep magic, so that people have seen a glance like it is bronze industry in casting bronze sculpture in the industry and through without.
Such a the consumer fast life, people must often seen all kinds of bronze sculptures. Bronze sculpture in addition to viewing, or the presence of a value, that is, it can be so that we often think of ancient times, there is a good practicality. The bronze sculpture, it is the beginning of the origins of the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty bronze sculpture is the first batch of this period, it recorded the development of China's ancient bronze, made great contributions to modern archaeologists . In many bronze sculpture, a bronze statues, its presence also makes more people began to like the various products of the industry and like bronze. There are several bronze statues, their existence this also fast-paced development of society has become less strange.
Usually above point of view, the bronze figure sculpture addition to appreciate the role of, but also to make our lives do not feel too much pressure. If you want to buy some of the bronze sculpture, welcome to the macro Buddha Sculpture Factory, we are here for you to buy the best bronze sculpture, this believe that you will not release the hand.

China's bronze sculpture once to determine

A long history of China's bronze sculpture once to determine the orientation of the development of art Road will have to follow the bronze sculpture displayed by the bronze sculpture, the details of the artworks  are embodied on the one hand, traditional bronze sculpture, we have to absorb its essence, whichever is dross, good on lessons over Jinyi the bronze factory is to learn from this experience, playing a traditional products in line with the modern trend of copper sculptures, of which the most essential things is not changed, the change is one of the concepts and ideas.
Art is a noble realm, and the bronze sculpture through the vicissitudes ancient bronze sculpture of the modern Chinese nation, after the generation of very far-reaching impact, copper handicrafts exhibition, on a full prove era of progress and development. The bronze sculpture value orientation in the development followed the progress of the times, the same course of development of the Jinyi bronze sculpture has witnessed the development of the sculpture of the Chinese family name. Sculpture, crafts, art, sculpture, etc., have fully demonstrated the profound Chinese sculpture.
The source of the history of sculpture is very ancient. Sculptures of historical and cultural flavor, a little taste, copper, demeanor and natural, life-like flavor, by the people's favorite. Is relatively long history of Chinese sculpture, bronze art is also constantly changing with changing times.
Figure sculpture in front of the people have placed a variety of positions in the camera. The sculpture is too realistically. Historical flavor of the sculpture also has a traditional spirit, but also a mix of more modern fashion elements, more famous sculpture more realistic sense of education.
Arts and Sculpture this historical cultural flavor, handed down, the more history and sculpture handed down. Not just the appearance of the sculpture passed to everyone, the connotation of something more important showcase.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bronze sculpture manufacturers

