Monday, September 24, 2012

Four important characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture objects is a copper-tin alloy, the strong of hardness, unlike Vatan brick, turbinates ceramic and calligraphy rubbings easily broken, but to facilitate the permanent collection. Furthermore bronze vessels morphology different simple and elegant, accessible lines, other antiques that can not match the.

First, the large number of Chinese bronze sculpture, and variety. What the Chinese have a number of pieces of bronze objects, this is the number who can not statistics. Some statistics, only in terms of inscriptions on bronze objects from the Han Dynasty to the present day, unearthed amounted to more than ten thousand. With no inscriptions on casting bronze sculpture, their number can be imagined. Because of the large number of, extremely rich varieties of Chinese bronze sculpture, not only the wine vessels, water, food, weapons, ritual vessels, as well as traveling, farm implements, tools and all kinds of life and other appliances one should be artifacts. Bronze utensils dynamic, vivid, colorful, dizzying. The large number of varieties Fan the Chinese bronze sculpture undoubtedly increase the difficulty of identification, which is one of the characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture.

Second, the geographical distribution of Chinese bronze sculpture wide and high quality. The Chinese bronze sculpture unearthed more concentrated areas of the Central Plains, but its distribution far beyond the scope of the Central Plains region, northeast, northwest, Sichuan, Lingnan even Tibet and the East China Sea fishing on the island are found bronze sculpture. These bronze sculpture is dynamic, vivid, beautifully different styles, showing a different art style. China's Zhou Dynasty bronze, producing exquisite Rose exclusive shape pattern free, rich and beautiful and elegant boutique too numerous to mention, such as Simuwu Fangding the Tiger cannibalism wine container double sheep statue, large Ke Ding, Maogong Ding Lin Crane The side pot, Hutch sword, Gou Jian long letter lanterns inlay turquoise lying deer class bronze chariots, casting delicate Shocking artistic appeal, of course, by domestic and foreign collectors favorite. Other types of bronze objects, casting depending on the hardness requirements, accurate proportion of the copper-tin, so that vessels of good quality foreign bronze sculpture cast products unmatched.

Third artifacts inscriptions can be said is the biggest feature of Chinese bronze sculpture. Around the world vast majority of ancient bronze inscriptions, only a small amount of India unearthed bronze sculpture cast a short inscription. Chinese ancient bronze sculpture the inscriptions unearthed only a million pieces, and a lot of the Clerical lengthy masterwork Maogong Ding inscription of up to 497 words. These inscriptions font, or rough put up or vigorous and effective, have high high calligraphy appreciate the value. These inscriptions are also the most difficult to grasp in the identification of a ring.

Fourth, container-based Chinese bronze figure sculpture also unique in the world bronze culture. Worldwide, from the Indus Valley to the Balkans, from Minoan to the Mycenaean civilization, the bronze masterpiece most weapons, such as Ge, spears, knives, arrows, swords, halberds, arrowheads, and China is the main casting difficult, complex ornamentation container. These containers, You Qiding is for the national heavy. Its meaning deep, rich content, together with political entanglement mystique always connoisseur and collector are interested. In addition, the European bronze culture representatives weapons Chinese bronze figure sculpture culture container, which is not a former aggressive, while the latter is content with the conservative unknown, if interested, Iden can study.

The four characteristics of Chinese bronze sculpture, is the Iden should understand the basic common sense.


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