Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Xiamen Zhonglun benefits and Stone Culture Park


Park Xiamen Zhonglun benefits and Stone Culture Park, tourists visited, the long-term behavior indecent, resulting in the sensitive parts of a goddess sculpture chest bare. You can clearly see the statue of the goddess sculpture of this is gray, except the chest was "groping" ground smooth black, in stark contrast with the surrounding buddha statue quite indecent.
Look at the country, the similar the Zhonglun park goddess statue so embarrassing uncommon. The scenic spot whenever there is a sexy, naked female sculpture, total visitors to certain parts "manipulate" over many years, these "sensitive parts" tangible Zeng light watt light. Some are said to bring good luck, while others are purely "bad taste".

In recent years, both urban and scenic, some sexy, exposed more and more architectural sculpture. The intention of the creator of the fashion show with the United States, let's artistic vision to appreciate it. Unfortunately, some tourists does it happen that an artistic eye, just think of it as a meet Equ props.

Originally slim, beautiful scenic granite sculpture, some tourists "constant harassment", "sensitive sites" actually be worn Zeng light watt light, visible repeat itself as much as this "hobby". The conduct of such a person can imagine, so many people in such conduct, is really sad.

That elegant, chic scenic granite sculpture, tourists tangible Zeng light watt light sensitive parts, no matter how look, people feel ashamed and sad. Perhaps, some visitors touched the sensitive parts of the sculpture will be issued a satisfied smile. As everyone knows, is dark, not just the scenic sculpture, is in its own image. Sculpture to be black "sensitive sites", not It is obscene tourists that strong indictment it?

More and more sculpture in the city

Wind large scale cost gone up a large number of the city popular "sculpture"
Voice of China "CNR News" reported that, in recent years, many large and medium-sized cities are keen on the construction of the city on behalf of the city features sculpture, increasing scale, a cost have gone up. Why nowadays a large number of urban popular "statues" Wind?

Some analysts said that in the eyes of the decision makers, through  horse sculpture can quickly enhance urban visibility, as quickly as possible so that the city dressed up, so that the taste of the city seem higher. Chinese sculpture Dean Wu Weishan said recently that urban horse sculpture in a certain sense is the symbol of the city, but it should be a slow living, should not be the "Great Leap Forward". The city sculpture can greatly enhance the visibility of the city, however, with utilitarianism color, instead this urban horse sculpture is a blundering mental performance.

Wu Weishan, regional iconic donkey sculpture is the most difficult to express, can not be bigger and more spectacular, the better, and summarized the understanding of urban sculpture, as has been said, it should be used in the following words: at a glance, and memorable, tastes, loved.

Urban donkey sculpture as a public art works, artistic qualities and the masses should be close between the two are not contradictory, the key is to find a very good point of integration.

In the art critic Zhou Wenhan seems, to enhance the average quality of urban sculpture, at least in the procedure can be done on a more equitable and inclusive aesthetic point of view, can refer to the two-tier system of accreditation, experts from all walks of life composed of professional accreditation group, from options selected the finalists works, and then solicit public opinion to elect the winner last production, installation. Of course, this procedure can also be reversed to the first public vote finalists will then select the winner of the expert review.

Monday, October 29, 2012

25 million yuan to build the sculpture garden of folk culture

In order to enhance the taste of the city, Liulin County financial investment of 25 million yuan to build the sculpture garden of folk culture.

Liulin Folk Culture Sculpture Garden, also known as the Qinghe cultural theme sculpture garden. Park site is located in Liulin County, east of the city Xuejiawan Riverside Road in Qinghe, the Yellow River history, folk culture, a cultural theme of sculpture park. The sculpture garden is divided into three major sections of the "the loess situation, the Yellow soul, Qinghe rhyme". Sculpture Park, 2011 meters in length, with a total investment of 25 million yuan. Has the Longquan, Yellow River Megalodon Long Red Army Dongzheng large landscape hanging carved wall with green sandstone, red sandstone and white marble, cement imitation copper sculpture produced substantial relief of 63, 21 platform has cast copper figure 35 groups of 95 people, at the entrance to a large stainless steel sculpture and fountains combined into a small square of folk culture.

The cultural background wall with pictorial and impressionistic approach, the white marble sandstone carving thickness of 15 cm relief to the performance of the customs of the Loess Plateau, the Yellow River Scenic and Qinghe Features,. Relief the promenade middle according to the terrain and the need to greening and interspersed with rocks tree roots folk patterns and leisure venues.

Huian stone carving in China

Hui'an County, known as the "stone town", the construction of the township, "fisheries county's reputation. Since the reform and opening up, economic Hui'an has been the rapid development into the national basic economic competitiveness counties ranks for 11 consecutive years, among the basic competitive counties 54 in 2011. Huian has won the national honor of the the National Civilized County, scientific and technological demonstration County, Garden County, county green model.
Hui'an carving artist from the Yellow River Basin, the Central Plains culture, integrate lessons Minyue culture, marine culture and the incoming foreign cultures along the Silk Road on the Sea "craft essence, after thousands of years of reproduction development, formed a unique artistic style and cultural connotations, known as "China is a must." For a long time, Hui'an adhere carving industry as to carry forward the fine traditional culture, inherited the fine traditional arts to revitalize the economic development of pillar industries, make great efforts to fostering the growth. County a total of carving art enterprise 843, number of employees 10 people, with a total of 15.14 billion yuan. Carving arts in the county scale enterprise value of 13.94 billion yuan in 2011, the added value of more than 4.56 billion yuan, accounting for 13.4% of GDP; export delivery value of over 70 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the similar products. In 2006, Huian stone carving was selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage; 2011, Hui'an stone "was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered as a geographical indication trademarks.

