Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kangsi (Xiamen) sculpture Crafts Co., Ltd

The Kangsi (Xiamen) sculpture Crafts Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to sculpture, sculpture, creative, design, manufacturing installed as an integrated production enterprise. The company designed and strong technical force, mainly bronzes, Kangsi art bronzes, urban sculpture, bronze sculpture, sculpture, design, sculpture design company, Seiko Buddha statues Engineering, religious objects, of Buddhism, bronze manufacturer, bronze sculpture, sculptural company, copper statues, bronze instruments used, antique bronze art sculpture, bronze crafts.
    The door entity space art sculpture, different from the graphic arts and other disciplines of the arts, his artistic charm lies in his reality and occupies space. Sculpture since generated since it has a different placement locations, sculptors, depending on the environment to the design and production of the Ancient totem sculpture used to worship; tomb sculpture to commemorate; modern urban modern sculpture used to represent and beautify the city, improve the city's cultural taste; With the development of the times, there are different categories of modern sculpture in the constant innovation of ancient sculpture family . Campus sculpture is generated as the construction of campus culture, according to the placement school is different, different surroundings, the culture different factors design. But overall, the campus modern sculpture also has a lot in common, they have a continuation of the cultural tradition of carrying the role of the national spirit, and also have a landscaping of the common responsibility, as well as the role of the future of education.
    Essential characteristics sculpture Hegel said: elements of sculpture to sculpture the image of space material, this material is still in the original general actually exist which can be applied to the art of special factors also only general space volume and volume try to create a beautiful image that can be achieved more specific spatial form. "From a description of where we at least can be drawn from two concepts: One sculpture appeared in a state of matter occupy space there, which is the general space volume second shaping the image more specific form of space that can be achieved. specific form of analog image. sculpture art using nature for Materials such as clay, metal, stone, wood as a medium or carrier to occupy three-dimensional space, with a concise the art of language to shape substantive artistic image, in order to express the thoughts and feelings of a human with some sort of universal significance plastic arts any one outstanding sculptures have ideological and cross-national character of the point.
    We praise the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty. "Discus Thrower" will be touched by the rigorous modeling as they have a permanent artistic value. "donkey sculpture, literature, music, it can create a visual image of the same visual image it creates the image of film, theater generally silent it dance, is formed by a variety of natural or man-made materials. Mostly in a quiescent state it and painting in the silent and static visual image, it is a real possession three-dimensional the tactile touch the three-dimensional plastic arts. summed up. sculpture is such an art form: donkey sculpture occupy space objects. showed a three-dimensional style donkey sculpture art charm depends entirely on its unique spatial effects. achieve this effect based on physical materials as a means to mimic the form of approximation to the true volume carries it and other kinds of art compared, you can see the sculpture is the most faithful to the natural sculpture space form characteristics, it appreciators aesthetic conditions, though not of the art of architecture as wide (can into where 'enjoy), but there is a great deal of freedom than the art of painting and suitability.
    People from any angle or any distance to enjoy it and derive enjoyment of beauty based on their own life experience, the aesthetic experience. The sculpture art in three-dimensional form is placed in the space environment around a great appreciation of space. Angle and distance, people are free to choose their own preferences and aesthetic eye is not a fixed point.


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