Saturday, July 20, 2013

Once again, the cheap artwork collection settlement ezhinogo herd

Going on vacation, rest and start something for nothing is sewn, not sew.
Is it hot so affected, whether the body needs to rest in the "do not do anything - running - eating fruit -. Lying on the couch with a book"

So while I can only show new members collections hedgehog who filled in recent months for a cheap artwork.
Number of examples of times - very natural.
Made of twigs and some chips. In the back seat - even kinky
cheap artwork
Example number two - clay.
The work of the author of the white clay, with a magnet.
Bought at the exhibition devoted to the City Day, from visiting artists from Nizhny Novgorod.
cheap artwork
Example number three - thread-rastaman.
Masters of Fair writer - Alina Paul, which makes the thread very much funny to trademark its long-nosed character.
cheap artwork
Finally, an example number four - his "Hedgehog in the Fog".
You can imagine that this figure is very thin height only 4 centimeters? and this, together with Stand.
cheap artwork
Soviet cartoon character both at the same fair master makes Ruslan Volkov.
Small size and similarity of the cheap artworks and very impressive.
cheap artwork


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