Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The city the sculpture should become national memory

Not long ago, there are users in Zhengzhou, a "filial pig" art sculpture resembles a the rogue pig "was popular in the market, the ugly sculpture not only was the public ridicule, also the media named the" 2012 Top Ten ugly sculpture " first place.
The creation of "filial piety pig" I do not know who sculptor, dubbed the "Mother and Child Wife", its incomprehensible and irresponsible to the point of outrageous dare directly copied erotic toys have been raided. In fact, like so bad sculpture, is not uncommon in China's cities. The low level of urban sculpture, "complement each other" with the level of the city's construction, is already an accepted fact.
From the ancient Chinese, the lack of built a tradition of city sculpture, sculpture worshiped mainly Buddhist and Taoist temples, caves, a few fairy organizations led by the Jade Emperor, Lord Lao Zi and the Buddha, the characters of the world must After deification, sanctify to the treatment of the sculpture, such as customs. Other historical figures of discussion, because under the monarchy, the people can only worship the emperor, no freedom to worship other idols.
In recent years, large-scale urbanization, city sculpture as a novelty, along with urban regeneration and the wave of real estate development everywhere, and become part of the urban landscape. However, a lot of sculpture and the rapid expansion of the city, although costly, but rough, poor, or luxury, extravagance in common is the lack of artistic standards, reveals a wealth insolent, and the arrogance of power. The beginning of last year, the Chang'an Avenue side of a bronze sculpture of Confucius, he stood in front of the National Museum (microblogging), Tiananmen Square, on one side, and the Monument to the People's Heroes neighbors, overlooking the Forbidden City (microblogging) and Zhongnanhai. This sculpture was immediately aroused many speculations, in the eyes of critics, Confucius became a symbol of cultural unification of the national ambassador. After one hundred days, like Confucius suddenly disappeared. Similarly, construction all over the country like Confucius become fashionable, like construction of Emperors Yan and Huang.
These city sculpture, has become an appendage of wealth and political, to be labeled a variety of labels, and the true expression of the social value of public philosophy of city sculpture but few, these urban sculpture, along with a variety of art sculptures become kinds of "stuff", and it should bear the social role far apart. Of course, there are some to go abstract line, a lot of work even more incomprehensible.
    Urban sculpture in the UK is very common, in London, for the commemoration of the outstanding figures in British history and the victims of war, the two main themes of urban sculpture. In Parliament Square, stands the Lionheart Richard Cromwell, Churchill, sculpture, the killed soldiers memorial wall in Wellington Arc de Triomphe, both of Wellington, General sculptures. Park and street, everywhere a seat placed below the flowers presented by the public sculpture to commemorate the victims of the wars.
    In the Scottish capital Edinburgh, almost every square, the streets are decorated with sculptures of historical figures in Scotland like novelist Secretary Scott, William Wallace, the "Soul of Scotland" Needless to say, Scott is sitting in the Edinburgh's most beautiful under a tower, some not great in my opinion, the Scots they cast bronze statue. To hang around in the sculpture of these figures, you are interested in the history of Scotland, of the Scots suffering and brilliant, and they adhere to the ideals, there is a profound and figurative experience.
This is an important function of urban sculpture, eroded mottled body of sculpture, engraved in the memory of a country, those memories include war, disaster, heroes, sages, the memory of these countries and dynasties changes unrelated with government ideology has nothing to do, the people of this country should never forget something.
The other hand, the sculpture of the city, the lack of it is the memory of the history, respect the historical figures, the warmth of traditional Chinese culture. And, more importantly, the lack of respect for a free life.
Short in the body of those sculptures, each generation are able to find their own, that things settle down thousands of years of history, which bears a country, a community memories, tragic, deep, good memories. Then before we can say we have a real urban sculpture.


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