Thursday, October 25, 2012

Subway station art wall is nearing completion

Calendar over the October half distance of the Metro Line 1 opened the day is getting closer. In accordance with the expected prior to the Hangzhou Metro Group, the 15 stations of the Public Art Wall will be completed before the opening.

Wulin Square station public art wall is produced by the China Academy of Fine Arts, Xu Jiang Lead "Sunshine Sunflower Garden sculpture sunflower plexus as the main design element, respectively, with green, orange, red, yellow in color sunflower Cong by bronze sculpture bas-relief of the production process, to create a "Sunshine Sunflower Garden in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, coincident with the Wulin Square, formerly known as red Sun Square.
Afternoon, reporters saw Wulin Square station, green, orange, yellow, three public art wall has been installed, including the yellow "winter" just completed the installation of a couple of days ago, there is still the last piece of red in Autumn not yet been unveiled, will soon be installed.
It is understood that the four public art walls are cast copper wall reliefs, brush on the surface of the oxidation layer of transparent high-gloss paint. Consists of 16, 3.95 meters long, wide and 0.93 meters long on each side.

Station, the reporter also noticed, 20 cylindrical negative layer of the Chamber, has also been installed unified sunflower bronze figure sculpture stigma. Two lights up and down, along flutter beige LED lights, and the pillars, and at the connection of the cylinder is a green ring of light. Two light Zhaoying sunflower carved above layering is very rich, green leaves, gold Huang Guangze petals.
In Wulin Square station gates, ticket vending machines, bank ATM machine have been installed, congratulations Metro Line 1 opened the trial operation of the posters have also been installed to lightbox.


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