To strengthen the exchanges of Hoi An and the carving of the world, to enhance the the Hui'an carving skill levels, to promote the sound and rapid development of Hui'an carving art industry, according to the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit, combined with Hui'an demand and actual development of cultural and creative industries carving art, the county county government proposed to create the "the world carving artist Township" and the goal of building cultural county, and clear the stone carving granite sculpture industry as one of the "Twelve Five" focus on the development of the eight pillar industries, and proceeded to start carving granite sculpture cultural industry in transition upgrade work, the first session will be held 9-11 November 2012 in Hui'an south of New China (Hui'an) the carving Antiques Fair.
The Fair by the China Arts and Crafts Association, Fujian Cultural Development and Reform Leading Group Office, Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the provincial the Foreign Economic hall, the provincial capital, the Associated Press, the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Quanzhou People's Government co-sponsored, Hui'an County People's Government to bring Hui'an Association of stone carving, sculpture Art Research Association, Fujian Province, Quanzhou relevant departments to co-host China Stone Association, China Building Decoration Association, China Funeral Association, Fujian Stone Material Industry Association, China Minsheng Bank, Quanzhou branch units of the Expo a great deal of support and assistance.
"Carving artist cultural heritage, to lead the creative future, fairs adhering to the professional, market-oriented, international" exhibition concept designed based Hui'an oriented global investment breeze to take the exhibition pin outreach meeting The combined exhibition race combined "held a series of exhibitions negotiate project docking and exchange of skills activities. Exhibition planning area of ​​28,000 square meters, 14,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, set 700 international standard booths, Hui'an booth accounted for 62% local, domestic and international space only accounted for 28%, International booth accounted for 10%, many of whom are carving art boutique, and The single value exhibits billion exhibitors. In addition to more than 90 national and provincial arts and crafts works of masters exhibition, will be held at the the carving art fairs docking activities Forum organizing carving art and urban construction. China Arts and Crafts Association Expo exhibits will be awards.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kangsi (Xiamen) sculpture Crafts Co., Ltd

The Kangsi (Xiamen) sculpture Crafts Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to sculpture, sculpture, creative, design, manufacturing installed as an integrated production enterprise. The company designed and strong technical force, mainly bronzes, Kangsi art bronzes, urban sculpture, bronze sculpture, sculpture, design, sculpture design company, Seiko Buddha statues Engineering, religious objects, of Buddhism, bronze manufacturer, bronze sculpture, sculptural company, copper statues, bronze instruments used, antique bronze art sculpture, bronze crafts.
    The door entity space art sculpture, different from the graphic arts and other disciplines of the arts, his artistic charm lies in his reality and occupies space. Sculpture since generated since it has a different placement locations, sculptors, depending on the environment to the design and production of the Ancient totem sculpture used to worship; tomb sculpture to commemorate; modern urban modern sculpture used to represent and beautify the city, improve the city's cultural taste; With the development of the times, there are different categories of modern sculpture in the constant innovation of ancient sculpture family . Campus sculpture is generated as the construction of campus culture, according to the placement school is different, different surroundings, the culture different factors design. But overall, the campus modern sculpture also has a lot in common, they have a continuation of the cultural tradition of carrying the role of the national spirit, and also have a landscaping of the common responsibility, as well as the role of the future of education.
    Essential characteristics sculpture Hegel said: elements of sculpture to sculpture the image of space material, this material is still in the original general actually exist which can be applied to the art of special factors also only general space volume and volume try to create a beautiful image that can be achieved more specific spatial form. "From a description of where we at least can be drawn from two concepts: One sculpture appeared in a state of matter occupy space there, which is the general space volume second shaping the image more specific form of space that can be achieved. specific form of analog image. sculpture art using nature for Materials such as clay, metal, stone, wood as a medium or carrier to occupy three-dimensional space, with a concise the art of language to shape substantive artistic image, in order to express the thoughts and feelings of a human with some sort of universal significance plastic arts any one outstanding sculptures have ideological and cross-national character of the point.
    We praise the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty. "Discus Thrower" will be touched by the rigorous modeling as they have a permanent artistic value. "donkey sculpture, literature, music, it can create a visual image of the same visual image it creates the image of film, theater generally silent it dance, is formed by a variety of natural or man-made materials. Mostly in a quiescent state it and painting in the silent and static visual image, it is a real possession three-dimensional the tactile touch the three-dimensional plastic arts. summed up. sculpture is such an art form: donkey sculpture occupy space objects. showed a three-dimensional style donkey sculpture art charm depends entirely on its unique spatial effects. achieve this effect based on physical materials as a means to mimic the form of approximation to the true volume carries it and other kinds of art compared, you can see the sculpture is the most faithful to the natural sculpture space form characteristics, it appreciators aesthetic conditions, though not of the art of architecture as wide (can into where 'enjoy), but there is a great deal of freedom than the art of painting and suitability.
    People from any angle or any distance to enjoy it and derive enjoyment of beauty based on their own life experience, the aesthetic experience. The sculpture art in three-dimensional form is placed in the space environment around a great appreciation of space. Angle and distance, people are free to choose their own preferences and aesthetic eye is not a fixed point.

Wrought copper sculpture in our lives

Wrought copper sculpture in our lives is very common crafts ornaments, although there are a lot of people use it to decorate the home, and also use wrought copper sculpture in the beautification of the city, but we do not know the design process . That let us to become familiar with it.
In fact, wrought copper sculpture design process is very simple and the main thing is to have the following points:

Should design style good sculpture made into a small draft
Second, in accordance with the small draft sculptures mud sculpture enlarge
Third, through modified stereotypes
Stereotypes after Duantong can enter the production stage
By beating Duantong stereotypes

Sixth, and finally in the decomposition of wrought copper assembly
Overall wrought copper sculpture completed
We want to keep these points in mind, and be able to create beautiful sculptures, animal sculpture production in Hebei integrity bronze handicraft factory bronze is made according to this principle, innovative style and friends are welcome to come.

"Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple" is one of the brilliant work of the history of Chinese sculpture, is also a sculptor famous for Shi Hongxiang sensation. It is on display at the National Palace Museum in Shenyang, the Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple for the prototype, produced by more than 40,000 copper carving pieces assembled in accordance with the ratio of 1:10 by hand, with a total weight of 3.8 tons.
Shi Hongxiang 10 years time all efforts are spent on the above. In order to precisely replicate the original appearance of the house, big government, his major political Dianshang each a tile every kiss beast, every window and door, careful research and copying each ornamentation, even beam.
In the production process, he inherited the architectural art of ancient copper, copper mural art, the copper Chengdiao Art copper decorative arts, the use of more than ten kinds of traditional craft of casting, forging, Carved, embossed, etched, and absorbed woodworking tenon structure techniques. The stone sculpture every fan of the doors and windows of the house of big government is free to open, each part can be removed.
According to macro Buddha bronze understand, Shi Hongxiang carved the two Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple, 1:10 Scale Dian Shenyang Palace Museum collection, gift to Russia is carved out in accordance with the ratio of 1:20. The gift gifts as the municipal government of Shenyang to Irkutsk, Russia stands on the in Irkutsk European Square.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Subway station art wall is nearing completion

Calendar over the October half distance of the Metro Line 1 opened the day is getting closer. In accordance with the expected prior to the Hangzhou Metro Group, the 15 stations of the Public Art Wall will be completed before the opening.

