Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Casting work

Casting work can also be in accordance with molten metal pouring technology for gravity casting and casting pressure. Gravity casting refers to the liquid metal in the earth under the action of gravity into the casting process, also known as casting. Generalized casting craft books
Gravity casting sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, slime mold casting work; narrow sense refers to metal type casting gravity casting. Pressure casting is refers to the liquid metal in the other forces ( not including under the action of gravity ) into the casting process. Generalized pressure casting including die casting machine pressure casting and vacuum casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, pressure casting; narrow sense only pressure casting machine metal pressure casting, referred to as die casting. The casting process is the most commonly used in non-ferrous metal casting, is also relatively lowest price.
Sand casting
Sand casting work is a kind of sand as main materials, making the traditional mold casting process. Sand is a gravity casting, there are special requirements can also be used for low pressure casting, centrifugal casting process. Sand casting wide adaptability, small, large, simple, complex, a single, large quantities can be used. Sand casting mold, used for timber production, commonly known as the wood. Wood defect is easy deformation, easy to damage; in addition to a single production sand castings, can use the size with high precision, and long service life of aluminum alloy mold or mold in resin. Although the price rises somewhat, but still higher than the metal type mold for casting much cheaper, in small quantities and large production, the price advantage is particularly prominent. In addition, the sand than metal refractory degree is more higher, so such as copper alloys and ferrous metals such as high melting point material is the use of this technology. However, sand casting have also some disadvantages: because each sand casting mould can cast a casting mould, after the damage, must shape, so the sand mold casting production efficiency is low; and because the sand soft and porous nature of the whole, so the sand casting casting dimension precision is low, the surface is rough. However, Xudong precision casting factory set many years of technology accumulation, has been greatly improved by sand casting surface conditions, the blasting effect after comparable with metal mould casting. Casting process
Metal mold casting
Is the use of heat-resistant alloy steel making casting hollow casting mold of the modern technology. Metal mold gravity casting can be used, also can be used in pressure casting. Metal mold casting mold can be repeatedly used, each pouring a molten metal, is a casting, long service life, high production efficiency. Metal mold casting has good dimension precision, surface finish, and the same in the pouring liquid metal case, the strength of casting sand mold more than high, is not easy to damage. Therefore, in the mass production of non-ferrous metal, smallcastings work, as long as the melting point of the material is not too high, generally preferred metal mould casting. However, metal mold casting have also some disadvantages: because of heat-resistant alloy steel and on top of it to make the hollow cavity of processing are more expensive, so the metal mold is expensive, but overall and die casting costs are much cheaper than. For small batch production, is allocated to each product mold costs were too high, generally not acceptable. Because the metal mold by the mold material size and cavity machining equipment, casting equipment capacity constraints, so the particularly large castings is incapable of action. Thus in the small batch and large production, rarely used in metal mold casting. In addition, metal mold while using heat-resistant alloy steel, but the heat capacity is still limited, more commonly used in aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy casting in less in application, and is used for ferrous metal casting is less. Xudong precision casting factory metal mould entirely on its own design, manufacture, and thus can more timely manner to provide customers with low cost, applicable quality mold.
Die casting is in die casting machine for metal pressure casting work, is currently the highest production efficiency of casting process. Die casting machine for hot chamber die casting machine and cold chamber die casting machine two. Hot chamber die casting machine has high automation degree, less material consumption, production efficiency than the cold chamber die casting machine is higher, but the mechanical heat capacity constraints, it is only used for zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and other low melting point materials casting production. The extensive use of aluminum alloy die castings, due to high melting point, only in the cold chamber die casting machine. Die casting is the main characteristics of liquid metal in the high voltage, high speed filling cavity, and is formed at high temperature, solidification, casting defects: because liquid metal in high pressure, high speed cavity filling process, inevitably put in a cavity of the air entrapped in casting work, forming a subcutaneous blowhole, so the aluminum alloy die casting for heat treatment, zinc alloy die castings for surface spray (but painting). Otherwise, internal porosity in casting for the treatment of heating, the thermal expansion due to deformation of castings or bubble. In addition, casting machining allowance should be made smaller, generally about 0.5mm, can reduce the weight of castings, reduce cutting amount in order to reduce the cost, but also can avoid the penetration of compact layer on the surface, exposing subcutaneous blowhole, causing the workpiece scrapped.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to identify the bronze sculpture?

The bronze sculpture is an alloy of copper and tin, strong hardness, unlike the eaves tile, ceramics and painting such as Oracle inscription is easy to be broken, but for a long period. Furthermore the bronze sculpture dish shape is simple and elegant, smooth lines, which is beyond the reach of other antiques. How to identify the Bronze? The following network to identify sculpture bronze sculpture method.

