Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The application of low-carbon eco-friendly materials in the landscape sculpture

The Lake Art of sculpture previously many times and we explore the role of urban sculpture in the construction of urban culture and art. The deep art addition to the sculpture itself with beautiful decorative role, it can also be injected to the city, the urban landscape sculptures decorate the urban environment, an important element to enhance the taste of the city's. For landscape sculpture design as much as possible the use of the material can be recycled environmentally friendly low-carbon future recycling society mainstream trend.
     Low-carbon eco-friendly materials with low cost, less pollution. Sculpture conducive materials, appearance and environment of mutual integration, the formation of an integrated design. In general, low-carbon eco-friendly materials contain natural materials, science and technology materials, secondary use of material categories. More use of natural materials in the indoor sculpture, such as Teng board, straw, simple and natural appearance, and green. Science and technology materials mainly refers to the use of special materials to sculptures made ​​of finished products, such as stainless steel sculpture, weathering steel. These materials generally have some newer ideas, both to highlight the characteristics of the works of modern art, but also enhance the artistic personality. Secondary use of the material mainly refers to some of the waste, such as waste wood, sheet metal, rebar, etc.. Garden Expo held in Xi'an was discarded bicycle parts constructed sculptures, very innovative and attractiveness.
     Low-carbon eco-friendly materials effectively re-build, fully embodies the creation of art and design gurus to bring people thinking and artistic beauty. In the modern urban landscape sculpture process, "green" is a very important indicator. stone sculpture, both artistic creation and direction of a new starting point for the use of a large number of low-carbon eco-friendly materials, sculpture masters degree of social responsibility embodied.


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