Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The public sculpture environments ceramic material

The emergence of ceramic materials in the public sculpture environment is to establish in the public consciousness in the form of an extension of the increasingly diverse material and the material itself .
Ceramic sculpture into the modern art galleries and quietly become an integral part of the form there, it shambling gait. Ceramics is one of the few art forms there is no discontinuity in the development of cultural phenomena, it uninterrupted mainly to itself carries too deep cultural connotation of historical mission. China five thousand years, since there are human beings began his historic mission will naturally prominent presentation of every age, in every period of history and it is inextricably blood associated, it recorded a flash point in the history recorded history's most humiliating face, burdened with the replacement of dynasties, bear the ancient cultural change brought the regeneration and transformation, and for different cultural context as one era to make the brilliant plays heavy foundation and contribution.
In ancient China, the emergence of various materials is first established in the religious sense, it establish monarch the Emperor seek stupefying for purpose, corresponding derived as religion increasingly powerful art sculpture form, it has a strong religious color, this strong colors the night of maintaining their dominance of the imperial power, no matter when their religious and political interests from the public consciousness in the form of public art is passed to each person, and this public art form happens to be political thinking of extending rights, religious thought, because of the political and religious ideology is metaphysical art form is just stupefying 'exercise of physical tools, ritual, monuments like these art forms like thunder chu in the heavens and the earth, then, in fact, this understanding is not quite sure that it is inherited ritual political, monuments, like a garden-style, Western classical diversion Evolution after gradually mature. The increasingly independent grow, has evolved to become an independent discipline to study far.
The development of the ceramic, has been formed in the long history of its simplicity, the breadth of the art form, prepared a cultural phenomenon, are more familiar with the art form of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Han figurines, Nine Dragon Wall, the emergence of these forms of entry is not linked to ritual, political, monuments and garden-style function. Done earlier than modern people in this ancient people, little is likely that they can forget things or not, their style is almost close to the desirable simplicity; modern artists, they can see was forced to go to uncover the fashion of the times before the reality of things, in order to cover this veil of reality. Same fetters and shackles being contaminated own instinct is the crowded communities scum edge artists to survive in the city found those people, they inspire the creation of the artist to their original savage vitality.
Environmental art compared to other categories of art, it has a very comprehensive, from civil mechanics, architecture is based on comprehensive aesthetic principles, and work together to build the environment. From an aesthetic aspect, it expanded the spatial relationships of art, and extensometer art space meaning, to get rid of the shelves for the art indoor dull sense of art form to make a positive application; large sculpture, sculptor expand more more vast space to prove the value of many sculptors, more sculptor sculpture mindset and answer, and established many art forms to jointly build a bridge. Is not difficult to see, public environmental art walk today is a very comprehensive three-dimensional form of artistic expression, of which the most prominent is the beauty of the material to highlight the growing out, and now the people's perception of the material and its desire to develop the material, as well as The identity of the people of the various materials are inspired artistic creations are in the public environment. Environmental art materials and mainly from stone, copper, stainless steel, iron, pottery and other readymade material are doing all development and utilization. Especially now that people awareness of pottery, not just confined to the daily function and bring environmental awareness has a further understanding of the people to live together with the pottery of this material plasticizers angle of view, no doubt open a sculptor explore materials space wider world.


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