Friday, September 14, 2012

The casting bronze sculpture five categories

Do you want to know the five categories casting bronze sculpture it? It cultural Lu together know him!

Fresh: Ding equivalent now pan, cook or bloom fish. Most of the round belly, ears, three-legged also quadrupedal Fangding.

Wine vessel: Jazz, drinking. Equivalent to the future generations of wine glasses. Pour wine with the flow before the round belly, after a tail, next to Pan (handle), I have two columns, the next three sharp pupil.

Water: translate the explanation wine or water containers. Square and round two forms. Square translate the explanation broad shoulders, ears, covered; the round wooden drinking cup big belly, ring foot, two ears. Two shapes translate the explanation is generally in the lower side of the Department with the nose has a wear.

Musical instruments: when compiled cymbals Shang Dynasty army prevalence of musical instruments. Basically the same as the form of discs shaped, shapes and cymbals.

Weapons: ax the king the aristocracy used for hacking weapons, but also a symbol of the power of torture and ritual. Shaped like ax, ax.

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