Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Chinese wood carving stone carving artist announced

First Chinese wood carving, stone carving artists, artists certification Assembly held recently in Dongyang, Wenzhou Chan Sek Keong, CHAN SHUN TAK 8 wood carving, stone carving artist professional identified at the meeting so honored, the Wenzhou "carved" overall skill levels.
The inaugural Chinese wood carving, stone carving artist contest sponsored by the Chinese Society of Arts and Crafts, and the China Light Industry Federation, in recognition of wood carving, stone carving skills in carving granite forward the tradition, the development of innovation as well as the achievements in academic research, the finalists skill must have more than 20 years of experience, arts and crafts masters at or above the provincial level, conditions have both national show winning entries. Total of 57 people were to vote Chinese wood carving artist, the 49 stone artist honors.

After national experts vote, city Chan Sek Keong, Yemeng Chun Wu Yao-hui, Mu Xiangbo, Cheung Wai Shing successful promotion of Chinese wood carving artist, Lam Kam Star, Pan tin deposit, CHAN SHUN TAK was named master of Chinese stone carving sculpture by the sea. Said the person, the city is deep Baigong Township heritage, especially focus on doing Ou kiln, Ou plastic and stone carving, wood carving two Ou two carved articles the eight masters collective promotion impetus to the subsequent succession and development process .
"The vote finer professional more targeted, is the recognized authority in the industry." Said 43-year-old Mouxiang Bo, this honor will encourage the young creators of confidence in our city. "Good level of Wenzhou stone carving, but the visibility was not match with this honor is the affirmation of stone carving skills of Wenzhou." CHAN SHUN TAK introduced, 10 were rated as stone carving "national master" in Zhejiang Wenzhou accounted for three seats and ranked before, Wenzhou the stone carvings reputation is improving.
In addition, the city Chen into a bucket, Zheng Songjiang won the first in the selection of Chinese wood carving artist title, Ye Xiaopeng First China Youth woodcarving artist honors.


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