Wulin Square station public art wall is produced by the China Academy of Fine Arts, Xu Jiang Lead "Sunshine Sunflower Garden sculpture sunflower plexus as the main design element, respectively, with green, orange, red, yellow in color sunflower Cong by bronze sculpture bas-relief of the production process, to create a "Sunshine Sunflower Garden in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, coincident with the Wulin Square, formerly known as red Sun Square.
Afternoon, reporters saw Wulin Square station, green, orange, yellow, three public art wall has been installed, including the yellow "winter" just completed the installation of a couple of days ago, there is still the last piece of red in Autumn not yet been unveiled, will soon be installed.
It is understood that the four public art walls are cast copper wall reliefs, brush on the surface of the oxidation layer of transparent high-gloss paint. Consists of 16, 3.95 meters long, wide and 0.93 meters long on each side.

Station, the reporter also noticed, 20 cylindrical negative layer of the Chamber, has also been installed unified sunflower bronze figure sculpture stigma. Two lights up and down, along flutter beige LED lights, and the pillars, and at the connection of the cylinder is a green ring of light. Two light Zhaoying sunflower carved above layering is very rich, green leaves, gold Huang Guangze petals.
In Wulin Square station gates, ticket vending machines, bank ATM machine have been installed, congratulations Metro Line 1 opened the trial operation of the posters have also been installed to lightbox.

The bronze sculpture Expo at the end of opening

Reporters learned from the twelfth China (Tongling) bronze sculpture Fair Office, The current bronze sculpture Expo October 31 in Tongling opening will be 20:00 that night, the opening ceremony of the special theatrical performances staged in the Copper Culture Park Plaza,will invite some "good sound" players around the "well-off · happiness Tongling the theme sing the copper sculpture are.

Exposition bronze figure sculpture hometown charm copper "as the theme, the main activities include the third Tongdu Cup Copper Arts Design Competition awards ceremony, the opening ceremony of the special theatrical performances, Investment and Trade Fair and the Taiwan Investment Environment will be the second session of China (Tongling) international bronze art exhibition, copper-based new materials industry development forum, international friendship cities special exchange activities and treasure hunting walked Tongling.

It is understood that the exposition will highlight the features of the four aspects, namely: to highlight the "public holiday", prepared a rich cultural feast for the general public; the prominent bronze cultural characteristics, planning a series of exhibition activities, highlighting the elegance of bronze animal sculpture; prominent Tongling characteristics of the industry, organized by the copper-based new materials industry development forum, experts and scholars in the field of new copper-based materials research, advanced enterprise on behalf of the domestic copper-based new materials industry will gather in Tongling to jointly explore copper-based new materials industry development direction; prominent open-minded city character, Expo activities will be carried out during the international friendly city special exchange.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The sculpture to respect people aesthetic

Yesterday, the famous contemporary sculptor Professor Wu Weishan Provincial Art Museum, the new museum, for the general public to do a seminar on the sculpture's soul ". He talk about the creation and appreciation art of sculpture, ancient and modern examples of outstanding works and trenchant analysis of the problems of contemporary urban sculpture.

As an internationally renowned sculptor Wu Weishan often asked "domestic sculpture and foreign sculpture which one is better", "I can not give a definitive answer," he said, "Art is no absolute standards, the existing space is not the same, different aesthetic, we have to respect that difference. "
Sculpture of China since ancient times, there is a very good, from the ancient image of the wind, the Shang Dynasty secretive abstract wind, the Qin Dynasty decorative Poses forceful impressionistic style of the Han Dynasty, Buddhism idealized shape Wind Song Dynasty secular human pictorial wind, to the Emperor Mausoleum program exaggeration wind, different styles of each era, and has a distinctive ethnic characteristics. "said Wu Weishan.
"What kind of famous sculpture is a real work of art? Critical look at it there is no soul," Wu Weishan presided over creation of Nanjing big massacre victims compatriots Memorial theme famous sculpture, "ruin and death," "refugees," "innocent people cry" a few pieces of work are no The positive performance of the killings, but people's humiliation, cry, the visitors heart has provoked a strong shock. "Whether it is the Chinese people, or foreigners, including the Japanese, can be seen from the condemnation of the war and call for peace." Said Wu Weishan.

Sculpture by the sea and educational reason, 'carving' subtraction 'plastic' do addition, the raw material into a pure art, education is also minus the bad habits, increase good habits, people become a pure people. "said Wu Weishan, a real work of art, can infect humans with artistic spirit, nurturing people, enhance the people.
Now, all over the competition for building sculpture by the sea, Wu Weishan, "in accordance with the law in terms of art, a ssculpture by the sea needs a period of time the grown up, just like a baby, and urban construction fast, the sculpture demand very , so many shoddy works prevalent these artistic, emotional works, it is impossible into the hearts of the people go. "
Some urban sculpture gorgeous, made it difficult for the public to accept, such as the nude buddha statue. Wu Weishan that this is not the aesthetic taste of ordinary people is not high, but the sculpture blindly follow the trend, not taking into account the acceptance habits of the Chinese people. Wu Weishan analysis: "Although the Chinese ancient traditional for God, Buddha statue, but not human statues the foreign Plato, Aristotle and other celebrities there statue, Chinese habits through the performance of the natural landscape to express the human the spirit of the Western spirit of the people and projects directly to the human body. therefore, art, must be the performance of any one country, region meets aesthetic habits of local people. "
Is Wu Weishan most anxiety now the many cities existing outstanding Chengdiao and no good protection. For example, he said, the history of sculpture in China has left a rich historical heritage, but it is often overlooked, city managers and let them slowly disappear under the sun and rain. Many of his sculptures scattered in some cities, however, he found that Wang Xizhi like around filled with trash, let the the transitory man of this Xianqi book holy stink to high heaven, and the hands of Li Bai more than a light bulb, as if the poem The cents singing karaoke OK. He called their construction antique shoddy Chengdiao, better protect the existing outstanding urban sculpture.

