Monday, October 22, 2012

Discard the stainless steel sculpture

As urban stainless steel sculpture from the "Flying Goddess" stands in the streets of Urumqi, is transported to the deadpan lying on the truck body full of stainless steel sculptures, bright color.; Said from the first day of the relevant departments, to last relevant departments quietly dismantle, before and after But Shi Yuri.
Most of us have not seen "Flying Goddess" deity, perhaps immersive, in order to really appreciate the local officials said the kind of body full. However, it is also only the local residents of Urumqi most say. However, similar to the "Flying Goddess" urban stainless steel sculpture for each of us is familiar with. Most people have such around the stainless steel sculpture, a huge amount of their body, or showing a distorted geometry, wrapped in stainless steel, stands in the Town Plaza, and high-rise buildings Yu, and even often also become the local coordinates of the center of the city, as a city card printed posters. These stainless steel sculptures are each of us have witnessed. They left us the impression no different with the "Flying Goddess.
The empty, dull, stereotyped common features of these stainless steel sculptures. Before long, we are often surprised at why there is such a discrepancy between the apparent urban stainless steel sculpture construction with its own aesthetic. Urban stainless steel sculpture as part of the city, is mainly used for decoration and beautification of the city, and to some extent even the symbol of the city. Therefore, the establishment is very serious and cautious, usually by administrative departments such as the city government ordered its subordinate organization on art or stainless steel sculpture is responsible for planning, implementing, specially invited by bidding or creative team to complete.

Urban stone sculpture in the country and not traditional, but the 19th century, the exotic. Almost everyone had so naive as to think that the with changing aesthetic orientation of those in charge of the matter of the decision-makers, such urban stainless steel sculpture to become ordinary members of the public to be able to appreciate and accept. But in fact, this is not a simple aesthetic level. In accordance with the general urban stainless steel sculpture design process, you need to go through the design, mud draft, reproduce, on-site installation, garden supporting the construction process. Kampf and the larger the volume multiplied looking through also brings to the doubling of production costs. In general, more than four meters stainless steel sculpture, its production structures already is not a small project. Compared to the realistic style of figurative stainless steel sculpture, modernist style stainless steel sculpture of geometric modeling based production process is quite different. General processing plant can easily turn the system a geometric stone sculpture originals final product as long as simple welding, polishing to complete. Both production costs starker, but because of the particularity of the stainless steel sculpture industry, if not the professionals, the general government budget, audit departments is difficult to see the cost difference between stainless steel sculpture volume amplification Cost multiplied the true magnitude of the increase.

That is why a growing number of urban clay sculpture tend to huge volume, a growing number of lots placed in the geometric shape of the stainless steel sculpture. In fact, urban stainless steel sculpture has formed an invisible industrial chain, people do not survive in this chain who will go to care about the so-called "aesthetic".
We are concerned that the Urumqi's "Flying Goddess" stainless steel sculpture in that it was built in a hurry, rush the demolition. The aesthetic differences become the focus of media attention, and also become reasons demolished by the relevant departments. We puzzled at why the network to denounce the stainless steel sculpture there are only ten days after being quietly dismantled, which seems to prove that the public and decision-makers of the aesthetic differences; more is why so the lack of aesthetic urban stainless steel sculpture openly without serious administrative examination and approval was finally the project. The public supervision afterwards seems to have played a role, however, always feel that what is missing. Although the media reported that parts of the stainless steel sculpture decomposition will be used for other projects, but we are still concerned about the millions of production, the cost of removing exactly who is going to foot the bill?


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