Monday, October 29, 2012

25 million yuan to build the sculpture garden of folk culture

In order to enhance the taste of the city, Liulin County financial investment of 25 million yuan to build the sculpture garden of folk culture.

Liulin Folk Culture Sculpture Garden, also known as the Qinghe cultural theme sculpture garden. Park site is located in Liulin County, east of the city Xuejiawan Riverside Road in Qinghe, the Yellow River history, folk culture, a cultural theme of sculpture park. The sculpture garden is divided into three major sections of the "the loess situation, the Yellow soul, Qinghe rhyme". Sculpture Park, 2011 meters in length, with a total investment of 25 million yuan. Has the Longquan, Yellow River Megalodon Long Red Army Dongzheng large landscape hanging carved wall with green sandstone, red sandstone and white marble, cement imitation copper sculpture produced substantial relief of 63, 21 platform has cast copper figure 35 groups of 95 people, at the entrance to a large stainless steel sculpture and fountains combined into a small square of folk culture.

The cultural background wall with pictorial and impressionistic approach, the white marble sandstone carving thickness of 15 cm relief to the performance of the customs of the Loess Plateau, the Yellow River Scenic and Qinghe Features,. Relief the promenade middle according to the terrain and the need to greening and interspersed with rocks tree roots folk patterns and leisure venues.


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