One of the bronze sculpture manufacturers process: clay (Meijianchanpin, the predecessor of all need a clay prototype, clay sculpture are repeatedly try to figure out on the basis of the original design draft after sculptor scrutiny after the re-creation, clay modeling good or bad charm, embodied or not, the expression of the intent of rendering a direct impact on the future of the product is good or bad, so good clay without the excellent sculptor) bronze sculpture manufacturers
The first step in the natural of special clay preparation screening, bronze sculpture manufacturers the sprinkler woke mud more than 48 hours, Yuandiao welded sculpture reinforced shape skeleton, skeleton winding cross-shaped the wooden prop mud device, a large gap in the sculpture skeleton laying metal mesh can be reduce the use of clay content to reduce the total weight to ensure that the sculpture does not collapse. If relief need wood panels laying floor every 15 cm nail in the board, a nail driven into the half of the other half of the exposed convenient hanging mud aspect winding thin wire as convenient hanging mud, another nail. Bronze sculpture manufacturers.
The second step on the big mud covering sculpture. On mud finished side of the real side to complement flat mud airstrike hit with a mallet. All large shape constantly on mud. Modeling No need to rework rest until satisfied, the above must be performed by a professional sculptor to complete the skeleton. From this stage the sculpture must often spray maintain no cracking, plastic film covering the halfway sabbatical moisturize until after the completion of the sculpture mold.Casting bronze sculpture manufacturers Third Department of shaping, professional sculptor, the sculptor of the shaping process at any time spray at any time to shape specifics of simplifying the process. Bronze sculpture manufacturers the fourth step sculptures large bronze sculpture manufacturers complete, inform Party A large shape audits and advice or modify. The continuous scrutiny adjustments and details of the shape to achieve the perfect bronze sculpture manufacturers complete modeling the overall push light clay, using the blade push light. The fifth step of the bronze sculpture plant to enter the stage of a clone, with a slice on the clay the the block mold split design, and then sprayed with soapy water as protective isolation. The professional reproduction Technician ratio gypsum slurry covered in the sculpture the specific gypsum slurry outer layer of the inner layer of the water ratio of the amount by professionals to master and accomplished. Until the gypsum drying after stripping, before stripping to block on a fixed starting point, bronze sculpture manufacturers grasps the the gypsum numbness pile production. Bronze sculpture manufacturers after the release of the sixth step to remove residual mud block mold, plaster mold after careful repair mode, complement mill. Then polish metal copper mesh. Bronze sculpture manufacturers seventh on FRP deployment of a good resin added catalyst curing agent and filler, color, etc.. The first layer of resin sizing, two with glass fiber cloth resin with sizing, generally need three to five sizing process. Of formation thickness according sculpture choice. Eighth step split the FRP split module bronze sculpture manufacturers combined. Put together after the gap fill calm reinforced internal support system to establish a permanent reinforced skeleton. Final grinding, rough grinding fine grinding watermill with different sandpaper models, most of the machine must be done manually polished unable to mellow naturally difficult to completely without a trace, so must hand sanding belt paper polished. Bronze sculpture manufacturers process: silicone mold (silicone, name Silicon, this material usually used for making molds, delicate and high, even if the hair thickness can be manifested) bronze sculpture manufacturers process : Production of the the resin prototype (polyethylene, also known as Polyethylene silicone mold is finished, you can mastering sculpture resin prototype embryoid bodies) bronze sculpture manufacturers
Process: trimming resin embryoid bodies (processing and adjustment of the final polish on the surface of the embryo body and texture effects)
Silicone mold has five bronze sculpture factory process: making silicone mold (trim good resin embryoid body once again made into a silicone mold) bronze figure sculpture manufacturers process: production the paraffin prototype (again produced is complete and intact, and heated to melt the paraffin is pressurized injection silicone mold to create a wax embryo December embryo is the real shape of the products replica Seven) bronze sculpture manufacturers process: paraffin prototype trimming bronze sculptures manufacturers (irrigation system from the silicone rubber mold and stripped out of the paraffin prototype, remaining on the surface line of the mold, and a little damage, paraffin prototype need to control the flow of three resin prototype embryoid body for dressing, it is very important a ring, so the link will directly affect the product's final shape and surface effects) bronze sculpture manufacturers process eight: the production of sand molds (bronze sculpture manufacturers December embryos of several tree string consecutive repeatedly immersed in mud outer layer and embedded dehumidification drying, the ceramic shell is made of 9mm (5-7 layers) thick, then this tree string December embryo until into hollow) cast copper dissolved into the high thermal of 140-160 ℃ oven or high-pressure steam pot sculpture manufacturers
Process IX: cast bronze art sculpture manufacturers (on a process of hollow ceramic shell is placed in a sintering furnace according to the different alloy material to 1000 ℃ -1150 ℃ sintering, copper was immediately cast into the ceramic shell, after cooling the outer layer Tao shell Shattering Ten stripped out copper products is crude embryo) bronze sculpture manufacturers process: casting finishing and processing (for sandblasting and cleaning of casting copper products, and for cutting, grinding, heat treatment bronze sculpture manufacturers, shaping, machining, polishing and final processing)

The very rapid development of figure sculpture

The very rapid development of figure sculpture in recent years, large and small cities in the country are struggling to build a modern sculpture to promote urban development. However, too fast development of figure sculpture there are many problems. The following is a summary of the Industrial Arts & Crafts Factory drawn.
Good figure sculpture is the mark of the urban culture, and affect the appearance of the city, just as appendages of the city in the overall planning of urban construction, never put figure sculpture, sculpture artists in the design of figure sculpture, should be carefully understanding and analysis study of the city's historical and cultural traditions, geographical environment, economic base, local customs, as well as trends and many other factors, efforts Sculpture and architecture, cultural landscape and the natural landscape natural, seamless, make it enjoy the beauty, the edification of the United States, the United States and the inspiration. With the rapid development of economic construction, the growing demand of the people's material and cultural life, the creation of high quality and reflect the style of the times, the sculpture reflects the national spirit has become an urgent need to address the problem.
kangsi art limited casting design for figure sculpture construction over the years a lot of good figure sculptures, loved by the people, the Future Bright handicraft factory is fully committed to contribute to the development of outstanding works of urban stainless steel sculpture handicraft factory, the factory also casting a variety of bronze handicrafts , customers are welcome to patronize.

