Thursday, October 18, 2012

Explain stainless steel sculpture

The manifestations of the stainless steel sculpture is generally divided into two types: stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture and relief sculpture of stainless steel.
A stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture
The so-called hammered stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture refers to the appreciation of uncompressed multi-faceted, multi-angle 3D three-dimensional sculpture. Practices with a variety of forms, and the realism of the decorative concrete and abstract, indoor and outdoor, shelves with large Chengdiao, coloring and non-coloring, etc.; sculpture content and subject matter is colorful figures, animals, and even still life; material is colorful, stone, wood, metal, clay, textiles, paper, plant, rubber and so on.
    Stainless steel sculpture in the round sculpture as a sculpture of one of the modeling approach, the range of applications is very wide, is the most common form of a sculpture of the people, the book will highlight the techniques of sculpture portrait sculpture in the round.
, Stainless steel relief sculpture
The so-called stainless steel relief sculpture is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting, compression approach to deal with the object, rely on perspective and other factors to the performance of the three-dimensional space, and only one or both sides to watch. The relief is generally attached to another plane, so in the construction use more the APPLIANCES artifacts can often be seen. Due to the characteristics of the compression, the smaller the space occupied, it is therefore suitable for the decoration of a variety of environments. In recent years, it has accounted for an increasingly important role in urban landscaping. Reliefs and bronze sculpture in the round on the content, form and material and colorful.
There are several forms of the shrine style, high relief, bas-relief, line engraving, openwork style.
China's ancient grotto sculptures can be attributed to the shrine sculpture, depending on the modeling approach can be divided into the realism of the decorative and the abstract;
High relief compression small, big ups and downs, close to sculpture in the round, even half of Yuandiao a form, such a relief chiaroscuro strong, prominent visual effects;
Compresses large bas-relief, undulating, both to maintain the plane of an architectural style, but also has a certain sense of volume and downs sense;
Engraved line is a combination of painting and art of sculpture, which rely on light and shadow to produce light is doing it, and even some subtle downs, giving the feeling of an elegant and subtle;
  Hollow carving is the so-called relief of the bottom plate removed, thereby producing a great variety of negative space, and the contour of the negative space and positive space a mutual conversion rhythm. This approach is used in doors and windows on the railings furniture, some available on both sides of ornamental


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