Sunday, October 14, 2012

The difference between Chinese and Western sculpture

The difference between Western sculpture needs to be analyzed from several aspects, First, they have essentially the difference between the public in Western stone sculpture practitioners known as sculptor, with painters, artists looked the same in a group is called in Chinese sculpture practitioners artisans, their low social status, only to be called ordinary practitioners, even unskilled workers. Along with the inflow of Western sculpture, these sculptures practitioners was accepted, the sculpture is listed as an important part of the fine arts, the the Chinese sculptors status was only upgrade, only increase the public recognition of the sculptor. This is one of the reasons why Western sculpture and casting bronze sculpture What is the difference between. Second, from a practical level in terms of, in modern times, although Chinese sculpture artisans with Western sculptor in the creation of formal are very similar, but differ materially from both social responsibility. , Sculpture in China is still one of the traditional division of labor, its primary responsibility for the statue of temple architecture, stone architectural sculpture. On the one hand, they do not have the free space of the independent creation; On the other hand, from the performance of objects, works in which the space in terms of their work lacks the ability to intervene in social reality. Be able to help in the West, the creation of the sculpture in the "studio" free works to express their observations on the social work force in no way weaker than contemporaries. Accept the parties set pieces, the profit of western art of sculpture, works enter the public space of modern society, such as square, street, park, their works will naturally aroused public concern. This is Western sculpture and sculpture What is the difference between another reason.


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