Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The sculpture to respect people aesthetic

Yesterday, the famous contemporary sculptor Professor Wu Weishan Provincial Art Museum, the new museum, for the general public to do a seminar on the sculpture's soul ". He talk about the creation and appreciation art of sculpture, ancient and modern examples of outstanding works and trenchant analysis of the problems of contemporary urban sculpture.

As an internationally renowned sculptor Wu Weishan often asked "domestic sculpture and foreign sculpture which one is better", "I can not give a definitive answer," he said, "Art is no absolute standards, the existing space is not the same, different aesthetic, we have to respect that difference. "
Sculpture of China since ancient times, there is a very good, from the ancient image of the wind, the Shang Dynasty secretive abstract wind, the Qin Dynasty decorative Poses forceful impressionistic style of the Han Dynasty, Buddhism idealized shape Wind Song Dynasty secular human pictorial wind, to the Emperor Mausoleum program exaggeration wind, different styles of each era, and has a distinctive ethnic characteristics. "said Wu Weishan.
"What kind of famous sculpture is a real work of art? Critical look at it there is no soul," Wu Weishan presided over creation of Nanjing big massacre victims compatriots Memorial theme famous sculpture, "ruin and death," "refugees," "innocent people cry" a few pieces of work are no The positive performance of the killings, but people's humiliation, cry, the visitors heart has provoked a strong shock. "Whether it is the Chinese people, or foreigners, including the Japanese, can be seen from the condemnation of the war and call for peace." Said Wu Weishan.

Sculpture by the sea and educational reason, 'carving' subtraction 'plastic' do addition, the raw material into a pure art, education is also minus the bad habits, increase good habits, people become a pure people. "said Wu Weishan, a real work of art, can infect humans with artistic spirit, nurturing people, enhance the people.
Now, all over the competition for building sculpture by the sea, Wu Weishan, "in accordance with the law in terms of art, a ssculpture by the sea needs a period of time the grown up, just like a baby, and urban construction fast, the sculpture demand very , so many shoddy works prevalent these artistic, emotional works, it is impossible into the hearts of the people go. "
Some urban sculpture gorgeous, made it difficult for the public to accept, such as the nude buddha statue. Wu Weishan that this is not the aesthetic taste of ordinary people is not high, but the sculpture blindly follow the trend, not taking into account the acceptance habits of the Chinese people. Wu Weishan analysis: "Although the Chinese ancient traditional for God, Buddha statue, but not human statues the foreign Plato, Aristotle and other celebrities there statue, Chinese habits through the performance of the natural landscape to express the human the spirit of the Western spirit of the people and projects directly to the human body. therefore, art, must be the performance of any one country, region meets aesthetic habits of local people. "
Is Wu Weishan most anxiety now the many cities existing outstanding Chengdiao and no good protection. For example, he said, the history of sculpture in China has left a rich historical heritage, but it is often overlooked, city managers and let them slowly disappear under the sun and rain. Many of his sculptures scattered in some cities, however, he found that Wang Xizhi like around filled with trash, let the the transitory man of this Xianqi book holy stink to high heaven, and the hands of Li Bai more than a light bulb, as if the poem The cents singing karaoke OK. He called their construction antique shoddy Chengdiao, better protect the existing outstanding urban sculpture.


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