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The bronze sculpture art development process

The casting bronze sculpture was produced in the Shang and Zhou, copper materials embryos, use stone carving, casting and other techniques to produce a sculpture. The bronze art performance modeling, texture, decoration, beauty, and more for the performance of the mysterious deterrent religious themes. Of bronze art modeling into a majestic rugged dignified calm of state, showed a solid, deep, rich and beautiful and brilliant texture. Bronze ornamentation taotie, and animal head modeling to birds, animals, insects, fish, part of the body to form an abstract pattern to set off the bronze modeling. Bronze artwork in the Chinese history, the the primary moment "of the Western Zhou Dynasty Ge, Simuwu" Ding of the late Shang Han Dynasty horse riding swallows ". Modern sculpture, bronze handicraft the (bronze art) is an increasingly important component in a share of the ornaments. Soft loading design companies to submit design many works of art have used bronze sculpture. Compared to the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties, the top of its decorative role.

The health status of city sculpture

At the moment, the so-called "city sculpture" the rapid expansion in the number of "take-off" type of sculpture filled the air, everywhere the poor sculpture of hammered stainless steel sculpture ribbons, stick stick, Sphere combination, insipid, garbage throughout the country, the artistic quality artwork worrying. Blindly building under the command of this phenomenon and performance concept. 30 years ago, sculpture Kadoba cold, now the sculpture, but the meat and potatoes. Many places either sculpture street, either to Sculpture Square. A famous sculpture park to do some companies look on contracting anywhere from several dozen to as many as tens of hundreds of works. A result of the the campaign duration achievements, is seriously out of art law, in this case, does not produce the junk sculpture Nengchan what? Erosion and unspoken rules of the market, to further promote the breeding of the city garbage artwork.
Many drawbacks due to the operation of city sculpture in serious injury to the creation of city sculpture and academic research, many scholars gradually abandon attention of Chengdiao field. Most sculpture artists, think outside the artistic creation of city sculpture the operation too hard to grasp, began bogie or sense of Contemporary Art's Sculpture.
City sculpture is the old sculptor Liu Kaiqu the early 1980s of a new concept. Steven Crane's article, "the main exit of the sculpture in the outdoor" (The article published in 1979 in Guangzhou, the newspaper, "Art" magazines in 1981) was a published immediately aroused the attention of the Chinese sculptor. Proposed the concept of city sculpture, the older generation, and thus efforts to promote the Chengdiao career development, and regulatory agencies such as the establishment of city sculpture, city sculpture design qualification certificates issued to professional sculpture workers planning to do research for large cities, the host city for sculpture Exhibition. Their intention is to allow the construction of city sculpture driving on the track managed to mobilize the sculpture sector elite social Chengdiao boutique. The word "fine" is the core of their original intention. It should be said that these efforts has made great achievements, China's city sculpture have a system, with its own characteristics of Chinese sculpture. Features First from concept to distinguish it from the monument sculpture of the former Soviet Union, but also different from the concept of public art in the West, has the characteristics of China's administrative running mode, of course, the art look significantly different.
With great enthusiasm and quality consciousness has created a large number of high artistic quality of city sculpture in the rise of city sculpture stage, the older generation of artists, such as of Zeng Zhushao "Sun Yat-sen like" Steven Crane "Zhuhai Fisher Girl," the Bull "Qian Shaowu Li Dazhao" Ye Yushan the "Geleshan Revolution Martyrs Monument," seasons ", Cheng Yunxian people" Peace Girl ", He E" Yellow River Mother ", coproduct Yong" Thirtieth movement Monument ", Yuyu Yang Feng Peak Han ...
However, the current situation of city sculpture has deviated from the original intention of the year, if not its targeted and take countermeasures, eventually Chengdiao the the will become the city's visual nuisance. Now is the time of diagnosis and prescription for the health status of city sculpture!

