Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Participating sculptor Liu Fan

September 24, the first portable works to Xiamen entries sculptor, stay Debo Shi Liu Fan in the Xiamen sea with the fishermen, mood for yourself participating art of sculpture. Temporary accommodation interview, his long sigh said, the themes and content of the on-site experience and works exactly.

"I was very young, you know there is a beautiful city called Xiamen, Xiamen Island music called Gulangyu, I dreamed of one day to take a look at ten a few days ago, I learned that in the electronic version of Xiamen Daily Xiamen will be held in the 'sea · Music' sculpture competition, I have a responsibility under an obligation to point contribution to the development and revitalization of our public environment career as a professional sculptor, I also have the confidence to allow their works stands in Xiamen. "said Liu Fan .
In the interview, the reporter admire Liu Fan entries.
"The memory of the sea" half the wheel of history recorded sea voyage, half the time "helm" carries "the sun and the moon bright; half of the sun, that mid-hard man to catch the sea, he is the son of the sea, half moon, is the mother of that broad-minded broad, she is the sea ...... wave is read music, schools of fish jumping notes. For a time, the rudder left sailing epic memory space, rudder recorded song of the sea. The vicissitudes, heavy and there is no lack of flavor of the times to become a prominent feature of this work.
Celebrated piano "is a set of visual, auditory, tactile in a diversified environmental stone sculpture. The special thing is that it is the first time without the aid of technological means, cleverly borrowed the forces of nature works the sounds sculpture. Multiple colors, bold ideas, creating a naive, romantic atmosphere.
"I'm learning in Europe, have a more profound understanding of the formation and development trend of famous sculpture; As a Chinese, I have a better understanding of the national culture, regional culture surpasses foreign sculptors." Said Liu Fan, "Sculpture is my lifestyle, one of the most thorough relaxation whisper belong to their soul. "
Character card
Liu Fan, Jinan, Shandong, China Arts and Crafts Association, sculpture Professional Committee Member. Founded in May 1994 the Shandong Environmental Sculpture and Design Institute, dean. His Chengdiao works "rest ballerina", "sea breeze settled in Dalian.
In 2000, he went to Germany for postgraduate sculpture. In early 2002, he was commissioned by the Central Propaganda Department and the relevant departments, donate to commemorate Sino-German thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the completion of its creation by the German government and the Confucius sculpture made in china; another year of a work settled in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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