Thursday, October 18, 2012

The art of sculpture craft techniques

Techniques art of sculpture craft sculpture in the round, half-round sculpture, relief, line engraving, Loudiao.
① Not attached to any Yuandiao, background, fully three-dimensional sculpture techniques suitable for multi-angle viewing.
② half Yuandiao, traditional Chinese stone sculpture craft techniques. Performance to sculpture in the round techniques the works main content and image content and image of other minor relief, intaglio techniques, such as performance and as a substrate, some take the raw material as the substrate.
③ relief sculpture out of a plane convex semi-three-dimensional image of the sculpture techniques. The image of the back of the subsidiary from one direction in the plane, suitable for the appreciation. It occupies more space wide range of applications combine both with sculpture in the round, but also suitable for the production of decorative sculpture. The relief is divided into two kinds of deep relief and bas-relief. Deep relief, also known as the high relief, i.e. from the bit line to the relief image plane from the sculpture relief techniques; compared to the maximum thickness of the surface and physical thickness of more than 2/5 of the bas-relief, also known as thin meaning from Sculpture plane from the bit line to The thickness and the physical thickness of the top surface of the relief image, compared to about less than 1/10 of the relief techniques. Relief is also the traditional techniques of Chinese sculpture made in china craft, which overlap the image to the relief between the highest surface relief underlying the relationship of the upper and lower interspersed with far-reaching and plump advantages suitable for the performance more lively, complex scenes such as landscapes, kiosks Taiwan pavilion, markets. Relations viewpoint and embossed surface relief created cavalier perspective, break time and space in the form of a unique artistic perspective. They are different, but the principle of perspective with the focus of Western art is still reasonable, visually rich and perfect artistic effect. Scatter perspective viewpoint is not centralized, but dispersed into the area of ​​the respective image of the sculpture handicraft become numerous dispersion viewpoint, the formation of the effect of each part of the reliefs are flat as. Broken space-time perspective is completely break the constraints of time and space, in accordance with the needs of creative intent, the composition can be in the time before and after a difference of a few hundred or a few decades, thousands of miles apart in space things are arranged in a screen in.
④ line carving, also known as line engraving. Is Yinxian (called intaglio) and the candle raised as the the casting work sculpture means of modeling techniques. Most of the performance of the decorative pattern.
⑤ Loudiao, also known as the openwork. The base or behind the hollow relief. Relief behind the scenes to see from the front through Loudiao space. The Guangdong Chaozhou woodcarving, Zhejiang Dongyang wood carving, ivory carving, Fujian Shoushan stone carving Qingtian stone carvings are Loudiao reflexes.


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