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Nanjing • international sports sculpture contest sculptor seminar

On the afternoon of June 26, 2012, "Power of Youth - Nanjing • international sports sculpture contest sculptor seminar" was solemnly held in Nanjing The seminar was organized by the National Urban Sculpture Construction Steering Committee of the Arts Council, China Academy of Arts The Sculpture Court organized by the Institute of Nanjing University Sculpture contractors. National Chengdiao deputy director of the director of the Arts Council, the Chinese Academy of public sculpture, the contest's academic total presided Professor Wu Weishan attended the meeting, Vice Minister Jiao Yong, Green BOCOG Culture Ministry of Education, attended the meeting, from the province of more than 40 bit we bring together the sculptor representatives attended the seminar.
    "The Second Summer Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing in August 2014, with the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will carry through the CPC Nanjing Municipal People's Government of Nanjing approved, sponsored by the Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee, the National Urban Sculpture Construction Steering Committee, the Chinese Academy of Arts support, China Sculpture Institute Art presided over the grand opening of the Nanjing Cultural Investment Holdings contractors "power of youth - Nanjing • International Sports Sculpture Competition, which will be a high-level, professional, international  animal sculpture contest.
    The Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yang served as director of the organizing committee of the contest.
    The sculptures placed deputy director of the director of the Arts Council, president of the China Sculpture Institute Professor Wu Weishan any academic total presided.
    The launching ceremony of the sculpture contest held at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in February 2012 and held its first Committee of Experts. June 19, 2012 in Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee of Experts held its second contest organization promoting the work in an orderly progress.
    Order to better showcase the cultural scene in Jiangsu Province, integrating resources of Jiangsu sculpture, to show the creative strength, more quality work and initiative, "the power of youth • international sports sculpture contest - Nanjing, Jiangsu sculptor seminar.
    Seminar, the total Nanjing • International Sports Sculpture Contest academic auspices of Professor Wu Weishan first speech, he introduced the the National Chengdiao Commission and the China Sculpture Institute in recent years, combined in Yixing, Huaiyin, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Zhongshan, Changchun, sculpture competition at home and abroad and meeting successfully held Sculpture Park, made a strong boost for the construction of urban sculpture, "New China City Sculpture Construction Achievement Award" organized with the support of the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Culture named "brilliant of course - the 60th anniversary of the sculpture contest, CCTV and the media at home and abroad, especially attention and reported that its implications are wide and warm. The Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing as an opportunity, commissioned by the Nanjing municipal government, called on the international and domestic sculptors, especially Jiangsu Province sculptor common the Nanjing urban sculpture construction!
    Do Jiao Yong, Vice Minister of Education of Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing cultural focus statement outlining the Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee on Competition made promotional work.

Kangsi Art: Stone carving creation of image

Kangsi Art: Stone carving creation of image: So-called technique, stone carving creation of image and space handling. This approach is mainly reflected in the reduction of the sense of.

Stone carving creation of image

So-called technique, stone carving creation of image and space handling. This approach is mainly reflected in the reduction of the sense of carved and engraved. Rather, it is from outside to inside, a step-by-step, by subtracting the waste, gradual physical excavation apparent. Time and time again the subtraction modeling, we not only understand the effect of shifting the burden of the works in the "shelling out", but also to feel the various blade produces special rhyme ignorant, some accidental, can work to generate new meaning rhyme. Wood art creation, the most meaningful exploration of the use of a variety of blade suitable reflection of our creative intent.
Knife like brush strokes in calligraphy, painting, it can serve to strengthen the role of the rich works of art effects. The beautiful strokes reason for the technology has reached a skillful performance. Was always copying a good painting, felt hardest thing strokes strokes is the product of the combination of the heart and skills, is difficult to reflect any imitation stuff. So only the skills and continue to accumulate experience in order to achieve the ideal of truly own knife. The kind of wood grain and carving marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex, arranged in a circular knife, the flat knife cutting of the stone carving ...... the language of performance art, its charm can not be achieved by other materials of marble sculpture.
In short, the knife is sculptor technical approach used to embody the idea of their own creation, but also the image reveals the artistic content means. Shipped knife turning point, frustrated, bump, ups and downs, are naturally in order to make artist artwork more vivid to fully embody the material beauty of the wood carvings reflect the rich beauty of the carved. Unknown wood carving art of the true meaning of the people, when the knife is doing it, but not with a knife painted affectation, plus timid afraid engraved bad result blade rigid and unimaginative, engraved no the stone carving fun to. Therefore to engraved practice more and more refined, cooked and raw clever to form their own artistic language and artistic style.
Tiny miniature construction, there is no high calligraphy skills and proficient skills using miniature tools are difficult to complete, and engraved for breathless, Meditation focused, meticulous.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The casting bronze sculpture five categories


Do you want to know the five categories casting bronze sculpture it? It cultural Lu together know him!