First, Chinese bronze sculpture in large quantities, variety. After China has many pieces of bronze sculpture, this is no statistics. Some statistics, only with inscriptions on bronze sculpture is concerned, from the Han Dynasty to today, excavated amounts to ten thousand above. With no inscriptions of bronze, its number is one can imagine. Because of the large number of Chinese bronze sculpture, the breed is also extremely rich, not only wine, water, food, weapons, chariots and horses, and implements, tools, tools and various kinds of living appliances such as a utensil. Numerous bronze sculpture dish, modelling is vivid, colorful, dazzling. The large number of varieties of Chinese bronze sculpture, and increases the identification of difficulty, it is one of the characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture.
Second, Chinese bronze sculpture distributinging area is vast, and quality. Chinese bronze sculpture unearthed more concentrated in the Central Plains, but its distribution range far beyond the Central Plains region, northeast, northwest, south of the Five Ridges and even Tibet and the East China Sea, the island and fisheries have been discovered on the bronze sculpture. The bronze sculpture modelling is vivid, exquisite, style each different, showing different art style. Chinese Zhou Dynasty bronze sculpture, produced exquisite, shape, pattern, was at the splendid and elegant, the fine be too numerous to enumerate, such as Si Muwu Ding Fang, killer earthquake, Shuangyang respect, Klitschko Ding, hair Gongding, Lin Hok side pot, hutch sword, Gou Jian, long letter palace lantern, inlaid Turquoise deer, lying the bronze chariots and horses of first-class, casting fine, with shocking artistic appeal, of course, by domestic and foreign collectors favorite. Other types of bronze sculpture, casting hardness according to the different requirements, accurate to copper tin proportion, make the instrument of good quality, which is foreign bronze sculpture cast products unmatched.
Thirdly, artifacts can be said to be China's bronze sculpture - the biggest characteristic. The world of ancient bronze sculpture the vast majority have no inscriptions unearthed in India, only small bronze sculpture or cast have very short inscriptions. Chinese antique bronzes with inscriptions unearthed only reached more than ten thousand pieces, and the text of a long piece of many, such as the inscription of up to 497 characters. These inscriptions, or rough to, or vigorous, with very high very high appreciation of the value of calligraphy. The glyph is identification of the most difficult to grasp a ring.
Fourthly, to container consisting mainly of Chinese bronze sculpture in the world bronze culture become an independent school. The world, from the India River to the Balkans, from the Minoan civilization to the Mycenaean civilization, the bronze sculpture is represented mostly weapons, such as GE, spears, knives, arrows, sword, halberd, arrowhead, while China is difficult to cast, ornamentation of complex container. These vessels, especially the Ding, for the country is jack. Its profound, rich connotation, entangled with politics together the mystery is always connoisseurs and collectors interested in the issue of. In addition, the European bronze culture to the weapon as the representative, Chinese bronze culture in container as the representative, this is it right? The former and the latter to be aggressive, conservative you can make nothing of it, if interested, can study identification.
Chinese bronze sculpture of the four big characteristics, is the identification of should know the basic common sense.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The development history of statue

In today's era of rapid development, statue has become people committed to express ideas and environment transformationimportant art style. When people walk in the city and rural, either blocks, or garden green space, different content, form of statue works have appeared. Inside, whether public or private, family room, also has a large number of works of statue by.

statue in the environment, atmosphere, expressing feelings, enhance exchanges, expand the

influence that waits for a lot of service to the people of this area, to other irreplaceable

positive role. Its artistic appeal and impact are the other arts are not a substitute for, it is

with people contact more direct, more widespread artistic form. A statue or even a country, a

city, a regional cultural standards mark.

Statue classification because of the angle is different from the subject, view, with figure

statue, animal statues. From the way of expression, can be divided into Yuandiao, relief.

From the artistic method of view, can be divided into figurative statue, abstract statue.

Constructed from a material point of view, can be divided into stone carving, wood carving, clay

statue, metal statue, cement statue. From the regional perspective, there are indoor

statue, outdoor statue, statue, statue and other desk rack. From the function, and a

commemorative statue, decorative statue, statue and so on. The classification of

materials, extensive, determines the statue a kind of art broad applicability.

The statue is constantly, constantly improve the process, the revisionist comparison process

must always remain fresh first impression. Only by keeping the fresh state, shaping the works will

be vivid and full of vitality.

The statue creation process is a long and arduous process, it undergoes a conception model,

shape, material conversion process. As a statue of the production process, from the familiar,

master, use of tools and equipment, processing of material process. statue of the production is

the means to count. But shaping means mainly " carving " and " plastic " in two ways, " vulture "

is carved, is the use of knives, chisels and other apparatus, by external forces such as the

hammer, stone, wood, bamboo, brick, metal, paint dry bones, all can be carved material cutting,

using recursive subtraction method to produce author 's image. " Plastic " can be called the

"shape" of the use of most of the material is mud, namely " clay", is based on the addition and

subtraction and by the way, conscious form attached, ultimately achieve the desired morphology.

Shaping statue often through material conversion processes, such as making gypsum, glass steel.

