Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More and more sculpture in the city

Wind large scale cost gone up a large number of the city popular "sculpture"
Voice of China "CNR News" reported that, in recent years, many large and medium-sized cities are keen on the construction of the city on behalf of the city features sculpture, increasing scale, a cost have gone up. Why nowadays a large number of urban popular "statues" Wind?

Some analysts said that in the eyes of the decision makers, through  horse sculpture can quickly enhance urban visibility, as quickly as possible so that the city dressed up, so that the taste of the city seem higher. Chinese sculpture Dean Wu Weishan said recently that urban horse sculpture in a certain sense is the symbol of the city, but it should be a slow living, should not be the "Great Leap Forward". The city sculpture can greatly enhance the visibility of the city, however, with utilitarianism color, instead this urban horse sculpture is a blundering mental performance.

Wu Weishan, regional iconic donkey sculpture is the most difficult to express, can not be bigger and more spectacular, the better, and summarized the understanding of urban sculpture, as has been said, it should be used in the following words: at a glance, and memorable, tastes, loved.

Urban donkey sculpture as a public art works, artistic qualities and the masses should be close between the two are not contradictory, the key is to find a very good point of integration.

In the art critic Zhou Wenhan seems, to enhance the average quality of urban sculpture, at least in the procedure can be done on a more equitable and inclusive aesthetic point of view, can refer to the two-tier system of accreditation, experts from all walks of life composed of professional accreditation group, from options selected the finalists works, and then solicit public opinion to elect the winner last production, installation. Of course, this procedure can also be reversed to the first public vote finalists will then select the winner of the expert review.


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