Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The bronze sculpture art development process

The casting bronze sculpture was produced in the Shang and Zhou, copper materials embryos, use stone carving, casting and other techniques to produce a sculpture. The bronze art performance modeling, texture, decoration, beauty, and more for the performance of the mysterious deterrent religious themes. Of bronze art modeling into a majestic rugged dignified calm of state, showed a solid, deep, rich and beautiful and brilliant texture. Bronze ornamentation taotie, and animal head modeling to birds, animals, insects, fish, part of the body to form an abstract pattern to set off the bronze modeling. Bronze artwork in the Chinese history, the the primary moment "of the Western Zhou Dynasty Ge, Simuwu" Ding of the late Shang Han Dynasty horse riding swallows ". Modern sculpture, bronze handicraft the (bronze art) is an increasingly important component in a share of the ornaments. Soft loading design companies to submit design many works of art have used bronze sculpture. Compared to the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties, the top of its decorative role.


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