Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urban sculpture should embodies civic awareness

Square, Hubei Xiangyang small North Gate will set up acarving granite statue statue of "Legend of the Condor couple is expected to be completed by the end of August. According to official reports, the statue of Guo Jing and Huang Rong total cost of $ 100 million, "Eagle Shooting Heroes" in "Xiangyang Wars" as the prototype, trying to show the cultural charm. In this regard, users mixed It was felt that the statue is a tourist card, the spirit symbol; opponents said that the cultural image should be in line with historical facts.
Urban sculpture because of their different from the general public works of art of sculpture, to a certain extent, it should reflect the city's unique spiritual and cultural connotations. Construction of sculpture, understandable, can be built sculptures will meet the aspirations of the public, is also debatable. After all, a $ 100 million, hundreds sculpture did not seek the views of the public wanted to be launched, will inevitably feel that this is at the expense of the public opinion of local government enhance the city well-known one-sided performance impulse.
In fact, is to read historical is not difficult to find, in addition to the recorded "Song loyalty Biography, historical prototype problem there about Guo Jing Guo Baoyu Guo Kan saying. However, these scattered debris, we also very difficult to find Guo Jing guarding the the Xiangyang City's historical. Therefore, from this point of view, "receptive to public opinion, for the time being set aside" far more important to shaping a controversial statue enormous amounts of money.
Even though Guo Jing Huang Rong involved in fighting guardian of Xiangyang City, but if we just recorded in the time to fight the credit of two people who fall into the worship of the history of heroism? However, according to history, but we found that mediocre officers image cowardly "Eagle Shooting Heroes" shape Lu Wen Culling is an "ambush MENG Jun, even successes seventh and final patriotic generals killed in action in order to defend Xiangyang. Well, we therefore need to rebuild a stone egg sculpture it?
Should Guo Jing and Huang Rong sculpture discussions, some commentators always take the the mermaid myths prototype sculpture inference matter, in fact, as long as the foreign sculpture course, it is easy to see, by the artist and established to the efforts of local residents and foreign sculpture from the beginning, there is no lack of respect for the respect of the public opinion. For example, the world-famous Belgian carved pee child "even spontaneously in 1619 by the Brussels public advocate to shape, rather than government coercion.
The fundamental properties of urban sculpture should be reflected in the public aesthetic and artistic aesthetic value, but the current lack of citizen participation in construction planning conditions, the kind of government will "enhance the visibility of Xiangyang" as a means of development, and any Executive consciousness "imposed on promoting the construction of behavior can only be said to be a departure from the development of the cultural characteristics of the city. Let alone even practice at the waste of public money On the kind of blind construction.
Why urban sculpture building approval must be "rational planning" system processes will enhance the binding. Not only that, Sculpture purpose should reflect the needs and emotions of the public's aesthetic qualities, a high degree of unity of artistic, thoughtful, to return to the standard of artistic city sculpture.


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