First Chinese wood carving stone carving artist announced

First Chinese wood carving, stone carving artists, artists certification Assembly held recently in Dongyang, Wenzhou Chan Sek Keong, CHAN SHUN TAK 8 wood carving, stone carving artist professional identified at the meeting so honored, the Wenzhou "carved" overall skill levels.
The inaugural Chinese wood carving, stone carving artist contest sponsored by the Chinese Society of Arts and Crafts, and the China Light Industry Federation, in recognition of wood carving, stone carving skills in carving granite forward the tradition, the development of innovation as well as the achievements in academic research, the finalists skill must have more than 20 years of experience, arts and crafts masters at or above the provincial level, conditions have both national show winning entries. Total of 57 people were to vote Chinese wood carving artist, the 49 stone artist honors.

After national experts vote, city Chan Sek Keong, Yemeng Chun Wu Yao-hui, Mu Xiangbo, Cheung Wai Shing successful promotion of Chinese wood carving artist, Lam Kam Star, Pan tin deposit, CHAN SHUN TAK was named master of Chinese stone carving sculpture by the sea. Said the person, the city is deep Baigong Township heritage, especially focus on doing Ou kiln, Ou plastic and stone carving, wood carving two Ou two carved articles the eight masters collective promotion impetus to the subsequent succession and development process .
"The vote finer professional more targeted, is the recognized authority in the industry." Said 43-year-old Mouxiang Bo, this honor will encourage the young creators of confidence in our city. "Good level of Wenzhou stone carving, but the visibility was not match with this honor is the affirmation of stone carving skills of Wenzhou." CHAN SHUN TAK introduced, 10 were rated as stone carving "national master" in Zhejiang Wenzhou accounted for three seats and ranked before, Wenzhou the stone carvings reputation is improving.
In addition, the city Chen into a bucket, Zheng Songjiang won the first in the selection of Chinese wood carving artist title, Ye Xiaopeng First China Youth woodcarving artist honors.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Discard the stainless steel sculpture


As urban stainless steel sculpture from the "Flying Goddess" stands in the streets of Urumqi, is transported to the deadpan lying on the truck body full of stainless steel sculptures, bright color.; Said from the first day of the relevant departments, to last relevant departments quietly dismantle, before and after But Shi Yuri.
Most of us have not seen "Flying Goddess" deity, perhaps immersive, in order to really appreciate the local officials said the kind of body full. However, it is also only the local residents of Urumqi most say. However, similar to the "Flying Goddess" urban stainless steel sculpture for each of us is familiar with. Most people have such around the stainless steel sculpture, a huge amount of their body, or showing a distorted geometry, wrapped in stainless steel, stands in the Town Plaza, and high-rise buildings Yu, and even often also become the local coordinates of the center of the city, as a city card printed posters. These stainless steel sculptures are each of us have witnessed. They left us the impression no different with the "Flying Goddess.
The empty, dull, stereotyped common features of these stainless steel sculptures. Before long, we are often surprised at why there is such a discrepancy between the apparent urban stainless steel sculpture construction with its own aesthetic. Urban stainless steel sculpture as part of the city, is mainly used for decoration and beautification of the city, and to some extent even the symbol of the city. Therefore, the establishment is very serious and cautious, usually by administrative departments such as the city government ordered its subordinate organization on art or stainless steel sculpture is responsible for planning, implementing, specially invited by bidding or creative team to complete.

Urban stone sculpture in the country and not traditional, but the 19th century, the exotic. Almost everyone had so naive as to think that the with changing aesthetic orientation of those in charge of the matter of the decision-makers, such urban stainless steel sculpture to become ordinary members of the public to be able to appreciate and accept. But in fact, this is not a simple aesthetic level. In accordance with the general urban stainless steel sculpture design process, you need to go through the design, mud draft, reproduce, on-site installation, garden supporting the construction process. Kampf and the larger the volume multiplied looking through also brings to the doubling of production costs. In general, more than four meters stainless steel sculpture, its production structures already is not a small project. Compared to the realistic style of figurative stainless steel sculpture, modernist style stainless steel sculpture of geometric modeling based production process is quite different. General processing plant can easily turn the system a geometric stone sculpture originals final product as long as simple welding, polishing to complete. Both production costs starker, but because of the particularity of the stainless steel sculpture industry, if not the professionals, the general government budget, audit departments is difficult to see the cost difference between stainless steel sculpture volume amplification Cost multiplied the true magnitude of the increase.

That is why a growing number of urban clay sculpture tend to huge volume, a growing number of lots placed in the geometric shape of the stainless steel sculpture. In fact, urban stainless steel sculpture has formed an invisible industrial chain, people do not survive in this chain who will go to care about the so-called "aesthetic".
We are concerned that the Urumqi's "Flying Goddess" stainless steel sculpture in that it was built in a hurry, rush the demolition. The aesthetic differences become the focus of media attention, and also become reasons demolished by the relevant departments. We puzzled at why the network to denounce the stainless steel sculpture there are only ten days after being quietly dismantled, which seems to prove that the public and decision-makers of the aesthetic differences; more is why so the lack of aesthetic urban stainless steel sculpture openly without serious administrative examination and approval was finally the project. The public supervision afterwards seems to have played a role, however, always feel that what is missing. Although the media reported that parts of the stainless steel sculpture decomposition will be used for other projects, but we are still concerned about the millions of production, the cost of removing exactly who is going to foot the bill?

Bronze sculpture art exhibition


On the morning of February 11, "Central Plains Wind · bronze sculpture art exhibition opening in the Henan Museum, the creation of 45 148 (group) cast copper sculptures participated in the exhibition. The exhibition is organized by the Henan Museum and the Artists Association of Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, New SMG Board close ranks organized for the first time since the establishment of the province of New China bronze animal sculpture exhibition.

