Friday, September 14, 2012

Distinction of the of campus sculptures and architectural sculpture you know?

Distinction of the of campus sculptures and architectural sculpture you know? It cultural Lu together to understand it!
The design of the campus sculpture and architectural sculpture from nature that is not the same. In modern urban construction, urban planning and design department has long recognized that the Achilles heel of the standardization of building international style. Unified style, the architectural style of the monotony of forward full of personality characteristics and style diversification shift. The distinctive living area has accounted for a growing number of urban space. Development of urban sculpture will change with the environment and public awareness towards personalized. Many foreign urban sculpture is sculptor personalized style artist  artwork placed in public places. Moore, Calder, Marini sculptor's works have been widely and into the urban construction. Urban sculpture sculptor has become the main performance stage, such a rich personality casting works brought warmth to urban architectural environment. And construction materials such as cement, iron and steel, glass stiff and can not get rid of the sense of apathy. Closer relationship between the buildings, streets and people. The same time, people's living environment has a rich artistic atmosphere. It can be said that this "personalized" sculpture in the emergence of urban sculpture, corresponding to the beating with the pulse of the times. Campus sculpture designed not so much commercial design.
Campus sculpture is the highlight of the design of the campus itself. Its design in the indoor. Baoding, Hebei Province Lu bronze plant the spirit of "quality of survival, integrity and development, 100% customer satisfaction" business philosophy, I wholeheartedly provide customers with the full range of quality services, with customers to create a better future.


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