Fresh: Ding equivalent now pan, cook or bloom fish. Most of the round belly, ears, three-legged also quadrupedal Fangding.

Wine vessel: Jazz, drinking. Equivalent to the future generations of wine glasses. Pour wine with the flow before the round belly, after a tail, next to Pan (handle), I have two columns, the next three sharp pupil.

Water: translate the explanation wine or water containers. Square and round two forms. Square translate the explanation broad shoulders, ears, covered; the round wooden drinking cup big belly, ring foot, two ears. Two shapes translate the explanation is generally in the lower side of the Department with the nose has a wear.

Musical instruments: when compiled cymbals Shang Dynasty army prevalence of musical instruments. Basically the same as the form of discs shaped, shapes and cymbals.

Weapons: ax the king the aristocracy used for hacking weapons, but also a symbol of the power of torture and ritual. Shaped like ax, ax.

Casting bronze sculptures five categories to introduce you to this, Baoding, Hebei Lu casting bronze sculpture factory production, contract the Buddha, urban sculpture, animal sculpture, copper reliefs, casting bronze sculpture reliefs, casting bronze sculpture reliefs, casting bronze sculpture, copper statues, western figure sculpture modern figure sculpture, ancient figure sculpture, antique casting bronze sculpture sculpture, incense burner, copper incense burner, wrought copper sculpture, statues, copper handicrafts and other business. I plant the spirit of "quality of survival, integrity and development, 100% customer satisfaction" business philosophy, I wholeheartedly provide customers with the full range of quality services with customers to create a better future.

Distinction of the of campus sculptures and architectural sculpture you know?

Distinction of the of campus sculptures and architectural sculpture you know? It cultural Lu together to understand it!
The design of the campus sculpture and architectural sculpture from nature that is not the same. In modern urban construction, urban planning and design department has long recognized that the Achilles heel of the standardization of building international style. Unified style, the architectural style of the monotony of forward full of personality characteristics and style diversification shift. The distinctive living area has accounted for a growing number of urban space. Development of urban sculpture will change with the environment and public awareness towards personalized. Many foreign urban sculpture is sculptor personalized style artist  artwork placed in public places. Moore, Calder, Marini sculptor's works have been widely and into the urban construction. Urban sculpture sculptor has become the main performance stage, such a rich personality casting works brought warmth to urban architectural environment. And construction materials such as cement, iron and steel, glass stiff and can not get rid of the sense of apathy. Closer relationship between the buildings, streets and people. The same time, people's living environment has a rich artistic atmosphere. It can be said that this "personalized" sculpture in the emergence of urban sculpture, corresponding to the beating with the pulse of the times. Campus sculpture designed not so much commercial design.
Campus sculpture is the highlight of the design of the campus itself. Its design in the indoor. Baoding, Hebei Province Lu bronze plant the spirit of "quality of survival, integrity and development, 100% customer satisfaction" business philosophy, I wholeheartedly provide customers with the full range of quality services, with customers to create a better future.

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Sculpture Inspection urban civilization demeanor

Sculpture generally built in outdoor sculpture and Square is a large atrium widely congregation's cultural image, closest to the public, is urban culture most directly, the highest concentration of the carrier in the form, the sculpture on behalf of cities and cultural image, reflecting the characteristics of the times of sculpture works, in the end how to to care for , maintenance, this is a test of the demeanor of urban civilization.

Urban culture of popular art form, requires the public to work together to maintain. The protection and maintenance of the sculpture, which involves the scope of the management of urban public culture, but also is a city public and cultural qualities and civilized demeanor weathervane, regardless of how the sculpture modeling themes how to, what material, and regardless of sculpture standing in the place, which kinds of urban culture, art style, the whole society to care for and love.

Shanghai Urban Sculpture Construction management approach provides urban sculpture maintenance, maintenance of the localization of management. But due to maintenance units and departments involve landscaping, river, streets, formed practice bull management, as well as sculpture is built regardless of separation, or construction management, lead management and maintenance is unclear, and even long-term unmanned manage the situation, it is the phenomenon will not be tolerated and urban civilization and cultural construction.

To establish awareness of urban sculpture protection is everyone's responsibility, but also adhere to the pursuit of management according to law, to be able to ensure that the Shanghai city street sculpture, there is a long-term protection and maintenance mechanisms.

