Monday, October 8, 2012

Copy foreign sculpture significant urban art crisis

It is a on city sculpture mind collision. Afternoon, more than 20 Chinese and foreign famous sculpture master Hangzhou Municipal Government invited to meet the West Lake, boating on the lake, to discuss the topic of the sculpture and urban art quality and make plans for the future sculpture in Hangzhou and the West Lake. The Australian Sculpture Society RogleMcFarlane, the famous Italian sculptor Dionisio Cimarelli, Sculpture Society, chairman of China Taiwan Yangfeng Chen, honorary director of the Professional Committee of China Urban Arts and Crafts Society sculpture famous sculptor Qian Shaowu, deputy director of China Academy of Fine Arts Li Xiuqin such as brainstorming .
Living in Shanghai for many years, said Dionisio Cimarelli urban sculpture must be combined with the local culture and beautiful scenery, cultural heritage, urban atmosphere coordination. Sculpture avoid replication, some cities in China to copy the sculpture in Italy, Canada and other countries to their own city, both artists do not respect his country, but also shows a city's artistic crisis.
The famous sculptor of 82-year-old Qian Shaowu took Dionisio Cimarelli topic. He said that the Chinese some large sculpture workers of the reason why to copy foreign sculpture to China's cities, because they know very little about the city, and city mayors eager money to engage in sculpture. The worst thing is that some leaders do not understand art, those reproductions as fresh artwork. Qian Shaowu city of Zhejiang, some provisions in the planning of urban public art investment proportion of this approach is very much appreciated. In his view, such a system is to improve the assurance of urban artistic taste.
From China Taiwan, Mr. Yang Fengchen that, all good sculpture must come from nature, reading days reading ground to some perception. The rich cultural heritage of West Lake in Hangzhou with a sculpture of the potential need to sculptor to dig. The Xihu sculpture must be fine, gas, God have iconic Ningquewulan.


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