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The type of modern urban sculpture

Memorial, the resort, the mausoleum, bridges, traffic arteries, as well as shopping malls, hotels and other public places in the indoor and outdoor sculpture in the city as well as outside the city large indoor and outdoor sculptures belong to the urban sculpture can also be called "public sculpture. In countries such as Japan and the United States, also called landscape sculpture, environmental sculpture.The urban landscape sculpture from the other side reflects a region's economic development, and cultural development. Around the world's commercial district, business district, residents of the community, tourist scenic areas, airports, docks, etc., various sculptures landscape regulate the atmosphere of architectural space. In addition to a certain number of large-scale commemorative sculpture, more small and medium-sized urban sculpture, are located in various parts of the city, the landscape has some memorable part of the sculpture, but the majority of the sculpture landscape is charming creation. In all its aspects, they reflect the spirit of the city's cultural world.1.
Monumental urban sculptureThe commemorative sculpture landscape is the backbone of the landscape of urban sculpture and representatives countries degrees, and an integral part of each era historical incarnation and embodied. They recognize and Acura with those who make a significant contribution and performance figures in the history of the country and the nation, inscribed and commemorate those who have a significant impact in the history of the event.Connotation, the expression of the concepts and ideas of the ruling class, permeated with the flavor of the times and pulse. They tend to occupy an important position, such as the city in the main plaza, prepared to commemorate the object. But there is enough space to commemorate public events.2. Thematic urban landscape sculptureThe subjectivity of urban sculpture reflects the historical trend of the times, the ideals and aspirations of the people. They tend to vivid language, symbolic and moral approach reveals the theme of a specific environment and buildings.They also have a very rich ideological content, large volume, but also need to occupy a prominent or dominant position in the environment space, the role of the command of and focus.Such as the the Hengdian Red Army Expo City is by far the country's largest, the Red Army's Long March-the theme of large integrated landscape. The total investment of several hundred million dollars, the total area of ​​nearly mu. Red Army Exhibition City, a theme park by the Red Army, the National Defense Science and Technology Education Park, the three major components of the militia (teenagers) military training base.Long March theme park built bloody Xiangjiang breakthrough in Wujiang the Siduchishui, Zunyi Conference, clever crossing Jinsha, force a crossing the Dadu River, flying more than 40 wins the Luding Bridge as well as during the Long March snow-capped mountains, grasslands, and other important meetings reflect the long march major events and major battles attractions.
Thematic sculpture landscape design using the most classic.Hengdian Red Army Exhibition City, has been named the National Youth national defense education base for national defense propaganda and education base and adolescents patriotism education bases.3 decorative urban landscape sculptureThe urban sculpture accounted for most of the decorative works. This kind of work is not deliberately request specific themes and content, play main effect of the decoration and landscaping.City of decorative sculpture, the subject content can be widely conceived mood lively style can be freely varied. Their scale big or small, most of them belonging to the environment and building, embellishment and bright spot in the overall environment.Fun sculpture landscape design cleverly used in a variety of environments, gives a wonderful feeling. These amusing sculpture, landscape design, and environmental blend subtly, to sculpture in the form of a countless reverie. But also to some of this does not have the environment to a new, higher art culture of fun and cultural connotations. Fun sculpture landscape design often be applied in the tourism development process, often unique sculpture works of landscape design to the tourism environment adds bright color and cultural connotations.
4 iconic urban sculptureIconic city sculpture played a descriptive function, erecting a sign of the image, and some subtle vivid, meaningful, inspiring, beautiful image, an important part of the sharp and easy to understand, tastes, and become urban landscape.Brussels logo sculpture "pee boy is small inconspicuous sculpture, if not guided guidelines, a foreign person to find it really difficult, but its fame is great, If you do not see it it does not seem to have been to Brussels. The reason behind this sculpture pee on the children saved the story of the people of the whole city. Tells the story of the origins of the city of Rome. Thus "pee boy" became a symbol of the Brussels.5 urban sculpture exhibition furnishingsThe outdoor layout sculpture with the requirements of the principle of the general urban sculpture. But as the arrangement of the various sculptures as exhibition furnishings up to the public to the viewer a variety of excellent sculptures. While others had all the works of an author, around a topic, after a strict overall design.6. Practical functional urban sculptureSince the mid-20th century, there has been the construction of some of the sculptures. International Exposition in Brussels, Belgium Atomium restaurant like patches of white sails of the Sydney Opera House is like an open lotus India Bahe Yi Lotus church, enlarged a million times the iron molecule model ....... float into a common design until the European and American street kiosks and bookstall, can be said to be an extension of the kind of sculpture, architecture and development.7 large art sculpture based complexIn the history of human civilization, the ancient artists have several very experience of the use, including architecture, landscape, sculpture, painting, literature and other forms of human environment space to convey a more rich ideological content, showing a more intense artistic charm.


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