This involves two aspects, on the one hand, the need for government legal and regulatory constraints, fortunately, Changning District, this year has already begun to explore the process of the street sculpture construction management operation, day-to-day management of the street sculpture to confirm specific sectors and their respective responsibilities, to implement concrete maintenance funds, problems that may arise, but also to make the accountability provisions, clearly public green sculpture maintenance units to perform routine cleaning maintenance and periodic maintenance to prevent acid rain and other natural factors causing metal corrosion, paint faded and emergencies destruction, so from the level of the mechanisms and regulations to protect the day-to-day maintenance and overhaul of urban sculpture will not fall through, and also be able to promote the the old street sculpture renewed vitality and charisma.

Public also need to vigorously promote the meaning and cultural connotation of urban sculpture, clear civilized wonderful home, need the atmosphere of culture and the arts and decorate the urban sculpture jointly care for the Prevention of Cruelty to require public people, never allow corrupted and destruction of human.

Prior to the establishment of the new city city sculpture, it is necessary to expand the range of comments, to seek the views of residents as much as possible, to allow residents to participate in the entire process, so the sculpture is completed, there will be more people consciously form a protective awareness treasure doorstep sculpture, and more willing to get close and take good care of street sculpture, the formation of conscious awareness of conservation, street sculpture as the city indispensable cultural markers, among the most prominent in the community street art, to dress up their homes environment full of human color, richer taste of culture and the arts, Aye was damaged sculpture, naturally, to stop and discourage cultural consciousness in order to advance an international cultural metropolis public should training in the protection of the Prevention of Cruelty to sculpture created public conscious civilization demeanor.

Outdoor sculpture lack of cleaning or destroyed

In Lanzhou, hot winter fruit "Buddhist sutras," "Yellow River Mother", a lot of these urban outdoor sculpture for the city by color. However, for long periods of time "wash" also frequently missing arm broken leg, so that these urban sculpture was "injured".
    "Wukong" golden cudgel always Nabu Wen
    The Lanzhou people are know, Yellow customs line the Buddhist sutras sculpture often was the Black Hand, "Monkey King" Ruyi Jingu Bang "has lost count of how many times had gone. Yesterday, when reporters once again came before the sculpture, sculpture around and placed under a lot of flowers, the whole sculpture looks brand new. However, Wukong Ruyi Jingu Bang or disappeared. Nearby to do a photographic business owner told reporters that the Monkey King Monkey King Bar had been stolen, probably a month before. According to the camera stand owner, the relevant departments had intentionally golden cudgel replaced the plastic did not expect or stolen, even Goku's hand was also injured.
    Hot winter fruit sculpture surrounded by car
    Go west along South Riverside Road, the reporter found in the garden of tranquility along the Yangtze River fable, a group of "elephant" Animal sculpture is probably a long time not "wash" the elephant who was full of mud and rain. Moreover, on the limbs of some elephants smeared paint or other stolen goods, some people still come to play baby elephant who left nicks.
    Xiguan "hot winter fruit sculpture has always been very popular, as a culture card in Lanzhou, has started to become less perfect. The sculpture is located in Lanzhou City, the most prosperous of the lot, the winter fruit grandpa now seems to become the "gatekeepers" of the parking lot. The reporters found that the flow of people is large around the entire sculpture surrounded by the car was packed, near the ground, there are a lot of passers-by throwing garbage, the environment is very noisy. Grandfather end of winter fruit punch bowl bombers into the soot was even dispose of garbage which.
    Lost golden cudgel to pay back as soon as possible
    A person in charge of the Yellow River in Lanzhou style line management office said them every day to send someone to inspect and found the golden cudgel stolen will be the first time to communicate with the garden department, timely re-install. According to the management office manager, of Lanzhou Huanghe style line, previously, in order to prevent golden cudgel stolen has done a lot of attempts, but due to theft are generally nocturnal actions, regulatory authorities did not so much manpower and is responsible for overseeing various causes effects not ideal. Next, the the Lanzhou Huanghe style line management office will actively coordinate the garden department make up the lost golden cudgel, to restore the full face of the Buddhist sutras, sculpture.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The type of modern urban sculpture

