Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Animal sculpture artist

Some sculpture garden landscape was sculpture figure, someone animal sculpture? The answer is yes. The end of the 19th century French sculpture artist R. Bugai Ti is such a master for the creation of animals. Unlike his brother designed the famous sports car, when he was a kid, it shows the extraordinary talent of sculpture, and the animals have a different from other people's special attention.
Because I think Bugai Ti nature like animals, his creative period often go to zoo officials are very supportive of him. Bugai Ti is the face of a common practice in the creation of animal sculptures animals directly sculpture. Because this particular creative approach, each time the sculpture Bu Gaiti need to spend a lot of time on the animals concerned, such rapt sculpture prompted Bu Gaiti creation of a large number of fine art of sculpture. If the early 19th century France Barye is a great animal sculpture master, then the Bugai Ti animal sculptures leaders of the late 19th century.
Although Bugai Ti unique road of artistic creation, but his fate but people sighed with regret. Talent in artistic creation, he created a remarkable achievement, and also let him and the object of his creation - the animals get along in harmony, but in real life Bugai Ti was not a good at dealing with people who Bugai Ti exhibition and sale of animal sculptures for a living in a post-war economic recession, the zoo closed various unfavorable circumstances life lost confidence, 32 years old, committed suicide. Bu Gaiti away from us, but many wrought bronze sculpture he created out of the art on the road has also been exhibitions, reproduction. Simple and unique artistic charm far-reaching, and also so that we will always remember the great artists of this with animals forever.


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