Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outdoor sculpture lack of cleaning or destroyed

In Lanzhou, hot winter fruit "Buddhist sutras," "Yellow River Mother", a lot of these urban outdoor sculpture for the city by color. However, for long periods of time "wash" also frequently missing arm broken leg, so that these urban sculpture was "injured".
    "Wukong" golden cudgel always Nabu Wen
    The Lanzhou people are know, Yellow customs line the Buddhist sutras sculpture often was the Black Hand, "Monkey King" Ruyi Jingu Bang "has lost count of how many times had gone. Yesterday, when reporters once again came before the sculpture, sculpture around and placed under a lot of flowers, the whole sculpture looks brand new. However, Wukong Ruyi Jingu Bang or disappeared. Nearby to do a photographic business owner told reporters that the Monkey King Monkey King Bar had been stolen, probably a month before. According to the camera stand owner, the relevant departments had intentionally golden cudgel replaced the plastic did not expect or stolen, even Goku's hand was also injured.
    Hot winter fruit sculpture surrounded by car
    Go west along South Riverside Road, the reporter found in the garden of tranquility along the Yangtze River fable, a group of "elephant" Animal sculpture is probably a long time not "wash" the elephant who was full of mud and rain. Moreover, on the limbs of some elephants smeared paint or other stolen goods, some people still come to play baby elephant who left nicks.
    Xiguan "hot winter fruit sculpture has always been very popular, as a culture card in Lanzhou, has started to become less perfect. The sculpture is located in Lanzhou City, the most prosperous of the lot, the winter fruit grandpa now seems to become the "gatekeepers" of the parking lot. The reporters found that the flow of people is large around the entire sculpture surrounded by the car was packed, near the ground, there are a lot of passers-by throwing garbage, the environment is very noisy. Grandfather end of winter fruit punch bowl bombers into the soot was even dispose of garbage which.
    Lost golden cudgel to pay back as soon as possible
    A person in charge of the Yellow River in Lanzhou style line management office said them every day to send someone to inspect and found the golden cudgel stolen will be the first time to communicate with the garden department, timely re-install. According to the management office manager, of Lanzhou Huanghe style line, previously, in order to prevent golden cudgel stolen has done a lot of attempts, but due to theft are generally nocturnal actions, regulatory authorities did not so much manpower and is responsible for overseeing various causes effects not ideal. Next, the the Lanzhou Huanghe style line management office will actively coordinate the garden department make up the lost golden cudgel, to restore the full face of the Buddhist sutras, sculpture.


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