Also visible are hard copy materials. After firing, casting and other means, will it become hard

permanent materials, such as iron, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. In addition to "

carve" " plastic " means, and forging, synthesis, nail screw, bonding, welding, binding, such as

weaving a variety of means of production.With the development of the times will also have more form.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The sculptor a knife into the world

A firewood in rural dry pine stump, after some careful cutting, stone carving, after burnish, become a baby in its mother's arms sweet. Art, price 1000 yuan; a litter of camphor tree branches, is the embodiment of compassion for a seat as a Buddism godness guanyin. In 32 years, using tree root, root, branch or scrap wood, Xinyu City District farmers in southern Anxiang sculptor Hu Dongsheng created tens of thousands of pieces of works, including works of the highest 170000 yuan price of single. Today, he is one of the Provincial Artists Association, his works have been included in China Arts and Crafts Association " Chinese artists collection ". In the highly popular province inside and outside collectors at the same time, the works of Hu Dongsheng still gone Australia, France, Singapore and other countries, to become the local Chinese classical folk culture lovers to share.

54 year old Hu Dongsheng is a carpenter, when osmosis, causing him to wood processing only interested, but he did not want to become a father. In 1976, 20 years old Hu Dongsheng carved out the first piece " Tiananmen ", but with the price of 10 yuan by the village people bought. Hu Dongsheng carved enthusiasm has exploded not received, the creation of four or five pieces per month, sold to the surrounding neighbors. 7 years later, a large number of flowers and birds and figures for the content of wood carving works quickly spread to hundreds of miles, Hu Dongsheng became famous in the local peasant sculptor.
Hu Dongsheng is not content with his work in the village before the bed, hall appeared. He spent 6000 yuan to buy, self-study, " Human Anatomy ", " relief ", " sculpture garden " and other large public university teaching materials, and to Nanchang eight one square to watch a relief works, back attentive fathom. Gradually, art knowledge accumulates makes Hu Dongsheng customers began to turn to the government and the enterprises, foreign. More convenient for dealing with foreign friends, timely understanding of customer needs, in the early 90 century, Hu Dongsheng frequently traveled to Guangzhou, and enrolled in Dalian University of Foreign Languages to teach by correspondence class, with 4 years of time card. Years of experience, the work of Hu Dongsheng gradually to the outside, on 1994, a piece of his works were first foreign collectors buy; in 1998, he took more than 1 years to complete the " riverside " to 170000 yuan sold; 2005, works " sweet in the heart " by the China Arts and crafts exhibition prize two, specialist this evaluation: engraving is extremely difficult, so the authors foundation deep, vivid girls pick litchi harvest joy when.
In recent years, in addition to the traditional wood carving process in one go, Hu Dongsheng was active in the Confucian Temple in Xinyu City, repair, bouldering Park reformation carvings and other public projects, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other large city sculpture ( carved) projects have invited him to participate in.
With a carving knife, Hu Dongsheng from the countryside into the city, will be carved this ancient folk art deco carry forward.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The beautiful garden sculpture

Garden sculpture content can be divided into:①commemorative sculpture. To commemorate the
historical figures or events, such as the Nanjing Yuhuatai group, Shanghai Hongkou Martyrs Park Lu
Xun like. The theme of the sculpture. The performance of a certain subject content, such as the
city of Guangzhou, the emblem of "Wu ", Nanjing Mochou Lake Mochou female etc.. ③decorative
sculpture. A wide range of topics, character, animal, plant, artifacts can be as the theme, such
as the Beijing park on the altar of Machi Katsuharu scenic spot wings swans and around the garden
in athletes, child and animal images.

According to the form of a Yuandiao, relief, Toudiao, undercut, the use of materials are permanent
material ( metal, stone, cement, glass, steel and so on ) and non permanent materials ( plaster,
clay, wood etc.). Garden sculpture used permanent materials Yuandiao, relief, Toudiao the
undercut, often in combination with buildings. Ice, snow and plastic is northeast of gardens in
winter a unique sculpture art. The sculpture can be configured in the regular garden square,
flower beds, Boulevard, also can be decorated in the natural garden slopes, grassland, pool or
water. In the garden of set sculpture, its themes and images should be in harmony with the
environment, sculpture and space size, scale to have appropriate proportion, and the need to
consider the sculpture itself towards, color and background, so that the sculpture and landscape
environment mutually foil, benefit chang. Sculpture garden with landscape composition, most
located outdoors, a wide range of topics. Garden sculpture through the artistic image can reflect
the certain social spirit of the times, the performance of a certain ideological content, can
adorn the landscape, but also can become a local and even the whole garden landscape design
center. Garden sculpture has a long history. During the Renaissance, sculpture has become an
important part of the landscape of Italy. Garden sculpture or a combination of water garden, or
decoration layer, even built to exhibit sculpture garden of " Museum ", " sculpture park ".
Sculpture garden in Europe, the United States and countries in the garden still occupy an
important position.
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