Memorial, the resort, the mausoleum, bridges, traffic arteries, as well as shopping malls, hotels and other public places in the indoor and outdoor sculpture in the city as well as outside the city large indoor and outdoor sculptures belong to the urban sculpture can also be called "public sculpture. In countries such as Japan and the United States, also called landscape sculpture, environmental sculpture.The urban landscape sculpture from the other side reflects a region's economic development, and cultural development. Around the world's commercial district, business district, residents of the community, tourist scenic areas, airports, docks, etc., various sculptures landscape regulate the atmosphere of architectural space. In addition to a certain number of large-scale commemorative sculpture, more small and medium-sized urban sculpture, are located in various parts of the city, the landscape has some memorable part of the sculpture, but the majority of the sculpture landscape is charming creation. In all its aspects, they reflect the spirit of the city's cultural world.1.
Monumental urban sculptureThe commemorative sculpture landscape is the backbone of the landscape of urban sculpture and representatives countries degrees, and an integral part of each era historical incarnation and embodied. They recognize and Acura with those who make a significant contribution and performance figures in the history of the country and the nation, inscribed and commemorate those who have a significant impact in the history of the event.Connotation, the expression of the concepts and ideas of the ruling class, permeated with the flavor of the times and pulse. They tend to occupy an important position, such as the city in the main plaza, prepared to commemorate the object. But there is enough space to commemorate public events.2. Thematic urban landscape sculptureThe subjectivity of urban sculpture reflects the historical trend of the times, the ideals and aspirations of the people. They tend to vivid language, symbolic and moral approach reveals the theme of a specific environment and buildings.They also have a very rich ideological content, large volume, but also need to occupy a prominent or dominant position in the environment space, the role of the command of and focus.Such as the the Hengdian Red Army Expo City is by far the country's largest, the Red Army's Long March-the theme of large integrated landscape. The total investment of several hundred million dollars, the total area of ​​nearly mu. Red Army Exhibition City, a theme park by the Red Army, the National Defense Science and Technology Education Park, the three major components of the militia (teenagers) military training base.Long March theme park built bloody Xiangjiang breakthrough in Wujiang the Siduchishui, Zunyi Conference, clever crossing Jinsha, force a crossing the Dadu River, flying more than 40 wins the Luding Bridge as well as during the Long March snow-capped mountains, grasslands, and other important meetings reflect the long march major events and major battles attractions.
Thematic sculpture landscape design using the most classic.Hengdian Red Army Exhibition City, has been named the National Youth national defense education base for national defense propaganda and education base and adolescents patriotism education bases.3 decorative urban landscape sculptureThe urban sculpture accounted for most of the decorative works. This kind of work is not deliberately request specific themes and content, play main effect of the decoration and landscaping.City of decorative sculpture, the subject content can be widely conceived mood lively style can be freely varied. Their scale big or small, most of them belonging to the environment and building, embellishment and bright spot in the overall environment.Fun sculpture landscape design cleverly used in a variety of environments, gives a wonderful feeling. These amusing sculpture, landscape design, and environmental blend subtly, to sculpture in the form of a countless reverie. But also to some of this does not have the environment to a new, higher art culture of fun and cultural connotations. Fun sculpture landscape design often be applied in the tourism development process, often unique sculpture works of landscape design to the tourism environment adds bright color and cultural connotations.
4 iconic urban sculptureIconic city sculpture played a descriptive function, erecting a sign of the image, and some subtle vivid, meaningful, inspiring, beautiful image, an important part of the sharp and easy to understand, tastes, and become urban landscape.Brussels logo sculpture "pee boy is small inconspicuous sculpture, if not guided guidelines, a foreign person to find it really difficult, but its fame is great, If you do not see it it does not seem to have been to Brussels. The reason behind this sculpture pee on the children saved the story of the people of the whole city. Tells the story of the origins of the city of Rome. Thus "pee boy" became a symbol of the Brussels.5 urban sculpture exhibition furnishingsThe outdoor layout sculpture with the requirements of the principle of the general urban sculpture. But as the arrangement of the various sculptures as exhibition furnishings up to the public to the viewer a variety of excellent sculptures. While others had all the works of an author, around a topic, after a strict overall design.6. Practical functional urban sculptureSince the mid-20th century, there has been the construction of some of the sculptures. International Exposition in Brussels, Belgium Atomium restaurant like patches of white sails of the Sydney Opera House is like an open lotus India Bahe Yi Lotus church, enlarged a million times the iron molecule model ....... float into a common design until the European and American street kiosks and bookstall, can be said to be an extension of the kind of sculpture, architecture and development.7 large art sculpture based complexIn the history of human civilization, the ancient artists have several very experience of the use, including architecture, landscape, sculpture, painting, literature and other forms of human environment space to convey a more rich ideological content, showing a more intense artistic charm.

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