Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Casting bronze sculpture is the overall context and the expression of spirit

"If the Chinese Contemporary Sculpture -- their " Art Gallery in the East Plaza exhibition. This exhibition by the art promotion foundation, sculpture critic, " Chinese sculpture " associate editor Tang Yao takes up the post of curator. The whole display to Festival feeling both dramatic way the overall presents post-modern cultural characteristics of Chinese contemporary sculpture landscape.
This exhibition to break through the casting bronze sculpture exhibition of the conventional model, the most important Chinese contemporary sculpture bronze sculptor works in a daily scale and its attitude, into a plurality of mashups, parallel juxtaposed the dramatic scene. The exhibition is like a country recreational meeting place, relaxation and fun, yet inner deep. Participants exhibited from around the country, the 24 artists, both Sui Jianguo, prospect and other famous contemporary sculptors, also has had Chenggang, Chen Yungang Institute sculpture representative personage, and China Sculpture Institute to promote youth member Song Jianshu, a new generation of sculptors.
Works in the collision, conflict and dialogue with each other to reveal the cultural theme relates to open, the East-West cultural comparison, traditional, contemporary, and religion, philosophy and other extremely rich category, which together form the Chinese contemporary casting bronze sculpture of the whole context and spiritual expression, highlighting the Chinese nation harmony but not sameness, pluralistic culture thought.


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