Friday, September 21, 2012

The garden sculpture inspections thinking

Changchun Sculpture Park the theme sculpture series - "Asia", "Europe", "Africa", "Oceania", "America." Wang Keqing Cao sChunsheng, Ye Yushan Pan He Cheng Yunxian for garden sculpture in China has existed for centuries. At the end of this time, the sculpture colonial mark Europe offenders upright in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and today, a century later, the sculpture has become a souvenir monument documented the extraordinary renaissance of the Chinese culture. Sculpture, art to the most effective way to record city history and culture, the degree of garden sculpture indirectly chose the character of the city, the moral character of the city and the city's future. The kingdom of Xing city Hing city Hing Chengdiao the Hing, which is the main line of garden sculpture. After documenting cultural recorded history, China's garden sculpture century derivatives and prosperity, mapping the modern urbanization in China from senior to the course of the evolution of the shape Chen scope of the September 21, Changchun City Sculpture Office is busy moving, "moved to the sculpture park, easy the task. "sculptures Office Director Liu Tianfu said. The just-concluded Third World Sculpture Conference has come to an end, was ferrying the order of months artists retreat. The the Sculpture Conference theme is "friendship · war · spring - the sculpture to make the city better. Changchun World Sculpture Conference as the World Sculpture sector range, the highest level, affecting the most far-reaching comprehensive event, known as the sculptor, the Olympic. Eleventh domestic Sculpture Invitational Exhibition of works and the third World Sculpture Conference held in Changchun Since 1997, a total of more than 400 sculptors from 212 countries and regions and their nearly 500 works, witnessed a century of garden sculpture in China Since the actual thinking, marked with Chinese contemporary culture is withering, accommodating posture to face the world. The sculpture is the crystallization of human civilization, art, symbol of the period of the flesh, is the main carrier of the urban culture. The Brussels "pee little boy is a small inconspicuous bromn sculpture, tourists entering the city even with the guided guidance the ability to find, but this did not hinder it became the symbol of the city of Brussels. Egyptian pharaohs, regenerative Festival Island Shiren, African wood carvings, and European classical sculpture, bearing in mind all these ethnic customs, habits and legendary history and culture. The terracotta figure sculpture magnificent battle, Han engraved special trend Tang plastic majestic appearance, the performance of the Chinese nation's smart appearance, tolerance flesh. The art of beginning, sculpture first. "This is more than 80 years ago, Liang Sicheng said a word when Southwest University professor of Chinese sculpture history courses. He visited during the study abroad in the United States, Europe, hang around in the major museums, a long time ago in the Oriental powers looted from our small sculpture anxious, can not bear to leave Hanhen "This is the most ancient and the most important of the arts to more people negligence. "He did not expect that today, with a century sculpture history of China's garden sculpture has become urban renewal, the city had been built, the city plans to major public space art situation.


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