Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The transition period of Greek sculpture

In Greek art sculpture development process, from antiquity to the development of the classical period is a period of transition, that during the first half of the fifth Century b.c.. During this period the Greek sculpture experienced a revolt against the Persian invasion of the famous Persian war. The famous battle of Marathon foreign sculpture art
During this period. The Persian war in ancient Greece had a profound influence, harsh combat training the Greek sculpture strong patriotism and make efforts spirit, produced a great tragedy art. In the art of carving in the battle, sing the praises of the heroic performance of the theme, whether performed myth or reality theme and the archaic age works are different, and the " archaic smile " in stark contrast. Produced with the spirit of the times and rigorous style: from static posture shift to the performance of exercise or even drastic action; only from in the past performance figures of the positive development to show the various aspects. The carving techniques become more skilled, gradually formed a well-proportioned, exact structure, form clear " clumps " system. This period representative works include " drivers ", " Poseidon ", " Ludovic " and " throne relief cutting green copper statue " etc.


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