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Bronze sculpture manufacturers

One of the bronze sculpture manufacturers process: clay (Meijianchanpin, the predecessor of all need a clay prototype, clay sculpture are repeatedly try to figure out on the basis of the original design draft after sculptor scrutiny after the re-creation, clay modeling good or bad charm, embodied or not, the expression of the intent of rendering a direct impact on the future of the product is good or bad, so good clay without the excellent sculptor) bronze sculpture manufacturers
The first step in the natural of special clay preparation screening, bronze sculpture manufacturers the sprinkler woke mud more than 48 hours, Yuandiao welded sculpture reinforced shape skeleton, skeleton winding cross-shaped the wooden prop mud device, a large gap in the sculpture skeleton laying metal mesh can be reduce the use of clay content to reduce the total weight to ensure that the sculpture does not collapse. If relief need wood panels laying floor every 15 cm nail in the board, a nail driven into the half of the other half of the exposed convenient hanging mud aspect winding thin wire as convenient hanging mud, another nail. Bronze sculpture manufacturers.
The second step on the big mud covering sculpture. On mud finished side of the real side to complement flat mud airstrike hit with a mallet. All large shape constantly on mud. Modeling No need to rework rest until satisfied, the above must be performed by a professional sculptor to complete the skeleton. From this stage the sculpture must often spray maintain no cracking, plastic film covering the halfway sabbatical moisturize until after the completion of the sculpture mold.Casting bronze sculpture manufacturers Third Department of shaping, professional sculptor, the sculptor of the shaping process at any time spray at any time to shape specifics of simplifying the process. Bronze sculpture manufacturers the fourth step sculptures large bronze sculpture manufacturers complete, inform Party A large shape audits and advice or modify. The continuous scrutiny adjustments and details of the shape to achieve the perfect bronze sculpture manufacturers complete modeling the overall push light clay, using the blade push light. The fifth step of the bronze sculpture plant to enter the stage of a clone, with a slice on the clay the the block mold split design, and then sprayed with soapy water as protective isolation. The professional reproduction Technician ratio gypsum slurry covered in the sculpture the specific gypsum slurry outer layer of the inner layer of the water ratio of the amount by professionals to master and accomplished. Until the gypsum drying after stripping, before stripping to block on a fixed starting point, bronze sculpture manufacturers grasps the the gypsum numbness pile production. Bronze sculpture manufacturers after the release of the sixth step to remove residual mud block mold, plaster mold after careful repair mode, complement mill. Then polish metal copper mesh. Bronze sculpture manufacturers seventh on FRP deployment of a good resin added catalyst curing agent and filler, color, etc.. The first layer of resin sizing, two with glass fiber cloth resin with sizing, generally need three to five sizing process. Of formation thickness according sculpture choice. Eighth step split the FRP split module bronze sculpture manufacturers combined. Put together after the gap fill calm reinforced internal support system to establish a permanent reinforced skeleton. Final grinding, rough grinding fine grinding watermill with different sandpaper models, most of the machine must be done manually polished unable to mellow naturally difficult to completely without a trace, so must hand sanding belt paper polished. Bronze sculpture manufacturers process: silicone mold (silicone, name Silicon, this material usually used for making molds, delicate and high, even if the hair thickness can be manifested) bronze sculpture manufacturers process : Production of the the resin prototype (polyethylene, also known as Polyethylene silicone mold is finished, you can mastering sculpture resin prototype embryoid bodies) bronze sculpture manufacturers
Process: trimming resin embryoid bodies (processing and adjustment of the final polish on the surface of the embryo body and texture effects)
Silicone mold has five bronze sculpture factory process: making silicone mold (trim good resin embryoid body once again made into a silicone mold) bronze figure sculpture manufacturers process: production the paraffin prototype (again produced is complete and intact, and heated to melt the paraffin is pressurized injection silicone mold to create a wax embryo December embryo is the real shape of the products replica Seven) bronze sculpture manufacturers process: paraffin prototype trimming bronze sculptures manufacturers (irrigation system from the silicone rubber mold and stripped out of the paraffin prototype, remaining on the surface line of the mold, and a little damage, paraffin prototype need to control the flow of three resin prototype embryoid body for dressing, it is very important a ring, so the link will directly affect the product's final shape and surface effects) bronze sculpture manufacturers process eight: the production of sand molds (bronze sculpture manufacturers December embryos of several tree string consecutive repeatedly immersed in mud outer layer and embedded dehumidification drying, the ceramic shell is made of 9mm (5-7 layers) thick, then this tree string December embryo until into hollow) cast copper dissolved into the high thermal of 140-160 ℃ oven or high-pressure steam pot sculpture manufacturers
Process IX: cast bronze art sculpture manufacturers (on a process of hollow ceramic shell is placed in a sintering furnace according to the different alloy material to 1000 ℃ -1150 ℃ sintering, copper was immediately cast into the ceramic shell, after cooling the outer layer Tao shell Shattering Ten stripped out copper products is crude embryo) bronze sculpture manufacturers process: casting finishing and processing (for sandblasting and cleaning of casting copper products, and for cutting, grinding, heat treatment bronze sculpture manufacturers, shaping, machining, polishing and final processing)


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