Friday, September 21, 2012

Processing stainless steel sculpture of common sense

Introduction to stainless steel sculpture materials
Stainless steel sculpture scientific name of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is based on glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing material,
The synthetic resin as a matrix material of a composite material. The concept of the composite material means a material can not meet the requirements, the need by the two or more materials are combined together, form another material, i.e., a composite material can meet the requirements of people. For example, a single kind of glass fibers, although the strength is high, but between the fibers are loose, can only withstand tension, can not be subjected to bending, shear and compressive stress, but also difficult made ​​of a fixed geometrical shape, is soft body. If a synthetic resin to bond them together, can be made into a variety of hard products having a fixed shape, both the tensile stress, but also subjected to bending, compression and shear stresses. This composition of the glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials. Equivalent to steel because of its strength, and containing a glass component, and also having a glass such as color, shape, resistance to corrosion, electrical insulation, heat insulation properties, as glass, formed in the history accessibly name "Fiberglass" , the term is the former the International hair comrades of the State Building Materials Industry Minister Lai in 1958, extended to the country by building materials systems, are also commonly used.
Thus, the meaning of the hammered stainless steel sculpture glass fiber reinforced materials, synthetic resin binder reinforced plastic and abroad, said glass fiber reinforced plastic.
With the development of the cause of China's fiberglass, plastic-reinforced materials, from glass fiber expanded to carbon fibers, boron fibers, aramid fibers, alumina fibers, silicon carbide fibers, no doubt, these new fibers reinforced plastics some high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials, to and then fiberglass commonly known, can not be summed up.
Taking into account the history of the origin and development, usually using stainless steel sculpture composite materials, such a name on the more comprehensive


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