The exhibition will be at the Henan Museum for 10 days after the month will also be on display in Zhengzhou City, Mass Art. In the meantime, the art collection of bronze figure sculptures and artistic creation seminars and bronze sculptures and tourism product development seminar will be held. According to reports, the broad theme of the exhibition, in the Central Plains Wind "motif, derived relaxing and beautiful; small body mass, suitable desk, shelves furnishings; explore and spans all of the focus on form; works are cast copper process, appropriate collection.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Explain stainless steel sculpture


The manifestations of the stainless steel sculpture is generally divided into two types: stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture and relief sculpture of stainless steel.
A stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture
The so-called hammered stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture refers to the appreciation of uncompressed multi-faceted, multi-angle 3D three-dimensional sculpture. Practices with a variety of forms, and the realism of the decorative concrete and abstract, indoor and outdoor, shelves with large Chengdiao, coloring and non-coloring, etc.; sculpture content and subject matter is colorful figures, animals, and even still life; material is colorful, stone, wood, metal, clay, textiles, paper, plant, rubber and so on.
    Stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture as a sculpture of one of the modeling approach, the range of applications is very wide, is the most common form of a sculpture of the people, the book will highlight the techniques of sculpture portrait sculpture in the round.
, Stainless steel relief sculpture
The so-called stainless steel relief sculpture is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting, compression approach to deal with the object, rely on perspective and other factors to the performance of the three-dimensional space, and only one or both sides to watch. The relief is generally attached to another plane, so in the construction use more the APPLIANCES artifacts can often be seen. Due to the characteristics of the compression, the smaller the space occupied, it is therefore suitable for the decoration of a variety of environments. In recent years, it has accounted for an increasingly important role in urban landscaping. Reliefs and bronze sculpture in the round on the content, form and material and colorful.
There are several forms of the shrine style, high relief, bas-relief, line engraving, openwork style.
China's ancient grotto sculptures can be attributed to the shrine sculpture, depending on the modeling approach can be divided into the realism of the decorative and the abstract;
High relief compression small, big ups and downs, close to sculpture in the round, even half of Yuandiao a form, such a relief chiaroscuro strong, prominent visual effects;
Compresses large bas-relief, undulating, both to maintain the plane of an architectural style, but also has a certain sense of volume and downs sense;
Engraved line is a combination of painting and art of sculpture, which rely on light and shadow to produce light is doing it, and even some subtle downs, giving the feeling of an elegant and subtle;
  Hollow carving is the so-called relief of the bottom plate removed, thereby producing a great variety of negative space, and the contour of the negative space and positive space a mutual conversion rhythm. This approach is used in doors and windows on the railings furniture, some available on both sides of ornamental

The art of sculpture craft techniques


Techniques art of sculpture craft sculpture in the round, half-round sculpture, relief, line engraving, Loudiao.
① Not attached to any Yuandiao, background, fully three-dimensional sculpture techniques suitable for multi-angle viewing.
② half Yuandiao, traditional Chinese stone sculpture craft techniques. Performance to sculpture in the round techniques the works main content and image content and image of other minor relief, intaglio techniques, such as performance and as a substrate, some take the raw material as the substrate.
③ relief sculpture out of a plane convex semi-three-dimensional image of the sculpture techniques. The image of the back of the subsidiary from one direction in the plane, suitable for the appreciation. It occupies more space wide range of applications combine both with sculpture in the round, but also suitable for the production of decorative sculpture. The relief is divided into two kinds of deep relief and bas-relief. Deep relief, also known as the high relief, i.e. from the bit line to the relief image plane from the sculpture relief techniques; compared to the maximum thickness of the surface and physical thickness of more than 2/5 of the bas-relief, also known as thin meaning from Sculpture plane from the bit line to The thickness and the physical thickness of the top surface of the relief image, compared to about less than 1/10 of the relief techniques. Relief is also the traditional techniques of Chinese sculpture made in china craft, which overlap the image to the relief between the highest surface relief underlying the relationship of the upper and lower interspersed with far-reaching and plump advantages suitable for the performance more lively, complex scenes such as landscapes, kiosks Taiwan pavilion, markets. Relations viewpoint and embossed surface relief created cavalier perspective, break time and space in the form of a unique artistic perspective. They are different, but the principle of perspective with the focus of Western art is still reasonable, visually rich and perfect artistic effect. Scatter perspective viewpoint is not centralized, but dispersed into the area of ​​the respective image of the sculpture handicraft become numerous dispersion viewpoint, the formation of the effect of each part of the reliefs are flat as. Broken space-time perspective is completely break the constraints of time and space, in accordance with the needs of creative intent, the composition can be in the time before and after a difference of a few hundred or a few decades, thousands of miles apart in space things are arranged in a screen in.
④ line carving, also known as line engraving. Is Yinxian (called intaglio) and the candle raised as the the casting work sculpture means of modeling techniques. Most of the performance of the decorative pattern.
⑤ Loudiao, also known as the openwork. The base or behind the hollow relief. Relief behind the scenes to see from the front through Loudiao space. The Guangdong Chaozhou woodcarving, Zhejiang Dongyang wood carving, ivory carving, Fujian Shoushan stone carving Qingtian stone carvings are Loudiao reflexes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Animal sculpture artist

Some sculpture garden landscape was sculpture figure, someone animal sculpture? The answer is yes. The end of the 19th century French sculpture artist R. Bugai Ti is such a master for the creation of animals. Unlike his brother designed the famous sports car, when he was a kid, it shows the extraordinary talent of sculpture, and the animals have a different from other people's special attention.
Because I think Bugai Ti nature like animals, his creative period often go to zoo officials are very supportive of him. Bugai Ti is the face of a common practice in the creation of animal sculptures animals directly sculpture. Because this particular creative approach, each time the sculpture Bu Gaiti need to spend a lot of time on the animals concerned, such rapt sculpture prompted Bu Gaiti creation of a large number of fine art of sculpture. If the early 19th century France Barye is a great animal sculpture master, then the Bugai Ti animal sculptures leaders of the late 19th century.
Although Bugai Ti unique road of artistic creation, but his fate but people sighed with regret. Talent in artistic creation, he created a remarkable achievement, and also let him and the object of his creation - the animals get along in harmony, but in real life Bugai Ti was not a good at dealing with people who Bugai Ti exhibition and sale of animal sculptures for a living in a post-war economic recession, the zoo closed various unfavorable circumstances life lost confidence, 32 years old, committed suicide. Bu Gaiti away from us, but many wrought bronze sculpture he created out of the art on the road has also been exhibitions, reproduction. Simple and unique artistic charm far-reaching, and also so that we will always remember the great artists of this with animals forever.

