Thursday, September 6, 2012

City sculpture is not only a national culture symbol

City sculpture is not only a national culture symbol and symbol, but also can be used as the national culture accumulation of products. It is a national spirit civilization and material civilization performance. So the city  sculpture not only belongs to the individual artistic behavior should also cater to the public aesthetic habits and emotional orientation. Excellent city sculpture is focus on humanity, give a person to enjoy in appearance but also convey a pure humanistic spirit.
In the modern era of rapid economic development, not nearly higher improves people's material and spiritual life, but also to the city brought environmental pollution negative effect. Now people are eager to better ecological environment, can easily breathe fresh air. City sculpture in the design period to suit one's measures to local conditions, with the surrounding environment closely, to plant as background better fusion with nature. Not only beautify the city embellishment, bring people the enjoyment of the United states.


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