Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sculpture Inspection urban civilization demeanor

Sculpture generally built in outdoor sculpture and Square is a large atrium widely congregation's cultural image, closest to the public, is urban culture most directly, the highest concentration of the carrier in the form, the sculpture on behalf of cities and cultural image, reflecting the characteristics of the times of sculpture works, in the end how to to care for , maintenance, this is a test of the demeanor of urban civilization.

Urban culture of popular art form, requires the public to work together to maintain. The protection and maintenance of the sculpture, which involves the scope of the management of urban public culture, but also is a city public and cultural qualities and civilized demeanor weathervane, regardless of how the sculpture modeling themes how to, what material, and regardless of sculpture standing in the place, which kinds of urban culture, art style, the whole society to care for and love.

Shanghai Urban Sculpture Construction management approach provides urban sculpture maintenance, maintenance of the localization of management. But due to maintenance units and departments involve landscaping, river, streets, formed practice bull management, as well as sculpture is built regardless of separation, or construction management, lead management and maintenance is unclear, and even long-term unmanned manage the situation, it is the phenomenon will not be tolerated and urban civilization and cultural construction.

To establish awareness of urban sculpture protection is everyone's responsibility, but also adhere to the pursuit of management according to law, to be able to ensure that the Shanghai city street sculpture, there is a long-term protection and maintenance mechanisms.

This involves two aspects, on the one hand, the need for government legal and regulatory constraints, fortunately, Changning District, this year has already begun to explore the process of the street sculpture construction management operation, day-to-day management of the street sculpture to confirm specific sectors and their respective responsibilities, to implement concrete maintenance funds, problems that may arise, but also to make the accountability provisions, clearly public green sculpture maintenance units to perform routine cleaning maintenance and periodic maintenance to prevent acid rain and other natural factors causing metal corrosion, paint faded and emergencies destruction, so from the level of the mechanisms and regulations to protect the day-to-day maintenance and overhaul of urban sculpture will not fall through, and also be able to promote the the old street sculpture renewed vitality and charisma.

Public also need to vigorously promote the meaning and cultural connotation of urban sculpture, clear civilized wonderful home, need the atmosphere of culture and the arts and decorate the urban sculpture jointly care for the Prevention of Cruelty to require public people, never allow corrupted and destruction of human.

Prior to the establishment of the new city city sculpture, it is necessary to expand the range of comments, to seek the views of residents as much as possible, to allow residents to participate in the entire process, so the sculpture is completed, there will be more people consciously form a protective awareness treasure doorstep sculpture, and more willing to get close and take good care of street sculpture, the formation of conscious awareness of conservation, street sculpture as the city indispensable cultural markers, among the most prominent in the community street art, to dress up their homes environment full of human color, richer taste of culture and the arts, Aye was damaged sculpture, naturally, to stop and discourage cultural consciousness in order to advance an international cultural metropolis public should training in the protection of the Prevention of Cruelty to sculpture created public conscious civilization demeanor.


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