Monday, October 8, 2012

40-ton boulder large sculpture

Large sculpture field of over 10 thousand square meters, dozens of meters in diameter large fan ...... yesterday, the Eleventh China Changchun International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition and the first invitation of the Changchun International Automobile Culture and Arts Expand chisel ceremony in Changchun Mayor the Cui Jie announced, officially opened the curtain.
29 foreign sculptors the live production Sculpture, exhibition unveiling the current invitation to September 29, together with the other collected the works, the 55 car culture elements sculpture is placed in the car park.
Changchun International Automobile corner of the park, sculpture venue ready for the sculptor is especially eye-catching.
The sculpture field is a Koupeng large venues, concrete floor, a few meters high lift frame, reinforced Ceiling inferior to its size better than standard football field, a full over 10,000 m2.
It is understood that during the current Invitational Exhibition, will have 29 foreign sculptors scene to make sculptures, finished sculpture will be permanently placed in the park.
Six large stone sculpture OTC already ready. According to reports, the Invitational Exhibition, sculptures selection is divided into three types: stone, bronze sculpture, iron. Among them, the stone including granite, sunset red marble, white marble, the color red, gray points. Farthest Road, from Shandong Province, the largest a 40-ton boulder. In addition, there are 19 cast copper soldering iron materials.
Yesterday afternoon, the approach sculptor began to study the creation of the program, the author of "tattoo car has begun to outline from the pattern to the stone.
From today onwards, the newspaper will regularly show your the upcoming creative works of sculptors.
Sneak Peek
"Garden car"
Creativity: Garden automotive sculpture aim to convey the car toward the development of a green direction. Meanwhile, the base structure of the sculpture garden bed is a car.
This group of pictures our reporter Zhang Pengfei photo
"Natural movement"
Creativity: This sculpture is composed of two parallel car-shaped outline, hollow. Four different birds, a symbol of the four games, used to connect both sides of the car contour. All the elements together, wheels, car contours and bird symbolizes natural development and toward heaven and endless freedom to fly.


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