The application of low-carbon eco-friendly materials in the landscape sculpture

The Lake Art of sculpture previously many times and we explore the role of urban sculpture in the construction of urban culture and art. The deep art addition to the sculpture itself with beautiful decorative role, it can also be injected to the city, the urban landscape sculptures decorate the urban environment, an important element to enhance the taste of the city's. For landscape sculpture design as much as possible the use of the material can be recycled environmentally friendly low-carbon future recycling society mainstream trend.
     Low-carbon eco-friendly materials with low cost, less pollution. Sculpture conducive materials, appearance and environment of mutual integration, the formation of an integrated design. In general, low-carbon eco-friendly materials contain natural materials, science and technology materials, secondary use of material categories. More use of natural materials in the indoor sculpture, such as Teng board, straw, simple and natural appearance, and green. Science and technology materials mainly refers to the use of special materials to sculptures made ​​of finished products, such as stainless steel sculpture, weathering steel. These materials generally have some newer ideas, both to highlight the characteristics of the works of modern art, but also enhance the artistic personality. Secondary use of the material mainly refers to some of the waste, such as waste wood, sheet metal, rebar, etc.. Garden Expo held in Xi'an was discarded bicycle parts constructed sculptures, very innovative and attractiveness.
     Low-carbon eco-friendly materials effectively re-build, fully embodies the creation of art and design gurus to bring people thinking and artistic beauty. In the modern urban landscape sculpture process, "green" is a very important indicator. stone sculpture, both artistic creation and direction of a new starting point for the use of a large number of low-carbon eco-friendly materials, sculpture masters degree of social responsibility embodied.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Modern art of sculpture

With the pace of modern civilization and progress, the process of art construction and modernization. With the rapid art construction, a large number art of sculpture in our lives. Sculptures in the cities and the process of civilization, the modern art sculpture can be roughly divided into the following four categories: landscape garden sculpture - a sculpture outdoor sculpture in the form of distribution in the Scenic and garden area, with which the surroundings. Both landscaping and heritage culture; art theme sculpture - most of this sculpture is located in the city's main landmark, street, business district. From the main showcase the city of history, culture and modern civilization; the campus sculpture - this sculpture exists in the form of indoor and outdoor stone sculpture on campus, and generally contains a certain amount of encouragement, memorable, with the integration of campus culture and history, the role of teachers and students from the initiative a calling; Engineering sculpture - most of this sculpture in the form of outdoor bronze sculpture in the vicinity of a range of important projects, from the memorable but also and, according to the special engineering industry with some warning.

The difference between Chinese and Western sculpture

The difference between Western sculpture needs to be analyzed from several aspects, First, they have essentially the difference between the public in Western stone sculpture practitioners known as sculptor, with painters, artists looked the same in a group is called in Chinese sculpture practitioners artisans, their low social status, only to be called ordinary practitioners, even unskilled workers. Along with the inflow of Western sculpture, these sculptures practitioners was accepted, the sculpture is listed as an important part of the fine arts, the the Chinese sculptors status was only upgrade, only increase the public recognition of the sculptor. This is one of the reasons why Western sculpture and casting bronze sculpture What is the difference between. Second, from a practical level in terms of, in modern times, although Chinese sculpture artisans with Western sculptor in the creation of formal are very similar, but differ materially from both social responsibility. , Sculpture in China is still one of the traditional division of labor, its primary responsibility for the statue of temple architecture, stone architectural sculpture. On the one hand, they do not have the free space of the independent creation; On the other hand, from the performance of objects, works in which the space in terms of their work lacks the ability to intervene in social reality. Be able to help in the West, the creation of the sculpture in the "studio" free works to express their observations on the social work force in no way weaker than contemporaries. Accept the parties set pieces, the profit of western art of sculpture, works enter the public space of modern society, such as square, street, park, their works will naturally aroused public concern. This is Western sculpture and sculpture What is the difference between another reason.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sotheby outdoor sculpture exhibition organized the Bodhisattva multi Bin David

Sotheby's will be the period from October 23 to January 31 next year, the internationally renowned sculptor the Sa more than · Bin (Zadok Ben-David), David outdoor sculpture exhibition was held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens (Singapore Botanic Gardens). This is Sotheby's sale of outdoor sculpture exhibition held in Asia for the first time will be when the 17 masterpiece from the Bodhisattva multi Bin David handwriting will be on display in the Botanical Garden, a vast and beautiful outdoor space.
In September this year, the famous sculpture exhibition of works in Ukraine Mysteskyi Arsenal Museum Sa multi Bin David "The Grand Sculpture Salon" exhibition; nature as inspiration for the exhibition, the artist created a series of humanoid patterns, flowers, plants and butterflies as the theme of the sculpture, challenges the viewer to size ratio and the reality of both cognitive and distant echoes its more than one of the most influential sculpture series theme. Exhibition of 17 works, of which 12 are new creation, each art of sculpture exhibition location also carefully consider, designed to reflect and enhance the landscape of the Botanic Gardens. The exhibition is organized by the Singapore Tourism Board and the National Parks Board support, the Sarasin Bank as the main sponsor. The exhibition is free and open to the public.
Sa multi Bin David was born in Yemen, had studied at the the Israel the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and London St Martin's School of Art, now lives in London. The relationship between humans and animals and nature, which is the main theme of his work. He was the representative of Israel in 1988 at the Venice Biennale, after exhibitions in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania. In 2007, he held a solo exhibition at the Guangdong Museum of Art, China, the following year was commissioned an important sculptures of the creation of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Urban sculpture should embodies civic awareness

Square, Hubei Xiangyang small North Gate will set up acarving granite statue statue of "Legend of the Condor couple is expected to be completed by the end of August. According to official reports, the statue of Guo Jing and Huang Rong total cost of $ 100 million, "Eagle Shooting Heroes" in "Xiangyang Wars" as the prototype, trying to show the cultural charm. In this regard, users mixed It was felt that the statue is a tourist card, the spirit symbol; opponents said that the cultural image should be in line with historical facts.
Urban sculpture because of their different from the general public works of art of sculpture, to a certain extent, it should reflect the city's unique spiritual and cultural connotations. Construction of sculpture, understandable, can be built sculptures will meet the aspirations of the public, is also debatable. After all, a $ 100 million, hundreds sculpture did not seek the views of the public wanted to be launched, will inevitably feel that this is at the expense of the public opinion of local government enhance the city well-known one-sided performance impulse.
In fact, is to read historical is not difficult to find, in addition to the recorded "Song loyalty Biography, historical prototype problem there about Guo Jing Guo Baoyu Guo Kan saying. However, these scattered debris, we also very difficult to find Guo Jing guarding the the Xiangyang City's historical. Therefore, from this point of view, "receptive to public opinion, for the time being set aside" far more important to shaping a controversial statue enormous amounts of money.
Even though Guo Jing Huang Rong involved in fighting guardian of Xiangyang City, but if we just recorded in the time to fight the credit of two people who fall into the worship of the history of heroism? However, according to history, but we found that mediocre officers image cowardly "Eagle Shooting Heroes" shape Lu Wen Culling is an "ambush MENG Jun, even successes seventh and final patriotic generals killed in action in order to defend Xiangyang. Well, we therefore need to rebuild a stone egg sculpture it?
Should Guo Jing and Huang Rong sculpture discussions, some commentators always take the the mermaid myths prototype sculpture inference matter, in fact, as long as the foreign sculpture course, it is easy to see, by the artist and established to the efforts of local residents and foreign sculpture from the beginning, there is no lack of respect for the respect of the public opinion. For example, the world-famous Belgian carved pee child "even spontaneously in 1619 by the Brussels public advocate to shape, rather than government coercion.
The fundamental properties of urban sculpture should be reflected in the public aesthetic and artistic aesthetic value, but the current lack of citizen participation in construction planning conditions, the kind of government will "enhance the visibility of Xiangyang" as a means of development, and any Executive consciousness "imposed on promoting the construction of behavior can only be said to be a departure from the development of the cultural characteristics of the city. Let alone even practice at the waste of public money On the kind of blind construction.
Why urban sculpture building approval must be "rational planning" system processes will enhance the binding. Not only that, Sculpture purpose should reflect the needs and emotions of the public's aesthetic qualities, a high degree of unity of artistic, thoughtful, to return to the standard of artistic city sculpture.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Amazing ~ Scrap keyboard Butterfly animal artwork


