Friday, October 26, 2012

Wrought copper sculpture in our lives

Wrought copper sculpture in our lives is very common crafts ornaments, although there are a lot of people use it to decorate the home, and also use wrought copper sculpture in the beautification of the city, but we do not know the design process . That let us to become familiar with it.
In fact, wrought copper sculpture design process is very simple and the main thing is to have the following points:

Should design style good sculpture made into a small draft
Second, in accordance with the small draft sculptures mud sculpture enlarge
Third, through modified stereotypes
Stereotypes after Duantong can enter the production stage
By beating Duantong stereotypes

Sixth, and finally in the decomposition of wrought copper assembly
Overall wrought copper sculpture completed
We want to keep these points in mind, and be able to create beautiful sculptures, animal sculpture production in Hebei integrity bronze handicraft factory bronze is made according to this principle, innovative style and friends are welcome to come.

"Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple" is one of the brilliant work of the history of Chinese sculpture, is also a sculptor famous for Shi Hongxiang sensation. It is on display at the National Palace Museum in Shenyang, the Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple for the prototype, produced by more than 40,000 copper carving pieces assembled in accordance with the ratio of 1:10 by hand, with a total weight of 3.8 tons.
Shi Hongxiang 10 years time all efforts are spent on the above. In order to precisely replicate the original appearance of the house, big government, his major political Dianshang each a tile every kiss beast, every window and door, careful research and copying each ornamentation, even beam.
In the production process, he inherited the architectural art of ancient copper, copper mural art, the copper Chengdiao Art copper decorative arts, the use of more than ten kinds of traditional craft of casting, forging, Carved, embossed, etched, and absorbed woodworking tenon structure techniques. The stone sculpture every fan of the doors and windows of the house of big government is free to open, each part can be removed.
According to macro Buddha bronze understand, Shi Hongxiang carved the two Shenyang Imperial Palace to Temple, 1:10 Scale Dian Shenyang Palace Museum collection, gift to Russia is carved out in accordance with the ratio of 1:20. The gift gifts as the municipal government of Shenyang to Irkutsk, Russia stands on the in Irkutsk European Square.


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