Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chinese sculpture art

Chinese sculpture art, is a kind of plastic arts, also known as carving, carving, carved, is plastic three
methods to create a general term. Refers to the use of a variety of plastic materials ( such as
gypsum, resin, clay ) or can be carved, engraved hard materials ( such as wood, stone, metal, jade,
agate and other blocks ), creates has the certain space visible, touchable art image, so as to
reflect the social life, expressing the artist 's aesthetic sense, aesthetic the art of emotion,
aesthetic ideal.
Chinese sculpture art is diverse, so the rule of development, there are ups and downs of the
different. Such as Chinese Yin and Zhou Dynasty bronze manufacture and decorative carvings, are the
offspring of the late. The Han Dynasty portrait engravings, theme, fully reflects the real life. Tang
and Song Dynasties sculpture, is certainly more than the Han Dynasty, but the work never such as Han
stone that fully reflect the reality of the works. The Ming Dynasty handicraft industry, commercial
areas, with the increased, but the Ming Dynasty sculptures, such as the Song Dynasty seldom can fully
demonstrate the features of each work. Although the sculpture of Ming Dynasty as the Tang and Song
Dynasties, but other artistic achievement, nature is also a former generation of the late.


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