Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The very rapid development of figure sculpture

The very rapid development of figure sculpture in recent years, large and small cities in the country are struggling to build a modern sculpture to promote urban development. However, too fast development of figure sculpture there are many problems. The following is a summary of the Industrial Arts & Crafts Factory drawn.
Good figure sculpture is the mark of the urban culture, and affect the appearance of the city, just as appendages of the city in the overall planning of urban construction, never put figure sculpture, sculpture artists in the design of figure sculpture, should be carefully understanding and analysis study of the city's historical and cultural traditions, geographical environment, economic base, local customs, as well as trends and many other factors, efforts Sculpture and architecture, cultural landscape and the natural landscape natural, seamless, make it enjoy the beauty, the edification of the United States, the United States and the inspiration. With the rapid development of economic construction, the growing demand of the people's material and cultural life, the creation of high quality and reflect the style of the times, the sculpture reflects the national spirit has become an urgent need to address the problem.
kangsi art limited casting design for figure sculpture construction over the years a lot of good figure sculptures, loved by the people, the Future Bright handicraft factory is fully committed to contribute to the development of outstanding works of urban stainless steel sculpture handicraft factory, the factory also casting a variety of bronze handicrafts , customers are welcome to patronize.


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