Monday, September 24, 2012

Expo garden bronze sculpture

1878 Paris Expo, an unprecedented garden bronze sculpture-like head caused the visitors' attention, it is not yet completed at the time the world-famous garden bronze sculpture - the Statue of Liberty. According to statistics, every day, thousands of people into the Statue of Liberty's Avatar internal tour. In fact, in 1876, Philadelphia American independent for centuries Expo, the arm part of this large-scale garden bronze sculpture has been exhibited garden bronze sculpture holding his right arm, handheld symbol of independent torch. In 1886, all of the bronze figure sculpture in New York formally settle down.
Many garden bronze figure sculpture genius masterpiece by the World Expo, the world understanding, knowledge and spread. Many of them handed down masterpiece. The world-renowned masterpieces of Rodin's garden bronze sculpture "The Thinker". Its audience for the first time, also the Expo. 1900 World Expo in Paris, opened Rodin garden bronze sculpture museum professionals, a King in Alma Square tent Rodin, 60-year-old, his first exhibited his 168 masterpiece, which have handed down masterpiece "The Kiss" "Burghers of Calais" and "The Thinker."
2010 Shanghai, garden bronze figure sculpture once again a par with the World Expo, a series of garden bronze sculptures unite the creativity and imagination of the artists will be unveiled at the Expo site. Unlike traditional concept of garden bronze sculpture in the Expo area not only play the role of decorative embellishment. Precisely, the World Expo and art, including garden bronze sculptures, including fact a closely related complementary relationship: With the World Expo platform, garden bronze sculpture exhibition and exchange; garden bronze sculpture, because the interpretation of the theme of the Expo becomes more The inductive and image.


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