Monday, October 29, 2012

Huian stone carving in China

Hui'an County, known as the "stone town", the construction of the township, "fisheries county's reputation. Since the reform and opening up, economic Hui'an has been the rapid development into the national basic economic competitiveness counties ranks for 11 consecutive years, among the basic competitive counties 54 in 2011. Huian has won the national honor of the the National Civilized County, scientific and technological demonstration County, Garden County, county green model.
Hui'an carving artist from the Yellow River Basin, the Central Plains culture, integrate lessons Minyue culture, marine culture and the incoming foreign cultures along the Silk Road on the Sea "craft essence, after thousands of years of reproduction development, formed a unique artistic style and cultural connotations, known as "China is a must." For a long time, Hui'an adhere carving industry as to carry forward the fine traditional culture, inherited the fine traditional arts to revitalize the economic development of pillar industries, make great efforts to fostering the growth. County a total of carving art enterprise 843, number of employees 10 people, with a total of 15.14 billion yuan. Carving arts in the county scale enterprise value of 13.94 billion yuan in 2011, the added value of more than 4.56 billion yuan, accounting for 13.4% of GDP; export delivery value of over 70 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the similar products. In 2006, Huian stone carving was selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage; 2011, Hui'an stone "was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered as a geographical indication trademarks.

To strengthen the exchanges of Hoi An and the carving of the world, to enhance the the Hui'an carving skill levels, to promote the sound and rapid development of Hui'an carving art industry, according to the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit, combined with Hui'an demand and actual development of cultural and creative industries carving art, the county county government proposed to create the "the world carving artist Township" and the goal of building cultural county, and clear the stone carving granite sculpture industry as one of the "Twelve Five" focus on the development of the eight pillar industries, and proceeded to start carving granite sculpture cultural industry in transition upgrade work, the first session will be held 9-11 November 2012 in Hui'an south of New China (Hui'an) the carving Antiques Fair.
The Fair by the China Arts and Crafts Association, Fujian Cultural Development and Reform Leading Group Office, Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the provincial the Foreign Economic hall, the provincial capital, the Associated Press, the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Quanzhou People's Government co-sponsored, Hui'an County People's Government to bring Hui'an Association of stone carving, sculpture Art Research Association, Fujian Province, Quanzhou relevant departments to co-host China Stone Association, China Building Decoration Association, China Funeral Association, Fujian Stone Material Industry Association, China Minsheng Bank, Quanzhou branch units of the Expo a great deal of support and assistance.
"Carving artist cultural heritage, to lead the creative future, fairs adhering to the professional, market-oriented, international" exhibition concept designed based Hui'an oriented global investment breeze to take the exhibition pin outreach meeting The combined exhibition race combined "held a series of exhibitions negotiate project docking and exchange of skills activities. Exhibition planning area of ​​28,000 square meters, 14,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, set 700 international standard booths, Hui'an booth accounted for 62% local, domestic and international space only accounted for 28%, International booth accounted for 10%, many of whom are carving art boutique, and The single value exhibits billion exhibitors. In addition to more than 90 national and provincial arts and crafts works of masters exhibition, will be held at the the carving art fairs docking activities Forum organizing carving art and urban construction. China Arts and Crafts Association Expo exhibits will be awards.


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