Monday, September 24, 2012

Beijing Olympic City Sculpture Construction

City sculpture is the city's business cards, a unique artistic language, conveying to the world the city's cultural connotation, tells of the rings the development of the city, expressed the city's cultural taste, to some extent, reflect the city's development philosophy. The Olympic Games is both athletic event, city sculpture-cum-public art event. The city sculpture embodies the most visually appealing and impact of the Olympic three concepts carrier and manifestations, rich in spiritual content, they conferred fully demonstrated the spirit of the Olympic Games, to rendering the Olympic atmosphere.
The Beijing government sought through the planning and construction of city sculpture, creating the urban landscape, the casting of sculpture urban civilization, build cultural heritage, shaping the Olympic spirit.
To implement the guiding spirit of the Beijing Municipal Government, to meet the 2008 29th Summer Olympic Games, fully embodies the three concepts of "Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics", creating the cultural landscape of Beijing City, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning since 2005 vigorously carry out the Beijing Olympic City sculpture planning and construction work. Collecting from the program to the academic study, from the preparation of planning to the organization and implementation of construction, after nearly three years, the final completion of the 150 group of nearly 300 of the city's construction work of sculpture. Which ethnic Avenue landscape art works three groups of 59, 78 of the central area of the Olympic Park, 15 permanent venues, 13 Chaoyang Park, Olympic Forest Park 15, more than 20 blocks of other urban public space.
Built Olympic Landscape Sculpture, 46 foreign sculptors, a domestic sculptor works of more than 100 seats. In addition, Taiwan's gift "sleeves" sculpture, donated by the Gansu provincial government Olympics St. Ding sculpture, donated by the government of Belgium "Athlete of the road" sculpture, the gift "Spring and Autumn Kam bronzes by the Anhui provincial government as well as the United States Houston sculptor Jon • Haier donated the sculpture "Lucky 8", the Japanese potters Tanabe Tetsuhiko donated ceramic mural was among them. These sculptures represent the highest level of Chinese contemporary sculpture, and express the Olympic philosophy and cultural connotations, landscaping works to maximize the function and role they built for the Olympic Games environment!


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