Called Hedonismy Trojaner Trojan art of sculpture overseas artists the Babis inspired burst under the keyboard we used scrap dismantling, and then bonded together with resin. To convey such a message: we are so dependent on the Internet, but nature can also rely on it?

National Day holiday highway turned garbage dump, is it also a "demand charges" can solve it? Love life, riding in the green field.

Participating sculptor Liu Fan

September 24, the first portable works to Xiamen entries sculptor, stay Debo Shi Liu Fan in the Xiamen sea with the fishermen, mood for yourself participating art of sculpture. Temporary accommodation interview, his long sigh said, the themes and content of the on-site experience and works exactly.

"I was very young, you know there is a beautiful city called Xiamen, Xiamen Island music called Gulangyu, I dreamed of one day to take a look at ten a few days ago, I learned that in the electronic version of Xiamen Daily Xiamen will be held in the 'sea · Music' sculpture competition, I have a responsibility under an obligation to point contribution to the development and revitalization of our public environment career as a professional sculptor, I also have the confidence to allow their works stands in Xiamen. "said Liu Fan .
In the interview, the reporter admire Liu Fan entries.
"The memory of the sea" half the wheel of history recorded sea voyage, half the time "helm" carries "the sun and the moon bright; half of the sun, that mid-hard man to catch the sea, he is the son of the sea, half moon, is the mother of that broad-minded broad, she is the sea ...... wave is read music, schools of fish jumping notes. For a time, the rudder left sailing epic memory space, rudder recorded song of the sea. The vicissitudes, heavy and there is no lack of flavor of the times to become a prominent feature of this work.
Celebrated piano "is a set of visual, auditory, tactile in a diversified environmental stone sculpture. The special thing is that it is the first time without the aid of technological means, cleverly borrowed the forces of nature works the sounds sculpture. Multiple colors, bold ideas, creating a naive, romantic atmosphere.
"I'm learning in Europe, have a more profound understanding of the formation and development trend of famous sculpture; As a Chinese, I have a better understanding of the national culture, regional culture surpasses foreign sculptors." Said Liu Fan, "Sculpture is my lifestyle, one of the most thorough relaxation whisper belong to their soul. "
Character card
Liu Fan, Jinan, Shandong, China Arts and Crafts Association, sculpture Professional Committee Member. Founded in May 1994 the Shandong Environmental Sculpture and Design Institute, dean. His Chengdiao works "rest ballerina", "sea breeze settled in Dalian.
In 2000, he went to Germany for postgraduate sculpture. In early 2002, he was commissioned by the Central Propaganda Department and the relevant departments, donate to commemorate Sino-German thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the completion of its creation by the German government and the Confucius sculpture made in china; another year of a work settled in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marilyn Monroe sculpture of this function

Marilyn Monroe sculpture unveiled in Chicago's Michigan Avenue, this huge sculpture stands near a subway station in Chicago. sculpture of Marilyn Monroe's classic shape, with the completion of the stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, about 8 meters high and weighs 15 tons. The sculpture attracted numerous onlookers, they want to see the end of spring of Marilyn Monroe's skirt.

The sudden burst of heavy rain, the sky began to the onlookers have hiding under the skirt of Marilyn Monroe bronze sculpture.
Some of you have attended the wedding party of men, have picked up their own iphone phone, standing in Monroe's skirt bottom, crazy shooting. Even more people will climb the Monroe thigh want hands to touch that longing for the place.

British huge bronze sculpture caused controversy

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 8, in the 7th, Devon Ilfracombe home city, a coastal resort ushered in a 65-foot (about 20 meters), weighs 25 tons nakedpregnant women bronze sculpture. The sculpture once introduced here has aroused people's hot, sculpture lovers evaluation it is the modern symbol of truth and justice ", and many members of the public believes that it is" obscene and disgusting "things.

This huge sculpture comes from the hands of British artist Damien Hirst (Damien Hirst), called "Weili Di (Verity), was built in 1998 in Australia's northeast Island. Pregnant women naked sculpture, hand-held two-edged sword, the upper side of the skin is peeled off, exposing her skull, muscular lines and her unborn child. It is the unique shape of the sculpture has aroused heated debate.
Many people criticized her naked body, think it is demeaning to women, is a strange art, some even wrote to the court that it may encourage teenage pregnancy, and some local officials that the sculpture will stimulate local the tourism industry, and to enhance the city's image.
It is reported that this bronze figure sculpture by more than 40 parts, assemble the sculpture needs more than a week's time. The next 20 years, it will always stay in the town.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Copy foreign sculpture significant urban art crisis

