Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stone carving creation of image

So-called technique, stone carving creation of image and space handling. This approach is mainly reflected in the reduction of the sense of carved and engraved. Rather, it is from outside to inside, a step-by-step, by subtracting the waste, gradual physical excavation apparent. Time and time again the subtraction modeling, we not only understand the effect of shifting the burden of the works in the "shelling out", but also to feel the various blade produces special rhyme ignorant, some accidental, can work to generate new meaning rhyme. Wood art creation, the most meaningful exploration of the use of a variety of blade suitable reflection of our creative intent.
Knife like brush strokes in calligraphy, painting, it can serve to strengthen the role of the rich works of art effects. The beautiful strokes reason for the technology has reached a skillful performance. Was always copying a good painting, felt hardest thing strokes strokes is the product of the combination of the heart and skills, is difficult to reflect any imitation stuff. So only the skills and continue to accumulate experience in order to achieve the ideal of truly own knife. The kind of wood grain and carving marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex, arranged in a circular knife, the flat knife cutting of the stone carving ...... the language of performance art, its charm can not be achieved by other materials of marble sculpture.
In short, the knife is sculptor technical approach used to embody the idea of their own creation, but also the image reveals the artistic content means. Shipped knife turning point, frustrated, bump, ups and downs, are naturally in order to make artist artwork more vivid to fully embody the material beauty of the wood carvings reflect the rich beauty of the carved. Unknown wood carving art of the true meaning of the people, when the knife is doing it, but not with a knife painted affectation, plus timid afraid engraved bad result blade rigid and unimaginative, engraved no the stone carving fun to. Therefore to engraved practice more and more refined, cooked and raw clever to form their own artistic language and artistic style.
Tiny miniature construction, there is no high calligraphy skills and proficient skills using miniature tools are difficult to complete, and engraved for breathless, Meditation focused, meticulous.


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