Friday, September 21, 2012

China's bronze sculpture once to determine

A long history of China's bronze sculpture once to determine the orientation of the development of art Road will have to follow the bronze sculpture displayed by the bronze sculpture, the details of the artworks  are embodied on the one hand, traditional bronze sculpture, we have to absorb its essence, whichever is dross, good on lessons over Jinyi the bronze factory is to learn from this experience, playing a traditional products in line with the modern trend of copper sculptures, of which the most essential things is not changed, the change is one of the concepts and ideas.
Art is a noble realm, and the bronze sculpture through the vicissitudes ancient bronze sculpture of the modern Chinese nation, after the generation of very far-reaching impact, copper handicrafts exhibition, on a full prove era of progress and development. The bronze sculpture value orientation in the development followed the progress of the times, the same course of development of the Jinyi bronze sculpture has witnessed the development of the sculpture of the Chinese family name. Sculpture, crafts, art, sculpture, etc., have fully demonstrated the profound Chinese sculpture.
The source of the history of sculpture is very ancient. Sculptures of historical and cultural flavor, a little taste, copper, demeanor and natural, life-like flavor, by the people's favorite. Is relatively long history of Chinese sculpture, bronze art is also constantly changing with changing times.
Figure sculpture in front of the people have placed a variety of positions in the camera. The sculpture is too realistically. Historical flavor of the sculpture also has a traditional spirit, but also a mix of more modern fashion elements, more famous sculpture more realistic sense of education.
Arts and Sculpture this historical cultural flavor, handed down, the more history and sculpture handed down. Not just the appearance of the sculpture passed to everyone, the connotation of something more important showcase.


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