It is a on city sculpture mind collision. Afternoon, more than 20 Chinese and foreign famous sculpture master Hangzhou Municipal Government invited to meet the West Lake, boating on the lake, to discuss the topic of the sculpture and urban art quality and make plans for the future sculpture in Hangzhou and the West Lake. The Australian Sculpture Society RogleMcFarlane, the famous Italian sculptor Dionisio Cimarelli, Sculpture Society, chairman of China Taiwan Yangfeng Chen, honorary director of the Professional Committee of China Urban Arts and Crafts Society sculpture famous sculptor Qian Shaowu, deputy director of China Academy of Fine Arts Li Xiuqin such as brainstorming .
Living in Shanghai for many years, said Dionisio Cimarelli urban sculpture must be combined with the local culture and beautiful scenery, cultural heritage, urban atmosphere coordination. Sculpture avoid replication, some cities in China to copy the sculpture in Italy, Canada and other countries to their own city, both artists do not respect his country, but also shows a city's artistic crisis.
The famous sculptor of 82-year-old Qian Shaowu took Dionisio Cimarelli topic. He said that the Chinese some large sculpture workers of the reason why to copy foreign sculpture to China's cities, because they know very little about the city, and city mayors eager money to engage in sculpture. The worst thing is that some leaders do not understand art, those reproductions as fresh artwork. Qian Shaowu city of Zhejiang, some provisions in the planning of urban public art investment proportion of this approach is very much appreciated. In his view, such a system is to improve the assurance of urban artistic taste.
From China Taiwan, Mr. Yang Fengchen that, all good sculpture must come from nature, reading days reading ground to some perception. The rich cultural heritage of West Lake in Hangzhou with a sculpture of the potential need to sculptor to dig. The Xihu sculpture must be fine, gas, God have iconic Ningquewulan.

Changchun Sculpture Exhibition

Learned from the Changchun municipal government related conference the Eleventh China Changchun International bronze sculpture Invitational Exhibition and the First Changchun International Automotive Park Invitational Exhibition of car culture and the arts, will be held August 18 to September 29 in Changchun Automobile Industry Development Zone in Changchuninternational Auto Park.
Invitational Exhibition of works around the car culture theme, collection of 24 works in the country. World automotive history rut "length 80 meters, 7 meters wide, has been produced and installed in the car park on the central axis. Other works set up at the two entrances of the Park East, West, the "car Sonata" and "car show wall", September 15, 24 works will be installed to complete. In addition, 29 foreign sculptors the live production Sculpture, 31 finished casting bronze statue will be permanently placed in the park.
September 29 this year, this invitation the exhibition unveiling ceremony of the Changchun International Automotive Park, the opening ceremony will be held, 55 vehicles cultural elements of bear statue will be placed in the car park.
Changchun International Automotive Park north boulevard, south propionate eleven west beltway road east from the Fourth Ring Road (West Lake Parkway), covers an area of 1.05 square kilometers.

40-ton boulder large sculpture

Large sculpture field of over 10 thousand square meters, dozens of meters in diameter large fan ...... yesterday, the Eleventh China Changchun International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition and the first invitation of the Changchun International Automobile Culture and Arts Expand chisel ceremony in Changchun Mayor the Cui Jie announced, officially opened the curtain.
29 foreign sculptors the live production Sculpture, exhibition unveiling the current invitation to September 29, together with the other collected the works, the 55 car culture elements sculpture is placed in the car park.
Changchun International Automobile corner of the park, sculpture venue ready for the sculptor is especially eye-catching.
The sculpture field is a Koupeng large venues, concrete floor, a few meters high lift frame, reinforced Ceiling inferior to its size better than standard football field, a full over 10,000 m2.
It is understood that during the current Invitational Exhibition, will have 29 foreign sculptors scene to make sculptures, finished sculpture will be permanently placed in the park.
Six large stone sculpture OTC already ready. According to reports, the Invitational Exhibition, sculptures selection is divided into three types: stone, bronze sculpture, iron. Among them, the stone including granite, sunset red marble, white marble, the color red, gray points. Farthest Road, from Shandong Province, the largest a 40-ton boulder. In addition, there are 19 cast copper soldering iron materials.
Yesterday afternoon, the approach sculptor began to study the creation of the program, the author of "tattoo car has begun to outline from the pattern to the stone.
From today onwards, the newspaper will regularly show your the upcoming creative works of sculptors.
Sneak Peek
"Garden car"
Creativity: Garden automotive sculpture aim to convey the car toward the development of a green direction. Meanwhile, the base structure of the sculpture garden bed is a car.
This group of pictures our reporter Zhang Pengfei photo
"Natural movement"
Creativity: This sculpture is composed of two parallel car-shaped outline, hollow. Four different birds, a symbol of the four games, used to connect both sides of the car contour. All the elements together, wheels, car contours and bird symbolizes natural development and toward heaven and endless freedom to fly.

Foreign sculptors re-interpretation of the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors

The interpretation of most China's terracotta warriors and horses through the foreign sculptors is what one looks like? Today, the "dialogue Terracotta Warriors --- Members of the public can be held at the new Museum of the City Art Museum exhibition of sculptor works nominated for the European Union and China" to see a different answer. The exhibition features 30 stone sculpture, 27 of them in each country of the EU's 27 member states a creation made famous sculptor seen the Terracotta Warriors. These works is shipped from the EU countries to China, and has exhibited in Xi'an, Harbin, the third leg came to Suzhou, called the City Art Museum opened the first world-class sculpture exhibition. It is understood that the exhibition is to end on May 30.
Yesterday after the exhibit completed, the reporter in advance came on the scene to watch, discovered the works of diverse materials, bronze sculpture, iron and steel, glass. Some works, looks very weird, some beautiful. Burst of inspiration from the European Master Sculptor is rather abstract, only to see the work itself seems to be hard with the terracotta warriors and horses, and the staff explained that the European artists with different artistic language performance they are different from the art of ancient China "Terracotta Warriors" understanding and feelings, and thus rise to new creation. "You could say that the works in this exhibition have a common name is" Untitled ", because these artists do not think that there is a need to default, you can communicate directly with the audience through the work itself."
In these masters, the two claim to be the Suzhou "regular customers", the famous Belgian master sculptor Felix Foothill, 2009 in Subotica through personal exhibition of bronze figure sculpture and architecture, caused a sensation. This works similar kneeling figurines he brought a unique welding technology. Greek sculptor George Costis, and was recently carried out in the museum, his work "Untitled" is a red and black combination of terracotta warriors and horses, he said the black represents the calm appearance of terracotta warriors and horses, but they have a passion red soul ; the Spanish sculptor Guerrero works created by the "home" is the image of a body covered with patches soldiers, only half of the war veterans returning shield sunset expression, but in order to defend the country, to go home, he still insisted ... ...
The sculpture is not only the artist can appreciate general audience is equally able to interpret these works. Art Museum official said, "The biggest feature of the contemporary art viewers to think, to feel." Interested citizens, and give it a look.

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