Friday, September 21, 2012

Buddhist statue: China sculpture

Statues not neglect the local traditional Chinese art sculpture, the concentrated expression of the beauty of Chinese sculpture, metal, bamboo, jade, materials and diverse category fruitful, not only to pass the Chinese civilization, the ultimate fascinated towards America, more passing Shenzhou people safe, peaceful flesh seeking. Buddha is undoubtedly the Traditional Sculpture essence of the essence, because of the believer in the air force to obtain a unique love from the masses, the literati and royal nobles. Guanyin believe in is one of the most widespread one. The Bodhisattva "peril, the Merciful, the image of women, not only in China, but also the Northwest Asian Asian countries caused by the fierce consensus. In September, a century security Guanyin stone statue Bay now let's immediate masterpiece, called the Forbidden City (microblogging) collections in recent years, high imitation goods. According to reports, the former as the possession of a relics from the Palace Museum in Beijing late Ming monks Stone Sou paragraph copper GUANYIN original 70. 4cm, pure copper to create worship for the Qing Dynasty emperors Qianlong emperor and the maintenance of the Hall of Mental Cultivation regarded as Buddha treasure, the Department of the art treasures of China's Ming Dynasty Buddhist statues. Replica of the statue to take copper gilt build, clear height of 23. 8cm, the Kaki Block 27cm, limited edition 2008. Guanyin wearing a hood, forward shawls, breast with Ying Luo, dress barefoot, his hands folded on his chest, the clue drooping, looking solemn and serene, without losing charity docile. Guardian Online relating to the assumption and indicate "high imitation" in recent years has become an increasingly received concept art consumption areas. "Originals as long as one, and no one knew was retained in the deep intrauterine hospital, but that does not hint that the masses would be no ornamental and licensed can especially stone Minds for like works of Guanyin statues such a blessing Security, arrived art and embraced the double height that its so now people deliberately 'refurbished' whom, it is better to take the high imitation of the situation, so that more people can get this best wishes. "According to industry sources, the general public, about the" high imitation " word surviving in the concept of affirmative misunderstanding. "A lot of people an 'imitation' word that the quality will certainly poor, but that is not the case, you really want to do in terms of technology areas, high-end, material, technological, aesthetic, very harsh request no less difficult originality, or even about some of the famous collection of cultural relics, chasing Mount charm than the original difficulty even higher this century security Guanyin statue by the Buddhist Association of China, the Beijing Palace Museum combines Producer launch budget process details, from copper to the conversion of copper gilt sufficient discretion material characteristics, overall artistically humble and tactful. The particularly rare artistic beauty of traditional Chinese statues space shuttle today in the 21st century is still guarding the vast land, and praying for the people of the world. "I do not think severely difference between traditional and refurbishment statues on the issue, there is a process line of the elderly thought," Goddess of Mercy, for example, you can find the Chinese people in her whole fantasy concept about women: elegant, humble, graceful, peaceful, dignified, more important is to share the world of charity and pity she crossed any one period, any kind of religion, she is a bodhisattva, she is around we women, we the minds successful women. perhaps you can see from the Virgin Mary, and perhaps to see my mother. "After thousands of years the Avalokitesvara still is one of the themes of the contemporary arts and crafts field most farewell from olivary carved palm to several-meter-high bronze sculpture, also has been to use a variety of materials, various means, demeanor to the performance of the minds of the Bodhisattva. "This is the flesh of the air force, regardless of your environment, how, regardless of your property, the human heart will be scared of 'impermanence' fear, will there is a security, the joy of hope. While about Chinese people, historical tradition has always been not the death of the Goddess of Mercy live in the moment, Stone Sou Guanyin accordance with the aesthetic of the 21st century, still do not 'backward', she is still beautiful, and still bring people spiritual consolation. "says Guardian Online relating to the assumption .


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