Sunday, October 14, 2012

Modern art of sculpture

With the pace of modern civilization and progress, the process of art construction and modernization. With the rapid art construction, a large number art of sculpture in our lives. Sculptures in the cities and the process of civilization, the modern art sculpture can be roughly divided into the following four categories: landscape garden sculpture - a sculpture outdoor sculpture in the form of distribution in the Scenic and garden area, with which the surroundings. Both landscaping and heritage culture; art theme sculpture - most of this sculpture is located in the city's main landmark, street, business district. From the main showcase the city of history, culture and modern civilization; the campus sculpture - this sculpture exists in the form of indoor and outdoor stone sculpture on campus, and generally contains a certain amount of encouragement, memorable, with the integration of campus culture and history, the role of teachers and students from the initiative a calling; Engineering sculpture - most of this sculpture in the form of outdoor bronze sculpture in the vicinity of a range of important projects, from the memorable but also and, according to the special engineering industry with some warning.


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