Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The health status of city sculpture

At the moment, the so-called "city sculpture" the rapid expansion in the number of "take-off" type of sculpture filled the air, everywhere the poor sculpture of hammered stainless steel sculpture ribbons, stick stick, Sphere combination, insipid, garbage throughout the country, the artistic quality artwork worrying. Blindly building under the command of this phenomenon and performance concept. 30 years ago, sculpture Kadoba cold, now the sculpture, but the meat and potatoes. Many places either sculpture street, either to Sculpture Square. A famous sculpture park to do some companies look on contracting anywhere from several dozen to as many as tens of hundreds of works. A result of the the campaign duration achievements, is seriously out of art law, in this case, does not produce the junk sculpture Nengchan what? Erosion and unspoken rules of the market, to further promote the breeding of the city garbage artwork.
Many drawbacks due to the operation of city sculpture in serious injury to the creation of city sculpture and academic research, many scholars gradually abandon attention of Chengdiao field. Most sculpture artists, think outside the artistic creation of city sculpture the operation too hard to grasp, began bogie or sense of Contemporary Art's Sculpture.
City sculpture is the old sculptor Liu Kaiqu the early 1980s of a new concept. Steven Crane's article, "the main exit of the sculpture in the outdoor" (The article published in 1979 in Guangzhou, the newspaper, "Art" magazines in 1981) was a published immediately aroused the attention of the Chinese sculptor. Proposed the concept of city sculpture, the older generation, and thus efforts to promote the Chengdiao career development, and regulatory agencies such as the establishment of city sculpture, city sculpture design qualification certificates issued to professional sculpture workers planning to do research for large cities, the host city for sculpture Exhibition. Their intention is to allow the construction of city sculpture driving on the track managed to mobilize the sculpture sector elite social Chengdiao boutique. The word "fine" is the core of their original intention. It should be said that these efforts has made great achievements, China's city sculpture have a system, with its own characteristics of Chinese sculpture. Features First from concept to distinguish it from the monument sculpture of the former Soviet Union, but also different from the concept of public art in the West, has the characteristics of China's administrative running mode, of course, the art look significantly different.
With great enthusiasm and quality consciousness has created a large number of high artistic quality of city sculpture in the rise of city sculpture stage, the older generation of artists, such as of Zeng Zhushao "Sun Yat-sen like" Steven Crane "Zhuhai Fisher Girl," the Bull "Qian Shaowu Li Dazhao" Ye Yushan the "Geleshan Revolution Martyrs Monument," seasons ", Cheng Yunxian people" Peace Girl ", He E" Yellow River Mother ", coproduct Yong" Thirtieth movement Monument ", Yuyu Yang Feng Peak Han ...
However, the current situation of city sculpture has deviated from the original intention of the year, if not its targeted and take countermeasures, eventually Chengdiao the the will become the city's visual nuisance. Now is the time of diagnosis and prescription for the health status of city sculpture!


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